Buyessaytoday Review 2020 — The Honest Truth

Any student thinking about ordering an assignment online should carefully consider where he or she purchases an assignment. Working with a legit service can indeed allow you to save on time, overcome linguistic challenges, and deliver quality papers on time. That said, students approaching the online essay industry need to understand that not everyone who claims to help with projects is legit. Many swindlers pose as writers online but have no clue how to write. This is where our buyessaytoday reviews become critical.

All our reviews are designed to analyze and present honest information on the credibility and attributes of assignment services. In the process, we allow customers to seek papers online to make informed decisions on who to trust with their work. We know how sensitive the online assignment environment is and undertake to protect students from scammers. So, if you are thinking about ordering your assignment from buyessaytoday service, then you should read this informative review first.

Features and Services | About

When tasked with writing an academic paper, there will be specific rules and guidelines to follow. Also, your instructor will expect the paper to be submitted within a specific period. Of course, there will be challenges as you work on your assignment, including limited time and insufficient skills. If you feel that you need someone to work on your assignment, for whatever reason, make sure that you conduct due diligence to verify credibility.

We always caution students against being too trusting as they search for reliable assignment help. This is why we conduct reviews of assignment services to determine whether or not their promises are legit and whether customers are likely to obtain the quality they order.

Buyessaytoday markets itself is a reliable and legit writing service that offers affordable papers on complex projects. On its website, students can find offers that appear legitimate at first, although the pricing seems steep. However, we know that students looking for quality writing are always willing to pay a little extra to get well-researched and original work. Would this be the case with the ‘buy essay today’ service? To determine for sure, we reviewed these elements of the company:

Variety of Assignment Services Offered

These days, students are asked to work on many different projects regularly, some within very urgent timelines. You cannot keep searching for a writing service every time you need someone to work on your assignment. As such, students prefer companies that act as a one-stop-shop for all their writing needs, delivering impeccable text in record time.

Although ‘buy essay today’ service claims to offer help with a wide range of assignments on its website, our experience suggests differently. The company lists such products as term papers, essays, lab reports, dissertations, and theses as its specialties, claiming to have hired more than two thousand writers in different fields.

Of course, we wanted to know whether the service can deliver on its promise. As such, we placed an order for a six-page chemistry term paper, which was to be delivered in two days. We were shocked that it took more than 12 hours to find a writer to work on our task. Even then, the person assigned to researching our term paper did not seem conversant with the principles and concepts of writing chemistry assignments.

No need to say, the product was extremely disappointing. Our case was not an isolated event as we were able to locate hundreds of testimonials and feedback that told of frustrating experiences from past clients. Most of those who had ordered relatively complex projects like research papers and dissertations complained to poor writing from writers who did not seem to have a clue on what was required.

Pricing of Assignments

Another important aspect of our reviews was pricing. We know that most students are unemployed and lack a steady source of income. As such, they tend to prioritize cheap services when it comes to buying assignments online. Of course, we need to caution you against falling prey to those ridiculously cheap papers since most of them are offered by scammers.

That said, quality assignment writing does not have to be exorbitantly priced. Top companies understand how to balance quality and pricing, offering top-notch papers while maintaining affordability. claims to offer cheap and quality writing to students at all academic levels. In our review, we undertook to determine the veracity of this claim by assessing the pricing policy. From a casual glance, the pricing seems okay, although somewhat higher than other top companies. However, since we had been promised exceptional quality, we decided to go ahead with the payment of 25 USD for every page of our chemistry report. However, it is when the customer starts placing an order that he or she realizes that hidden costs.

We were informed that we would need to pay extra to have a ‘top writer’ work on our project. Compared to other seasoned assignment companies, we found the ultimate cost of 30USD per page too steep. It would have been even higher if our order had been a dissertation or thesis.

Also, top companies seek to lower the pricing burden on loyal customers using discounts and bonus systems. If this company has a discount code or a functional bonus system, then it is well-hidden. In the end, we found to be too expensive to be ideal for students.

