Posted by Mary Daniels 26 February

Today, essay cheating is becoming prevalent as more students find it easy and convenient to hire professional writers from online writing services. Institutions of higher learning must promote academic integrity while addressing any violation with strict regulations and penalties. Though each college or university operates independently, all scholars must submit original academic works without cheating.

Contract cheating, as it is popularly known, is a common practice among students. Thus, the Australian Government passed a law to combat contract cheating. It considers essay writing services as avenues that promote academic misconduct. This law targets the writing services and not the students who seek professional writing assistance.

The new law against contract cheating affects the academic writing industry in Australia immensely. Students now prefer to write their academic papers rather than hiring commercial writers. Although the demand is still high, the law aims to protect higher education integrity, preventing students from jeopardizing their academics.

What You Need to Know About Australian Contract Cheating

Most students are not aware that using professional writing services is a form of contract cheating in Australia. Academic misconduct threatens Australia’s integrity in delivering the best education to local and international students. The Government passed a new law against contract cheating to curb the practice and encourage higher learning institutions’ integrity.

With numerous online writing companies’ upsurge, students often search for the best writing service to get professional assistance. Not knowing that it compromises the academic integrity of many colleges in Australia. That is why the Government introduced the law to prevent cheating from spreading and affecting the entire higher education sector.

Essay writing online services will face the full arm of the law through the offenses and penalties law. Whether they operate within the country or abroad, the penalty still applies. The sentence goes up to two years in prison if found guilty or a maximum of $100,000 cash fines.

According to research, students in Australia often cheat by copying academic papers from the Internet or buying essays from custom writing services.  These services promote cheating and eventually compromise their education.

Contract cheating is rising rapidly globally as more writing services continue to flood the Internet. With a few clicks, you can quickly get an expert to write an essay within a few hours at a fee. Therefore, Australia passed legislation to safeguard the credibility of its colleges and universities.

Definition of Contract Cheating

What is contract cheating? It is a severe case of academic dishonesty that entails third party individuals completing academic papers for students at a fee without their tutor’s knowledge. It can be a friend, a relative, or a professional academic writing provider. Contract cheating is a severe integrity breach in the academic industry with harsh penalties.

It is a case of plagiarism since students submit copied content without acknowledging its source. When you turn in an academic paper that you did not write, it can earn you zero grades, and you will fail the course or risk suspension from the program or university.

There are many reasons why students opt to use third-party entities to accomplish their assignments:

  • Inadequate time for proper completion of all assignments.
  • Unfamiliarity with specific topics.
  • Poor writing skills preventing students from composing well-written academic papers.
  • Reliance on the skill and expertise of an online writing service.
  • Need to combine studies, family duties, and work.

But it is possible to maintain academic honesty by managing your time well to plan your research and writing process. With time, you will become an expert in submitting original academic papers without seeking professional writers.

Commercial Cheating Services

Cheating services are companies that offer academic assistance to students at a fee. They write various academic papers that students are supposed to write and submit personally since they form part of mandatory assessments. Each cheating essay service has its team of expert writers waiting to assist struggling students.

Essay cheating websites are on the rise as more students are seeking these services for various reasons. For some, it may be due to poor time management or juggling between school and work. Others may be international students grappling with language barriers and difficult subjects. Whatever the reason, the experts will tackle your academic paper as long as you pay a modest fee for that service.

Commercial cheating services are now threatening the higher education sector because more students are seeking professional writing help. Plagiarized content continues to pose risks for students who don’t submit their original work for evaluation. The tutor then grades a paper based on cheating rather than on merit.

When students enter the job market, they end up underperforming, which reflects on the university or college grades. Thus, attacking the integrity of the institution and the students. Whether a company is offering contract cheating at a fee or for free will eventually face a harsh penalty from the Australian Government.

The Future of Essay Writing Field

With the rising demand for writing services globally, the academic writing industry is also growing. More students seek professional help online from top-rated experts. However, Australia considers essay writing services illegal and even has a strict law that governs this industry.

Therefore, the essay writing field has a bleak future since the Government will go to great lengths to safeguard the higher education sector’s integrity. These companies will attract hefty fines that will cost them immensely if they are still offering students academic assistance.

Although most are still operating under the disguise of providing study support, they encourage cheating and plagiarism. Moreover, students become lazy since they know that an expert is waiting somewhere, ready to execute their assignments at a fee.

Essay writing online is experiencing tough times in Australia, and maybe soon, other Governments might impose the ban on other writing services operating globally. Thus, as lucrative as the academic writing industry is, it is slowly suffocating due to the law’s long arm.

How It Affects US

Contract cheating may not seem like a big deal to most students. But, it is a criminal activity that has ripple effects on the entire job market. Students who graduate with fake grades after submitting a well-written paper from an expert will not perform according to their capabilities. It is only meant for passing exams and attaining good GPAs.

Since the Australian Government is at the forefront in dealing with contract cheating, colleges and universities must also formulate strict policies. Students must practice academic honesty and get grades by merit.

Other Governments must also take a cue and learn how to deal with online cheating services to protect the education sector from nurturing criminals.

What to Expect After Ban in the Industry

Australia introduced a new law in September 2020, banning essay cheating with the help of writing services. Students who rely on hiring professional writers to compose their academic papers have to comply with the new law. They must practice time management and comprehensive research skills to plan and write their academic papers from scratch.

After the ban, each essay writing service cheating portal will have to close down or offer other insightful services to students. For instance, offering informative blogs that students can learn and become good writers. It will encourage students to become independent and critical thinkers, which is valuable even after venturing out to the job market.

The paper writing services will no longer get remuneration from students for cheating, and they will venture into constructive businesses. Ultimately, contract cheating is indeed academic misconduct, and the ban is an effective way of countering the vice.