Buyessayclub Review 2020 | Here’s What You Need to Know About Buyessayclub is a company that provides academic writing services to students in high school, college, and those working on their master’s degrees. The origins of the company itself are somewhat unclear as there is no information provided about Buyessayclub on its website. There’s no way to tell whether Buyessayclub is legit or not with so little information provided.

A single hotline has been availed by Buyessayclub, and it is not toll-free. Besides that, knowing more about this company has proved difficult as there are several other companies with the registered domain name ‘buyessay’. The website of Buyessayclub is constantly under construction, and this is a potential red flag because it means that these guys don’t take customer satisfaction seriously.

Before we go any further, we always like to advise students to do a lot of research on the company that they intend to contract to write their essays. The said company should not have murky origins, as is the case of Buyessayclub, which seems like a shadow company for other operations. Beware that many students have had their personal and financial data stolen or shared with third-parties who shouldn’t have access to these records.

We aren’t claiming that Buyessayclub is a scam, but as this review will show, the general feeling of their operation is that of a company that doesn’t seem to care too much about customer needs. This is also accentuated by Buyessayclub’s substandard website design, the lack of a well-laid out privacy policy, and the shadowiness of their writers.

Buyessayclub offers an array of writing services that include all kinds of academic writing such as research papers, term papers, dissertations, case studies, etc. It also offers corporate writing such as business plans. From the various reviews that we have come across, most of their customers are high school and college students looking for essay writing services.

You can get the full array of services Buyessayclub offers from the links at the bottom of the website. It is interesting to note that editing and proofreading are not offered as separate services, and neither are they mentioned anywhere on the Buyessayclub website.

Since the Buyessayclub website always has several technical challenges, even after many attempts, it is difficult to discuss more on Buyessayclub in-depth. However, there are key points that you can discern from the Buyessayclub pages that you do have access to. These include the complete privacy policy, the company’s benefits when you order a paper, and the guarantees offered by Buyessayclub.

Nothing stands out about Buyessayclub. We could easily tell that their various policies, such as guarantees, refunds, privacy policies, and other aspects such as their FAQ, are generic or have been copy-pasted from the internet or other writing sites. These guys don’t attempt to be different or at least to convey that image to the customer.

The problem with this site is the footers, and bottom-page links look exactly like those of other sites and companies that we have come across before. Therefore, it seems that while newly established, Buyessayclub has been operating as another company before. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it implies that you might be in for lack of originality, or that there is something else happening behind the scenes.

There is a lot more content on the Buyessayclub website that we have studied, such as the refund policy, testimonials from other customers, their guarantees, and the various academic writing services that they offer. The poor website design didn’t aid our review so much as it was almost impossible to get the information that we needed from them. All in all, don’t expect anything different. Buyessayclub has the same overused design that the majority of writing companies online use.

One notable thing to mention about Buyessayclub in this review is the fact their writer profiles are nowhere to be found on the website. This is a big problem for any student looking to order from them because there is no way of telling who is writing their papers.

With profiles available, it is possible to vet your potential writer and see if they are qualified for the assignment. With Buyessayclub, even if you were assigned a terrible writer, you wouldn’t know it, and you wouldn’t be able to easily claim for a refund from Buyessayclub if the quality of work didn’t match that which was promised.

Still, on Buyessayclub writers, the company claims to have Ph.D. and post-graduate level writers, but there is no way to confirm this. Bear in mind that you might give out a complex research paper that only someone at this level might be able to tackle comfortably and produce the quality that you need. Thus, you can’t trust in the assurance of quality that Buyessayclub gives right off the bat. Before any order is assigned to a writer, you have to make a full down payment. This exposes students to cases where premium sums have been paid but the quality isn’t commensurate.

While not many people have used the service, it seems, the reviews on that we have come across seem mixed, with the general trend being that Buyessayclub doesn’t fulfill its promises and quality obligations.

Some customers have complained about missed deadlines, while others bring up missing or incomplete sources, poor quality writing that is certainly ESL-written, and the slow response of the customer service team and writers.

Having reviewed dozens of essay writing agencies, we have developed a knack for discerning real testimonials from those that are fake. Most of the positive reviews for this company seem disingenuous, almost as if they were written by the company’s writers.

While we have no proof of this, we advise customers who have little experience with writing companies to carry out more research or check out independent review sites to garner truthful information. One popular, trustworthy review site in particular states about them:

“If what you are searching for is top-notch quality, Buyessayclub is not for you. Even with clear instructions and an outline provided, they will still present a below-par paper.”

