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Essays24 Review 2021: What You Need to Know about Essays24

Assignments are undoubtedly inevitable for a student. At any one point of your life in college, there is always an assignment lurking around the corner. In any case, one would argue that practice is a crucial element of learning. It follows then that tasks are inevitable for any course. Moreover, they contribute to your final grade in the class. It would then be sensible to write them diligently.

Nevertheless, it is not always straightforward. Various impediments will stand in your way of committing your assignments as expected. In most of these challenges, students may fall into panic and a sense of hopelessness. Services that offer professional writing help, hence, are the silver lining to such predicaments. It not only allows students to meet their academic responsibilities but also assured them of achieving their educational goals.

It is worth considering that seeking out a service that you can fully rely on is not entirely clear-cut. Some of the services are merely scams. You ought to acknowledge that the risk of getting mediocre quality on your work or losing your money is genuine. In this Essays24 review, I will talk about them and how they have withered in stature.

The service started with the noble intention of helping students to fulfill their academic responsibilities without compromising their education. As a matter of fact, they seemed to understand the challenges that students had to go through fully. They looked to fill the gap by providing professional assistance to individuals who were in need. If you take a look at Essays24 reviews from their formative years, clients speak quite highly of them.

Recent developments, however, tell an entirely different story. Contrary to what had to come to be expected of them, the quality is of their output is increasingly decreasing. There is an apparent decline in the quality of content they produce nowadays, as well as service delivery. As I write this Essays24 review, I am compelled to think that their operating model is now leaning towards making profits rather than matching their client’s expectations.

In this review, it would be critical to address the typical challenges that students go through in writing their assignments. In my case, I was combining my current study and a part-time job. As you would expect, most of my free time out of college was devoted to my pursuit of financial stability. Striking a proper balance between school and a job can be challenging. I, therefore, had no option but to look out for a reliable service that could assist me in this regard. After hearing about it from a couple of guys at school, I decided to reach out to Essays24.

As an existing customer, I believe I am in a valid capacity to offer a substantial Essays24 review. I am looking to give you an additional perspective before you go ahead and make your own decision. I would advise that you verify everything I mention in this review. Then you can make an informed choice of what to believe. After all, it is always prudent to review each viable option before you make a final decision. projects itself to potential clients as a service that they can rely on entirely. They assure you profusely that their standards will undoubtedly match your assignment’s requirements as well as your expectations. As the website reiterates, they are committed to helping your handle your schoolwork with unmatched professionalism. The façade they put up is remarkably believable. You can be easily convinced by their bold claims. On a closer review, some of the claims turn out to be as elusive as a mirage.

For starters, their history makes a substantially compelling backstory. They have taken time to expound on their vision and mission. The story appeals to potential clients as the intentions do seem genuine. Most, however, will have no clue that the current service is nothing close to what it was years ago. With no prior interaction or never having read any review, you could be easily fooled into believing all these claims.

First and foremost, they will present their experience in the industry as the core of their unmatched expertise. The website posits that they have been in working in the essay service for the last decade. Over these ten-plus years, has been helping students with their assignments proficiently. Hence, having seen and done it all in the sector, they can deliver unmatched quality in their output. Upon further review of this information, it turns out that they have been operating for as long as they claim. Nevertheless, their current mode of operation undoubtedly leaves plenty to be desired.

Their website will arguably lure any potential client to employing them quite easily. The layout looks deliberate in conveying the message of professionalism. You will be bombarded with a positive review prompt every five or so minutes on the page. Soon enough, you will probably be convinced of the narrative that they are putting forward. With not a single negative review popping up, you will easily believe that the service meets its clients’ demands proficiently.

I am writing this review form the first-hand experience. Events will likely take a turn once you have placed your order with the service. You will place your order as you would with other services normally. After you have added your details and confirmed the payment, you can never be guaranteed smooth sailing. Rather unfortunately, the issues keep getting from bad to worse. You will have to contend with continual disappointments and frustration.