Quality of Writing

Another important element of our buyessaytoday reviews is the quality delivered to customers. The main reason why students turn to online writing companies to help with their academic projects is to obtain superior research, drafting, and editing for high grades. As such, it makes perfect sense to expect the person trusted with writing your paper to deliver.

Unfortunately, most students find themselves in dire situations after trusting swindlers and quacks with their assignments. To make sure that buyessaytoday delivers the kind of quality promised to customers, we conducted a review of testimonials and feedback from previous customers, the company website, as well as our own ordering experience.

Like most assignment writing companies, the service promises so much. On the website, the company tells customers that it has hired a team of more than 2000 experienced writers to deliver outstanding work. However, reading through testimonials from previous customers sends a different message. Many past clients complain of having received error-strewn papers, and some duplicated from online sources without much editing. While the complaints from past clients paint a dark picture on the service, we had to do verification on our own for the sake of objectivity.

Our view of quality when ordering assignments starts from the process of placing an order. In our case, our experience was hectic and unnecessarily frustrating. It took us almost 12 hours to get someone to work on our assignment. To make matters worse, our writer kept asking for personal details like emails and telephone numbers, to which we declined. While the process was stressful, the outcome could not justify the complexities. The paper we received was well-below par, filled with typos, irrelevancies, and grammar mistakes. In our view, the writer tasked with writing our paper seemed to have no idea how to create chemistry reports. Even the citations and references were jumbled up.

Since we had been promised free revisions when placing our order, we undertake to make use of the provision to seek alterations. The customer support agents seemed willing to help at first. Things would later change after asking for a second revision, and we would be asked to make additional payments. Our writer was also not cooperative when it came to making adjustments. In the end, we had to settle for a poorly written and hurriedly edited paper.

On-Time Delivery

One of the key marketing points uses on various platforms is that they always deliver on time. Of course, most students looking for assistance with their assignments have an urgent deadline to meet and want to be assured that the work will arrive as agreed and on time. Top companies understand this and have measures to ensure speedy but effective writing.

The specific company under review promises on-time delivery but does not have measures in place to make sure that writers who fail to complete an assignment on time are punished. In our case, our paper was late by 12 hours, even after sending messages and seeking clarification. The writer emerged seven hours after the indicated deadline to ask for an extension of 24 hours without giving a valid reason.

The only excuse provided was a power outage in his area. Even after giving this extension, the order still arrived late and did not meet the desired standards of academic writing. There are tons of other complaints indicating the fact that “buy essay today” does not take its commitment to on-time delivery seriously.

Website Design | Is the Website Easy to Use?

An important element of our reviews is the website design. Please understand that it takes a dedicated and serious company to properly design its website by considering aesthetics as well as functionality. The website look is an indication of how the service wants customers to perceive it. In other words, an agency that does not put much effort into designing its own website should not be trusted to pay attention to delivering on your project.

Although many variables can be considered in assessing website design, our review focused on specific features. First, we evaluated the quality of the content on the site since customers want to know what the company offers as soon as possible. They want to know, without wasting time, how the service will address their assignment challenges. Although presents some information regarding its services, the details are scattered all over and some written in poor grammar.

Another design aspect we considered in our review is the user-friendly navigation and clarity of the site. Based on our analysis, the scheme used by the service under review does not permit users to locate the information they need to place their order easily. We found it particularly challenging to locate the pricing chart and the offer on bonuses. Also, we found it frustrating to find links to guides and locate the call to action needed to place orders.

By prioritizing a cool outlook over functionality, buy essay today makes navigation slow and stressful. As such, the customer faces a hard time when he or she needs to place an order fast. Things would have been much better and effective had buyessaytoday prioritized neatness and functionality.

How to Order | How Effective Is the Process?

Students looking for urgent help with their assignments don’t have time to waste going through lengthy and complicated procedures. The simpler and more secure the ordering process, the better it is. Top companies don’t even ask customers to provide their personal details or sign up on websites. Instead, the customer is taken through a simple and secure process that only includes providing instructions for the task.