Even at a glance, the content on the Buyessayclub site, while not poorly written, doesn’t match that coming from a native and professional writing service that has fully-fledged professors and researchers at the core of its writing team.

There are a few written samples that have been provided by Buyessayclub, but these are only snippets and there’s no way to tell if their writers wrote these. A closer investigation on one of these samples reveals a slight bit of plagiarism from another site which might or might not be a sister site.

Another interesting feature of Buyessayclub is the fact that it offers no bonuses. Only discounts that are redeemed through a promo-code when you place a first-time order. Buyessayclub doesn’t mention if there are any editorial reviews done or whether there are affiliate programs that customers could benefit from. Additionally, the FAQ section is filled up with generic questions, and one cannot leave their feedback if they have new additional questions.

With a writing company, it is always important to know how much experience the company has in a particular area. But with Buyessayclub, there is no detail about its expertise and writing experience. We could also not verify whether their writers were UK trained or UK natives as they claim.

Other points to mention include the fact that Buyessayclub provides live chat, although their representatives don’t seem to have a good handle on the services that their own company provides. The reps also don’t seem to have a very good command of English, and it isn’t hard to tell that they are hardly native English speakers. The possibility might be that Buyessayclub has an automated response service as opposed to an actual person on the other side.

On their pricing, an undergraduate essay with a 7-day deadline from Buyessayclub will cost you $10 per page, and this figure changes depending on the number of resources that need to be included, the academic level and the proficiency of the writer (which is a paradox because there is no way to discern the writer’s proficiency from the site). A native speaker also costs more, which doesn’t make sense since one is already promised a native writer, to begin with.

While much of the other detail might be lost in semantics, it is interesting to note that Buyessayclub claims to provide complex writing services for dissertations, research papers, theses, and all kinds of proposals. However, not a single sample of their originally written work has been provided on the Buyessayclub website. But before making an order, you will be expected to make the full payment before the order is assigned. This is the biggest red flag for students looking for such services.

Before making any order from Buyessayclub, you are advised to communicate with the customer support (who most of the time are always unavailable) to get a sample of the work they have done. We assure you that the likelihood of this happening is almost nil.

There is plenty more that this Buyessayclub review will help you know about this site, including their speed, customer service response, quality of their papers, your security on their website, etc. Read this article further to find out more about Buyessayclub.

Lackluster Website Design

The website has not been properly scripted, and this became apparent when we were trying to create the order but we failed numerous times due to problems with the website. All our attempts were met with a “whoops! Something went wrong”. We tried on different days but still, the problem was persistent.

The website is a novice website, although you’ll notice that other sites with the Buyessay domain name are much better designed than this one. There’s nothing that stands out about the Buyessayclub website and makes it uniquely different from the thousands of other essay writing services that you will find online.

The look of the website isn’t so much of a problem as long as the utility is fulfilled. While working on this review, we had to resort to sending an actual email to the site admin for us to get an order processed. This isn’t convenient for a student who is rushing to beat a deadline and who doesn’t have the time to send emails.

Most writing websites have a convenient online calculator and order form, which you can use to generate a quote for your order. But unfortunately, you won’t get that at Buyessayclub.

How Do You Place an Order from Buyessayclub?

This stems directly from the previous point on web design. For any writing company, there should be technical provisions to allow for a quick and seamless order process, but this isn’t what you get from Buyessayclub. Half the time, the order page isn’t working due to some technical website scripting issues. Right off the bat, customers should be cautious about ordering from such a service since instructions provided to writers may be interpreted.

Typically, the order form should contain all pertinent details about your order. These include your academic level, type of paper required, the deadline, the style formatting requirements, required length of the paper, and the subject.

From several other Buyessayclub reviews that we have encountered online, it seems like this company has a real problem getting customers to fill out the online order form or provide instructions. The order process should be clear cut, and this is the direct product of good website design, something that you won’t find with this writing company.

All we can say is if you are already having problems at the order phase, you should probably not be using Buyessayclub as your writing agency, to begin with. Your instructions will also probably be lost in translation without an efficient order form since these guys aren’t native English writers.

Buyessayclub Writers Are ESL and Not Native, Likely from Russia and Belarus

This is probably the biggest complaint that we have received concerning Buyessayclub. Right from the customer service staff to their writers, one can easily tell that these are not native UK and US staff as claimed by their website.

