BoomEssays Review 2023

Is BoomEssays and good? Should you trust them with your school assignments? This review was created with the sole goal of helping you to choose a reliable and legit academic help platform. There are so many companies. So, it’s important to rely on reviews to help you choose, wouldn’t you agree?

When searching up a BoomEssays review, you’ll see a peculiar thing — either absolutely positive or negative reviews. There’s absolutely no middle ground, which is very strange and doesn’t inspire much confidence.

We’ve decided to create a review for BoomEssays on our own and finally understand which reviews are real. There is no way people receive such polar opposite experiences. So, we’ve used their writing service to find out the truth. ended up not living up to all the positive things mentioned in the reviews. It was quite a disappointing experience. Below, you’ll discover why. Is It Reliable?

“Is legit at all?” Well, every writing service is the right way to go about getting academic help. However, many of these similarly-looking companies may turn out to be scams due to the nature of the field. Review the online presence of each agency carefully if you don’t want the following happening to you:

  • Not receiving anything in return after paying;
  • A non-expert completing your task;
  • Your paper is filled with plagiarism.

Can BoomEssays scam people? To find it out, we ordered a few assignments from the platform. When we look at the previous paying customers of this agency, most of them are not happy with the results.

“Is BoomEssays safe?” Based on answers from customer reviews solely, then not at all. Many people on the independent review websites are calling this platform a scam. They complain about late delivery and low quality, which isn’t a good sign.

BoomEssays Services

On BoomEssays com, you can quickly review all the available offerings by yourself via a price calculator. In that menu, you have the option to scroll through everything you can do on this platform. If you’ve looked through it, you probably noticed something peculiar. They offer almost every possible task type and assignment paper.

It wouldn’t be a big BoomEssays service problem if it were a well-established agency with a big writer base. However, that’s surely not the case because only less than 50 experts were available when we were ordering a paper. How so little people can cover so many different tasks is a complete mystery to us.

Also, in the BoomEssays review, we want to mention the existence of “free features” on the website. In reality, these points are a part of the basic service bundle at other agencies. So, you don’t really save $70.

True Quality of Writing Services

Straight out of the gate, BoomEssays’ writing is not good. Not even that — it’s not acceptable under any terms. We don’t want to call what academic works we received because of their disappointing quality. Here’s what was wrong with our assignments for the review.

Low Quality

BoomEssays’ quality assurance is nonexistent. It seems like the person completes your task, nobody checks it, and it gets uploaded. We had specific instructions plus formatting guidelines for the writer. And none of them were followed in any of our review assignments.

Missed Deadlines

When you order on, don’t expect your task to be finished on time. At least, that’s the feeling we got when working with the agency: 2/3 review assignments were late.


There is no way the people doing assignments have relevant degrees. Our review tasks were badly-research and filled with plagiarism from Wikipedia — unacceptable.

BoomEssays Registration and Design

You can find the login easily. It’s always in the top right corner of the website header. Additionally, navigation across the website is quite easy. Still, there’s no real reason for you to explore the website.

In our review, we discovered that all pages of the website are filled with redundant, filled text. Go and check it out yourself. You’ll be reading the same selling text over and over, just phrased differently. Also, the blog wasn’t updated since 2017.

BoomEssays’ signup isn’t accessible to all people online. You have to make an order to buy a paper first. It is suboptimal because it restricts new users from exploring available features.

The internal BoomEssays’ code for the website’s design is outdated. You can see it as soon as you visit the website. The websites we usually review have nicer and more convenient layouts than this one.

BoomEssays’ Promo And Prices Review

Upon the initial BoomEssays’ prices review, it seems like the prices are very accessible. However, when you switch from the price calculator to the real order form, you see an increase in pricing. For a 3-page essay at the college level, you’ll be paying over $50. It is a bit more than the average. Here are other price-related aspects of this platform to consider.

Advertised Promotions Are Fake

You allegedly can get a BoomEssays’ coupon code by simply being a paying user and waiting for a discount promotion. Still, throughout our review, we didn’t get any emails with any discounts. When asked about this, the representatives just avoided answering altogether.

There Are Some Discounts

Nonetheless, you do get a BoomEssays’ discount code as a first-time user of the platform. This starting bonus is actually real, and the price goes down. Additionally, they’ve implemented a loyalty program, but we didn’t get to use it. Still, there’s not that much sense in the discounts when the quality is so low.

Makes You Pay for Free

Lastly, we must mention in our review that on this platform, you’ll be paying extra. Some free features at other agencies cost money here.

All About Customer Support

Throughout our review, BoomEssays’ support has shown itself to be not very versatile or useful. All they did was take our order and our revision requests. That’s it. Most of the time, it was like we were being kept in the dark about the progress of our review assignments.

Is Customer Support Fast?

Not at all, you can contact them via email, phone, or a “live” chat. In the two latter options, you have to queue up and wait. With the email option, they just make you wait frustratingly long.

Do They Address Issues?

It seems that the BoomEssays’ refund policy is to ignore the client. In fact, that’s how they approach most inquiries from paying users.

What’s Their Proficiency In English

How the support representatives write for BoomEssays’ clients is just horrendous. They outsource client support because the representatives aren’t native English speakers.

BoomEssays Com — Stay Away to Not Get Scammed doesn’t realize all the promises, nor does it live up to the positive reviews. Here’s what we found out about the platform during our review:

  • The agency’s website is outdated;
  • The instructions of review assignments weren’t followed;
  • The writers delivered their work late;
  • The people doing the tasks on the platform aren’t experts;
  • Customer support is atrocious.

All the positive reviews are obviously sketchy marketing practices. So many people can’t have such a great experience when we had such a negative one.

Our BoomEssays’ website review has shown you all you need to know about this platform. It’s unreliable, not trustworthy, and will leave you dissatisfied.

Avoid BoomEssays at all costs! Tons of other readily available writing platforms will deliver on their promises and give you a better deal.