When you have a paper due in a few hours, you don’t want to deal with a stressful and unnecessarily complex process. As such, as part of our review, we decided to evaluate the ordering process. While the company promises its customers speedy writing, the lengthy and confusing ordering process does little to make this possible.

Students face a hard time trying to locate important information on the website. Also, customer security is compromised by writers who constantly ask for private customer information. If you are in a hurry to order your assignment, this may not be the ideal service for you.

Writers Hired | Are They Professional Enough?

A critical foundation in the success of any assignment service is the reliability of its writers. Top companies understand this and have adopted a measure to make sure that only the best writers are hired to work on projects. In our review, we wanted to know whether the company has enough writers to handle any complicated project at any time of the day or night. After all, only the best writers can deliver consistent quality on all assignments.

Of course, other factors can determine whether or not you get a well-written assignment on time, including the complexity of the assignment and the time available for research and writing. However, with a good writer, you will be able to overcome almost any challenge that comes your way when getting help.

On its company website, buyessaytoday claims to have a team of more than 2000 skilled writers working on different types of assignments. However, the fact that it took more than 12 hours to get someone assigned to our order casts doubts on this claim. Also, the writer we worked with lacked a basic understanding of the core concepts of chemistry. He or she also failed to show a grasp of the guidelines of college academic writing, including those relating to formatting and citation.

In the end, what we received was clearly below the level required for writing at the college level. The numerous grammar and typo mistakes point towards validating the prevalent claim that hires non-native English speakers from Russia and Belarus to work on assignments.

A Complicated and Questionable Revisions Policy

One of the most important attributes of top assignment companies is that they acknowledge mistakes and agree to make corrections. Since even the best writers can make mistakes from time to time, any established writing service should have a mechanism that facilitates changes to papers whenever needed. In most cases, this comes in the form of an honest free revisions policy.

Although “buy essay today” claims to offer free revisions to its customers in case of errors or mistakes, this pledge is only on paper. After we had received a paper from our writer, we tried to ask for corrections to some of the glaring formatting, content, citation, and grammar mistakes. This was done in recognition of the fact that offers free revisions on its website.

What we experienced was in stark contrast to what had been promised. Our writer was not willing to make changes, and only after prodding were a few sentences altered. The custom support team did not help much. They promised to talk to the writer on the issue of revisions, but after the second revision, they asked us to place a fresh order to have someone else work on the assignment. This was not made clear when we were placing the order.

Plagiarism-Free Writing | A Promise Not Delivered

Learning institutions prioritize originality and heavily punish plagiarism. Here, plagiarism implies using someone else’s work as your own without properly recognizing the source of your information. When you choose to trust a stranger with your assignment, better make sure that what will be delivered will be completely original.

During the course of our reviews, we wanted to know whether the company actually delivers on its promise of 100% originality. Our experience shows that it does not. The paper we obtained was heavily duplicated from an online source. Many other previous customers have complained in the past after receiving plagiarized work from the service.

Responsiveness of the Customer Support | Well Below Standards

One of the most important aspects of effective academic writing online is a responsive customer support team. Top companies have agents working around the clock to make sure that students get the help needed to place orders. The customer support team is also expected to intervene in cases where disputes arise in the course of order, making sure that clients always receive top-notch work no matter what.

Although buyessaytoday promises friendly customer support 24/7, our experience shows the opposite. After sending a request for clarification on what type of assignment to order, we were made to wait more than ten minutes for a response. When the feedback came, it was generic and unsatisfactory. Even when issues arose with our writer regarding revisions, the customer support department did not offer any solid assistance or guidance.

Other customers have complained about the sluggish and lackluster customer support offered by the service. It makes the service unpredictable and frustrating.

Customer Testimonials | Are They Genuine?

Students looking for help with their assignments tend to rely on testimonials to decide whether or not to trust a service. Top companies post genuine feedback from their clients, showing what those who have ordered papers think about the service. Unfortunately, some companies fabricate testimonials, duping students into making misinformed decisions.

