An Informative Domywriting Review 2020

Students worldwide are often asked to write many writing assignments during their education. As such, with each passing year, it becomes more and more of a challenge to complete assignments that meet the teacher’s expectations in a good time. It is mainly as a result of the fact that they often require more resources and skills to complete as they are substantially more complicated.

Besides, the teachers’ expectations of students’ performance are more demanding as you progress to higher levels of education as the tasks get more sophisticated. Besides, the assignments will only get more complicated with the increased demand for higher-quality assignments to cater for the need to stay in line with both new and emerging learning practices worldwide. Therefore, for students to ensure they get a chance to get employed in a well-paying institution or company, they will need to perform exemplarily in their studies.

For some students, this is achieved by completing quality papers that satisfy the requirements of the assignment. However, for most students worldwide, it is often not easy to find a balance between your education and other aspects of your life, ensuring that they get good grades. Therefore, there is an increased demand for professional help with various assignments. It is indeed why so many online writing service providers such as have mushroomed online.

When looking for an online writing service that has the resources to deliver your assignments from scratch, it is often a challenge identifying the right one for your unique needs as there are so many websites you can choose from. It is an essential step as there are many fraudulent companies that you should avoid at all costs.

Such companies often prey on students’ need for an affordable, quality, and plagiarism-free paper. Similar to any other writing service provider, the company offers a wide array of academic services for students worldwide. The company was started to assist students with various academic tasks, such as presentations, essays, resumes, term papers, research papers, etc.

Though it is not a widely known company in the online writing industry, it boasts of being backed by a team of experienced and dedicated writers, each of whom has the necessary skills and experience to deliver a well-written paper. However, aside from the reviews, prices, and services listed on the website, we found no information about when the company was started. As such, there is still the question of whether the company is legitimate or just another scam.

Therefore, as a student in need of quality and affordable help with your assignments, this review is what you need to be able to ascertain whether or not the company can offer the services it claims. Their services range from writing papers from scratch, re-writing, editing, proofreading, summarizing, formatting, paraphrasing, among many others that students might professional assistance with.

Besides, the services offered by domywriting boasts of having a team of skilled and experienced writers for various academic disciplines, each with reasonable prices for assignments at each level of education. These prices include

  • $10/ page for high school
  • $14/ page for college
  • $16/ page for university
  • $22/ page for Master’s
  • $29/ page for PhD

As such, receiving professional help from such a company is a welcome benefit for any student faced with a challenging assignment. Granted, it is a cheap company, but is it really legitimate? Take some time and read our review of the company, and you will find the answer to this and many other questions you might have about

As you visit the website, it is well-designed, with a great user interface. However, it does not have a services page where you can find out whether or not the company has the services you need for your assignment. To get a list of services, you have to click the order button to get to the order form. The services are listed in a drop-down list produce the different types of assignments they offer. In our opinion, this list is restrictive, as most other companies offer 50+ services.

In addition to the lack of a services page, the prices displayed on their homepage are much lower than what you will pay when placing an order. For instance, a single page college paper is expected to cost $14. However, you quickly realize that there are additional charges that are added to the total cost as you proceed with the ordering process. Such as:

  • Abstract page – $14.99
  • Plagiarism report – $9.99
  • Higher priority for your order – $14.99

Arguably, you want the best, and also want your paper to stand out so that it can earn you a good grade. Therefore, you will be hard-pressed to choose these additional services that are likely offered free on other websites. It totals to $70.37, which is a 5x increase in the listed price. In addition, the company portrays the image of a reliable writing service with the resources needed to provide affordable solutions for all your academic challenges.

It is the reason why so many students have put their trust in the services expecting to receive a high-quality paper that is well within the set deadline. The company entitles their success to their team of experts, specialized in various academic disciplines that students often need help with.  These writers are advertised to have been screened based on their qualifications as well as their ability to cope with client papers. Though the website does not have a section that you can learn more about the writers available for your respective academic disciplines.

However, when placing an order at the company, you are provided with the option of choosing a preferred writer for your academic task or leave it to the company to assign the best writing expert available. These writers include ENL and advanced experts. It might seem like an added benefit of until you comprehend that you are required to pay extra to choose either a preferred, ENL or advanced writer.

This goes against their promise of offering affordable help for students online. Besides, when applying for any paper order from us, the company assures you that it will be assigned to a writer with the following characteristics:

  • The ability to clearly define and deliver quality content
  • Discipline when dealing with various clients online
  • Pays attention to the client’s needs requirements
  • Good mastery of the English language
  • Ability to express ideas and opinions clearly
  • Open to client suggestions and revisions

Despite these great praises about their writers, they are often not able to deliver some of the more complex papers. Therefore, most clients of have made negative comments across various review websites about their lack of specialized writers and how they mostly deliver low quality and re-written papers at exorbitant fees.

However, regardless of countless negative reviews online, the company always finds a way of watering them down with fake reviews of how great their services are. As such, more and more students fall victim to their tricks. Therefore, when you place an order at the company, to your displeasure, you soon realize that it is a well-crafted ploy to maximize their profit margin at the cost of students worldwide.

According to most independent reviews of the company, the story was the same for most. They stated that despite having to pay a high price for top-tier papers, they received poor quality papers, and most of their orders were late. Then again, most of the content delivered is not cited correctly, poorly edited, and the formatting was all wrong. These are the grounds for your paper to be flagged for plagiarism.

Now the question that you should ask is, “If the service provides such lackluster content for papers with a longer deadline, what should I expect for urgent orders?” Simply put, if you trust them with your papers, you should expect low grades when you submit it for assessment, or a penalty for late submission and plagiarized content. Below are some reviews from very dissatisfied clients who ordered various assignments from the company:

Allan, “Having been a victim of an online scam once in the search for quality writing services online, I was uncertain to try any other writing services. However, the affordability of your services attracted to view the services you have to offer. But, from the low-quality paper I got, I quickly realized it was a scheme to make me place an order.”

Allison, “I have been relying on online writing services for my assignments. Though, after visiting your website, I was under the impression that you offer a wide array of services all under one roof. However, I was shocked at the limited types of papers you can offer.”

It is evident from our domywriting review that the company is profit-oriented and does not care about the needs of its clients. Thus, when you require top-notch, inexpensive, original, and plagiarism-free content, you cannot rely on the company’s writers. There are more writing services online that offer exemplary papers at very reasonable rates.