After placing my first order, I expected them to deliver just as they had promised. Initially, I had no doubts that I would receive precisely what I had paid for. It all became alarming when I had to make a change to my paper midway through the writing process. Essays24 claims that you can contact the writer assigned to your task directly. My first frustration came from the support team whose job was to link me with the writer. The entire process turned out to be more complicated than I could have anticipated. Responses took incredibly long. Yet, they were never comprehensive enough to address the pertinent issue adequately.

After finally reaching out to the writer assigned to my task, I was astounded, to say the least. The progress thus far was unsatisfactory. The paper had plenty of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that seemed unavoidable. There was no reasonable explanation could a professional writer, who is a native speaker of the language, could have made such errors. Furthermore, some of the sentences in the text were rather too cumbersome. He or she seemed to have substituted some of the words for complicated synonyms. Moreover, there was an overuse of technical jargon. Unfortunately, this compromised the coherence of the entire paper.

It turns out that the writer did not adhere to the instructions I had attached to the order. Since the ideas were not developed coherently, the paper did not seem to have a logical flow. I, inadvertently, began to have severe doubts about what they claimed as well as every review that I had read. Once I realized that I had fallen victim to a service that was merely profit-driven, I made the decision to write this review.

Unlike what each review of the writers says, the writer assigned to my task was not willing to cooperate with me on the paper. There was a frustrating back and forth that a seasoned professional would rather not engage in. When I raised the issue with the support team, they assured me that they would investigate the matter. Unsurprisingly, nothing came into effect, and I had to succumb to my own expectations.

I was shocked upon receiving the final paper that they delivered to me. The paper that has forced me to write this review had no authenticity. Previously, I would have assumed would follow the professional path. The writer would start with extensive research on the subject of my paper. They would then proceed to write the paper from scratch. Essays24 was not only doing a terrible job of providing assistance but also risking my education. To my surprise, there is not a single review that mentions this dire defiance of professionalism.

It would be immensely dreadful if you also end up losing your hard-earned money and almost get nothing valuable in return. I have experienced it first-hand. has proven to be somewhat sketchy in their dealings. The unfortunate bit happens to be the fact that they had initially started as a genuine company that bridged a much-needed gap.

If you go through any review from the early years, clients were heaping praises on the service. It included the professionals at their disposal, the quality of the work they produced, and the commitment to client fulfillment. Currently, this seems to be a thing of the past. Service is compromising the quality expected from them. This review, hence, is my opinion supported by facts.

Design: Non-User Friendly

The first time you land on their website, you will undoubtedly find in appealing to the eye. The layout seems to be well-thought-out. As a matter of fact, it might convince you that you have reached out to a professional service. The interface shares striking similarities with other online essay services. Therefore, navigating through simple functionalities on the website is rather straightforward.

You will find some of the features incredibly helpful. Take, for instance, the order calculator. You only need to add a few details to your order, and the calculator does the rest.

  • The subject of the essay and the relevant instructions
  • Your level of education
  • The timer in which you want the essay delivered.

Quite conveniently, the calculator will generate the cost of your order automatically. I believe this feature is worth mentioning in this review.

However, advanced features are lacking on the website. You may end up getting stuck beyond basic navigation. Furthermore, the site does not have a page that elaborates on how everything works. You might end up immensely frustrated when you require more than the primary features. While this may not be a dealbreaker, you might be arm-twisted to search for a better service.

How to Place Order: Unnecessary Complications

Placing your order on their website is arguably clear. You fill in your order form, just as you would with other services, and proceed to pay for your order. It is usually straightforward when you have a clear idea of the particular service that you are looking for. Be cautious, nonetheless, as this is not always the case.

However, the options remain ambiguous and limited. In some cases, you will encounter difficulties knowing where your order lies precisely. My first dreadful experience with the lack of clarity was an eye-opener. I was looking for a review and editing service on my sociology paper. There was no apparent option for this particular task. I ended up choosing what seemed then to be the best fit. Unfortunately, I also ended up paying more than I had intended.