We had a hard time communicating with our writer. Though we provided our instructions in clear English to Buyessayclub, it became quickly apparent that they didn’t comprehend the instructions, or at least the phrasing in our native English tongue.

Moreover, it seems even from the web content and from our interactions with the live customer service staff from Buyessayclub that these guys are either from Russia or Belarus. They might also be employing writers from other non-native English countries. While the problem isn’t necessarily the ethnicity or origins of the writers, it doesn’t work out well for a student who is handed a paper that sounds like it was written by a third party.

Such situations are how a teacher can easily discern that a third party has written someone’s essay. Several other reviews that we have landed on also reveal that multiple complaints have been lodged against the website for handing in papers that looked like they were written by English learners or teenagers.

Getting Buyessayclub to Make Amendments to Orders Is Difficult

This is probably one of the worst traits of Buyessayclub. If you aren’t satisfied with your order from, get ready to wait for eons as even the simplest corrections take a lifetime to escalate and rectify. Their customer service staff seemingly take one round in circles if their writers are unavailable as well, adding salt to injury.

The main problem with Buyessayclub is that the writers don’t bother to understand the instructions before embarking on writing. In our case, we provided a specific topic and references to be included, but they disregarded this. Though they promise progress reports and constant communication with your writer, be ready to be disappointed.

Buyessayclub Makes Promises of Zero-Plagiarism but Rarely Fulfills Them

If you’re hoping at least for a well-referenced paper that has been properly attributed, then prepare for a big disappointment with these guys. Buyessayclub has a reputation for recycling papers from the internet and then simply paraphrasing them. But academic writing doesn’t work like that.

While one may not be expected to present original ideas, one is expected to present original research, and this is exactly what you pay for when you order from writing service. But check this review from one of the independent review sites that we came across:

“I couldn’t believe that my case study writer just paraphrased an old assignment online and eliminated the works cited page so I wouldn’t tell the sham. I’m quite disappointed with Buyessayclub.”

Aside from the fact that our writer wasn’t so competent inciting in the APA format, we also had to deal with a paper that showed elements of plagiarism.

Expect Delays from Buyessayclub Writers and Customer Support

Buyessayclub is quite efficient when it comes to debit your card when you are making an order. However, they are slow at responding to queries and uploading orders. When we requested revisions on our paper, we had to demonstrate proof that the revisions were necessary. It seems like the pretty web design is only to fool people who don’t know what awaits them.

The customer support staff at Buyessayclub are some of the worst that we have ever dealt with. You might have to wait for more than 24 hours for your query to be answered if you drop them a direct chat. Even then, your instructions might be miscommunicated by their non-native writers, and by the time you make these clear to them, more time will probably have elapsed.

What’s worst is after they have taken you through multiple delays, you won’t get any better quality. You will have to settle for numerous reviews in the name of editing to make the paper perfect, but even this will not provide you with the results you are seeking from Buyessayclub.

Any Buyessayclub review that you read outside of their website will reveal that the service is always slow to fulfill orders and customer instructions.

Student Reviews and Testimonials on the Buyessayclub Website Seem Fake

If you’ve checked out a review, you’ll probably notice that it probably seemed fake. It looks like their writers create those reviews and then post them on the website to dupe unsuspecting customers.

This is because all the reviews on the Buyessayclub website are positive and upbeat, but on virtually every other review site, customers didn’t mince their words on Buyessayclub. Consistency in both internal and external testimonials usually shows that the service is an honest one. But when a site creates its reviews with fictitious students making positive comments for orders that don’t even exist, you should be cautious.

Confidentiality and Customer Security Is Lacking on Buyessayclub and Could Lead to Penalties

Buyessayclub, as you’ll notice shares an almost similar domain name to plenty of other sites such as Buyessay. This is a security concern as it means that the different domains could be shared across one server which would expose users’ information to some security problems such as hacking and identity theft.

The first major concern in terms of security on Buyessayclub is how you cannot order a paper anonymously. You have to log in with your email address and provide your password, which might expose you to hackers, scammers, and malware from the variety of third-party websites that can access your data. From a lot of the Buyessayclub reviews that we have come across, many folks have complained about receiving spam mail and malware installed on their PCs if all permissions are allowed.