During our review, we analyzed whether the testimonials presented on the buyessaytoday website are genuine. After close scrutiny, it became apparent that the so-called customer feedback has been fabricated to portray an image of perfect service. The language used showers false praise on a service described by most customers on other platforms as unreliable and incompetent.

Confidentiality and Privacy | How Secure Is the Service?

If you plan to get your assignment online, make sure that the service guarantees to protect your privacy. Remember, online writing business is sensitive, and you don’t want the experience of your university learning that you bought your project. Fortunately, most reliable assignment companies have strict rules when it comes to customer confidentiality and privacy. Such agencies don’t even ask clients to sign up on the websites before placing orders. Also, they make sure that customer identity is protected using high-end data encryption.

During our buyessaytoday review, we noticed that, while the company promises to keep customer information confidential, it does a very poor job keeping this promise. In our case, we found the issue of a writer asking for client information risky and reckless. No apparent action was taken even when we reported the incident to the support team as the writer was allowed to proceed with the order. It does not matter where you order your paper — just make sure that your personal information is protected from identity thieves. This company cannot guarantee your confidentiality.

How Bonus System Works | Does It Exist?

Since students lack a steady source of income, top companies have devised strategies to make papers affordable while fostering loyalty. Bonus systems allow customers to pay for top-notch writing even when they have limited funds. “Buy essay today” claims to have a bonus system, but fails to outline how the offering works clearly.

During our buyessaytoday review, we were unable to locate any information outlining how customers can make use of the bonus system to pay for their paper, even after directing our questions to a customer support agent. During our review, we were also unable to find a discount system that would make the papers offered more affordable.

What About the Security and Reliability of Payment Methods?

The online assignment industry can be predictable, with so many identity thieves looking to take advantage of unsuspecting students. Before order, your assignment, make sure that the company has measured it in place to protect you. Also, there should be multiple secure platforms for payment, ensuring that the process of buying your assignment is simple and hassle-free.

We had serious concerns about the few options offered by buy essay today. The first alternative seemed unresponsive and broken. The second one was seriously slow, which was frustrating considering that we had transferred our funds from another platform, which was not offered by the service.

Refund Policy Is Dishonest and Frustrating

When ordering your assignment online, you need to recognize that complications may arise, pushing you to seek refunds. Top companies have honest money-back guarantees that allow customers to ask for part or all of their money if the quality promised is not delivered. As we conducted our buyessaytoday review, we noticed that the company promises refunds, but retreats whenever customers ask for their money back.

In our case, after two failed revision attempts, we tried to ask for a refund. Our requests were rebutted without any reasoning given as to why we could not get our money back. Going through testimonials from other customers, it becomes apparent that the promise of refunds is dishonest.

Looking for Quality Writing? Don’t Order Here

Are you looking for a quality paper written by experienced professionals? If so, then this may not be the best service for you. From this review, it promises quality work but lacks the structures and policies needed to deliver. Remember, it takes hones guarantees, competent writers, and proper structures to guarantee quality. Since this company does not guarantee any of these, you are better off ordering your paper from elsewhere. The struggle is not worth the effort.

Why Order From a Different Assignment Service?

As a review service, our work is to analyze services that claim to offer assignment help to students and present unbiased information is an easy-to-understand format. You can then decide from the analysis whether or not to order from the companies reviewed. Throughout our buyessaytoday reviews, we have discovered many amazing services that offer credible writing help. “Buy essay today” is not such a service. Instead of ordering here, choose another service from many of those we have reviewed that offers the following guarantees:

  • Quality papers from skilled writers;
  • Affordable writing;
  • An honest money-back guarantee;
  • Free revisions;
  • Direct interaction with writers.

The Bottom-Line | Should You Order or Not?

As a trustworthy review service, our work is to research and analyze information on assignment writing companies. It is for you to decide whether or not to order. We strongly suggest, however, that you don’t order from “buy essay today” as they lack what it takes to deliver.

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