It would seem that Essays24 is still lagging. As other services move along with time, is stuck in the last decade. They seem to be reluctant to update their remit as their clientele evidently grows. Consequently, they end up delivering a mediocre service to both students and professionals. Any attempts to have your issues addressed by the customer support team will possibly be futile.

Non-Professional Writers from Russia and Belarus: Not as Advertised

In evaluating an essay, your instructor looks beyond your comprehension of the concepts that have been taught in class. They are also assessing your level of writing skills as well as how comprehensively you can develop your ideas. It implies that a specific command of English is essential for excellent grades.

When you reach out to them, you expect that the professionals working on your essay are native speakers. After all, this is what the service and Essays24 reviews boldly claim. They assure you that your paper will have a clear English command. They go on to promise that each essay is written coherently for a logical and systematic flow of ideas.

However, this is merely a ploy to lure in more clients. My paper was underwhelming from the onset. First and foremost, I encountered several grammatical and typographical mistakes in my paper. Some of these errors genuinely seemed unavoidable and completely unprofessional. To make matters even worse, the sentences were complicated and difficult to understand. The writer used complex words that did not seem to fit the context of the paper. Ultimately, I was more than fairly convinced that my work was undoubtedly not handled by a native speaker.

Making Changes into a Complete work is Hard: Unnecessary Inconvenience

According to Essays24 reviews, they suggested that you can always contact the writer assigned to your task directly. It made it easier to make changes on a paper midway or right after completion. However, this turned out to be another ruse.

At one point, my instructor added new instructions for the task. I tried reaching out to the professional on my task incessantly to no avail. When I brought this up with the support team, the responses were delayed and vague. Eventually, I had to make the changes to the paper myself, yet I had paid for the full service.

Plagiarism Free Only on Word but not on Your Papers: Underhand Business

They advertise themselves as dependable when it comes to authenticity in your paper. They acknowledge that they are fully aware of the grave consequences of unoriginal academic papers. Therefore, they assure you that once the relevant writer is assigned to your task, he or she embarks on thorough research of your topic. From the research, they review multiple angles of developing your paper. Consequently, the essay should then be strictly written from scratch.

It is merely what they want their clients to think. The paper I received was remotely authentic. It seemed to me that the writer had looked up related content and then gone ahead to paraphrase as the original. There was nothing custom about the writing. A quick plagiarism-check online confirmed my fears. They were ripping me off and also compromising my academics. I would highly recommend staying away from services that are only looking to benefit themselves.

Communication and Customer Support: Poor at Best

A common factor lies in all services that stand out from the rest of the crop in any industry. They understand the value of reliable and efficient communication with their clients. It ensures that their customers can raise their concerns and provide valuable feedback conveniently. More so, it guarantees that issues are addressed promptly.

As a service that is confident of its adherence to professionalism, I held the same expectations with Essays24. From reviews, I was convinced that customer support would be prompt and comprehensive in addressing any emergent issues. However, I was surprised to find out that the reality was quite the opposite of what had been promised.

Everything seemed to change as soon as I had paid for my order. Unlike previous interactions, responses would take more than 48 hours. Moreover, I never felt that they were ever addressed in full. It resulted in a frustrating back and forth with the support team that ultimately bore no fruits. All in all, this is likely to spiral into an underwhelming experience. The saddest bit is, at the end of the day, you might still not receive the assistance that you were looking for. I would not recommend it.

Fake and Edited Testimonials: Disingenuous Dealings

Usually, you would expect testimonials to give you a subjective overview of any service. If a couple of them seem to convey the same message, then you are substantially convinced of the validity. When you go through reviews, you will be confident of their dependability. Each review is full of praise for different elements of the service.

However, it becomes alarming when you realized that there are no negative reviews. It would have been surprised if I were the only one constantly afflicted. It, hence, became somewhat clear that they are painting a false image to potential clients.