If you read through Buyessayclub’s privacy policy, you’ll notice that a lot of promises have been made and that they claim to adhere strictly to your confidentiality. The question then begs about how a third party who isn’t an advertiser can access one’s information.

With security vulnerabilities such as these and with Buyessayclub potentially sharing customer information with third parties including the essays that should be 100% copywritten, chances are your ‘original’ paper might end up being uploaded on the internet.

This could potentially turn nasty if your professor did a plagiarism test on your paper which turned out positive. This could have huge implications for you and someone might get suspended or worse still, expelled.

The Bonus System on Buyessayclub Doesn’t Work as Promised

Buyessayclub doesn’t have a solid bonus system or even one to speak about. Their marketing promos might claim to give such discounts, but we didn’t experience any such thing. They do have free coupons which you can use to get a 5% discount off on your first order. It isn’t a great deal considering other sites offer as much as a 20% discount on the first order.

Buyessayclub also doesn’t have referral benefits, whereby you can receive bonuses if you introduce other customers to the service. In any case, don’t pay any attention to the so-called bonuses and other freebies they claim to offer because they usually make it very difficult to redeem them.

Buyessayclub Payment Systems Are Quite Unreliable?

This stems from the whole website design concept. The Buyessayclub website is archaic-looking; loads slowly creates security vulnerabilities and doesn’t promote confidence for customers who might share their personal and financial information with this company. has an unreliable payment system that always drags the order process and creates a situation where customers have their security information possibly being targeted by hackers. They accept Visa and Mastercard but don’t make use of more user-friendly and cheaper e-wallets such as PayPal. This is risky and also shows that the company doesn’t care much about protecting the privacy and financial well-being of their customers.

Don’t Expect Your Refunds Anytime Soon has a terrible reputation for not providing refunds for orders which the customer isn’t satisfied with. They always offer the option of having your paper reviewed multiple times, but this doesn’t help the situation because the papers always come out sub-standard.

If you do try to follow up with the customer service staff, then be prepared to wait for long periods before you even get the attention of your writer. The customer dashboard where you communicate with your writer is supposed to allow frequent updates and reviews which ultimately saves the customer from missing deadlines.

Most times, Buyessayclub writers are unavailable on the dashboard, and if you try stating this as a reason for requesting a refund, they will dismiss you. A master’s level research paper might be written by someone who barely went to college, but if you complain about the shoddy work, you will be told that that is what you paid for.

In short, don’t expect any refunds from Buyessayclub, even if your paper looked like it was produced by a teenager. And there are no legal avenues to pursue in case of this because the company has so many different names. Just don’t order with money that you aren’t willing to lose here.

Quality Should Be the Last Thing on Your Mind When You Order from Buyessayclub

The quality of writing stems from a couple of things. One is the proficiency of the writer in the subject area. Two is the writer’s understanding of the rules governing that particular style of academic writing. In our case, our writer not only showed a lack of understanding of the subject, but they also formatted in Harvard style instead of APA as we had requested.

Any independent Buyessayclub review you read will reveal that these guys are very lax when it comes to adhering to instructions and that most of their customers are never satisfied with the quality of work done.

With Buyessayclub’s Rampant Plagiarism, You Are at Risk of Getting Penalized

Before we made an order from these guys, we had to go through several reviews just to make sure that they could deliver on order. We realize that a lot of the complaints leveled against this company have to do with plagiarism. it seems doesn’t thoroughly vet its writers’ capabilities to handle instructions or the particular topic assigned. This results in writers seemingly downloading papers from the internet and rewriting or paraphrasing sections while not properly attributing those references. This is a huge academic problem as it can even get one expelled.

The amazing thing is that the plagiarism checker on the Buyessayclub website might show 100% plagiarism-free, while another like Turnitin reveals plagiarism in massive sections of the paper. If you do raise a complaint with their staff or the assigned writer, you will realize that they always claim to be original, as attested by the results of their plagiarism tests. And if you do provide links to independent plag-test sites, they will disregard these.

If a student with a rush deadline submitted such a paper without doing their due diligence, they would end up in a heap of problems. If it does get discovered that there was not only plagiarism but that someone else’s work was passed off as their own, there could be grave repercussions.

Before You Place Your Order from Buyessayclub Think Twice

We’ve spent months testing this writing service, all in a bid to ensure that we are fair and unbiased. Our concerns have been confirmed by multiple Buyessayclub reviews, and we have also concluded that this is not a reliable site to order your paper from.

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