Confidentiality is not Secure: Approach with Caution

As a non-negotiable standard, a service should always uphold your confidentiality throughout and after the writing process. The digital age poses many privacy risks. claims that they have put up stringent measures to ensure that your information is not accessible to a third party at any cost. Furthermore, they assure you that their anonymity policy ensures that you remain unknown even to their members.

It goes without saying that most institutions do not encourage students to reach out for writing assistance. Nevertheless, things are not always in black and white. Various circumstances may hinder you from writing your schoolwork diligently. Hence, it becomes sensible to look out for professional help.

From each privacy review, I was confident that my information was safeguarded. Thus, it came as a surprise when I realized that the professional assigned to my paper had access to my details. It was a complete violation of their policies. It is partly the reason I am writing this review.

You have to be incredibly cautious with this company. The consequences that may spur from this breach may be irredeemable. If your institution catches wind of the transaction, you risk a penalty from your university or an expulsion.

How Bonus System Works: Complete Hoax

Each review on their perks and incentives mentions the bonus system. If you are new to this service, you may easily be swayed into falling for this hoax. I am adamant that they have only advertised this to attract more clients to their platform.

You are assured of a discount on the first order you place with the company. To my dismay, the discount was never redeemed to my order. At first, I thought it might have been a technical error. Raising the issue with support, unsurprisingly, bore no fruits. In the end, I ended up paying the full amount.

Payment Methods are Hard or Broken: Unreliable Channels

You expect an online service to be prudent about transactions. After all, numerous fraudulent services are looking to make quick money from unsuspecting clients. Not only do you risk losing your hard-earned cash but also compromising your personally identifiable information.

The service claims to employ trusted payment channels they trusted over the years. I did a review on all of them, whereby they all seemed credible. Moreover, I had employed some of them with other writing services. However, with my last order, they deducted twice the amount without an explanation. As I write this review, I am still awaiting feedback.

Money Refund is Very Hard: Do not Hold Your Breath

They do have a clear policy on how you can request for your money back. Nonetheless, they are confident that you do not require this perk with their service. It is also worth considering that the policy sounds legitimate since they are a business at the end of the day.

  • There is a specified window after they deliver your work in which you can make the request
  • You ought to offer a valid explanation to demonstrate that your request is genuine and warranted
  • You ought not to have downloaded the final document by the time you make the money-back request.

On one of my subpar quality orders, I believed I had met the criterion to request for a refund. As a matter of fact, I only made the request after I did an extensive review of the policy. I presented my case through the support team, which still remains unaddressed.

Poor Quality on Your Work: Worth Reconsideration

Life as a student is not always smooth sailing. You are arguably aware of the numerous circumstances that may require you to seek out professional assistance on your schoolwork. In each of the predicaments, I would recommend staying away from Essays24.

Despite what the company’s review might suggest, there is plenty at stake. You may end up losing more than you thought you would gain. You are very much likely to be unsatisfied with you get even when you avoid or overlook the downside. Ultimately, there is little to no value for the hard-earned money that you will pay.

Why Should You Choose Other Services: Worth the Review

In conclusion to this review, I believe it would be immensely helpful to highlight the reasons that brought me here. As a dissatisfied customer, I think existing, or potential clients deserve to know what is going on behind the scenes.

You ought to be cautious because:

  • Despite an appealing website design, navigation becomes unnecessarily complicated and frustrating beyond basic functionality
  • The writers from Essays24 are unprofessional, to say the least. You may end up doing plenty of revisions on your paper yourself
  • Communication from the support team is slow and incompetent. Yet another source of constant frustrations
  • The payment channels are questionable with some of their dealings. You may fall victim at any time
  • The advertised perks and incentives are non-existent. They are only meant to lure more clients to their business.

In this review, my only intention is to give you a vivid idea of the company that you are about to employ. Before you make the decisions, it would be best if you did an in-depth review of other viable services. You do not want to end up wasting your money and time. This review is a sufficient perspective that is not what they claim to be.