Paperhelp Review 2020: About The Website is an online writing service. Customers can place orders that require the website to accomplish the writing tasks. Customers place the instructions of the orders depending upon the kind of writing project and the goals it is expected to achieve. promises originality of work, which means that every task is written from scratch and comes from a professional writer. claims to have a team of professional writers who are skilled in taking all sorts of writing tasks and delivering them on time and in accordance with the instructions placed by the customers. The writing tasks include but are not limited to essays, articles, dissertations, stories, lab reports, and journals. claims that the writers have years of experience in undertaking such writing tasks. The writers are native speakers of the language in which the writing task is supposed to be delivered, as mentioned on Paperhelp. Customers pay the fee for getting their writing tasks accomplished by the website. Paperhelp keeps a share of the money and gives a share to the writers who are their employees. It is a mutually beneficial relationship between the customers, website, and the writers where everybody gives the other person something and takes something in return. As for the customers, they pay the money and get the work done. Paperhelp provides a platform for connecting the customers to the writers and also does all administrative and managerial work. The writers deliver the work and get the money. has been in this business for quite some time. Although the website has not been around for many years with the name “Paperhelp,” yet it claims that it has been serving customers with other names for a long time. Years of experience made the company evolve not only in terms of its writing services but also in terms of its platform and technical details of the website. The company came up with the name “Paperhelp” so that it would speak for its purpose itself. Customers can easily guess just from the name of the website that they can get help for their writing projects by using its services. This is a business and marketing strategy to attract more customers. The name also has an emotional appeal to it because of the word “help.” It is more capable of attracting the customers with this name as compared to how capable it would have been had the name been “paperwriting” or just “writing.” It is when the customers are caught in the middle of the problem because of lack of time or the technical skills it takes to write a paper professionally that they are desperately in need of help. That is exactly what Paperhelp promises to provide them with even with its name, and that is how everything begins.

There is a detailed process according to which things work between the customers, paperhelp, and the writers. Firstly, customers approach the website themselves. They get to learn about in a variety of ways. Sometimes, Paperhelp is recommended for use by their friends and colleagues who have had their work done from the very website in the past, and they liked the work. Sometimes, customers approach Paperhelp themselves because it appears on google search as a result of the keywords put by them in the search bar. Customers generally tend to visit the websites that make it to the top of the search results’ list. Hence, these websites take the necessary measures to make it to the top of the list, by paying and investing in marketing and advertisement. Once the customers click on Paperhelp, they tend to learn a bit about the expertise of the company. Careful and responsible customers tend to not only learn about Paperhelp from its own account as stated in the “about” section but also do some research to learn about it from external sources. They may visit certain blogs or threads that compare different websites and where previous customers have shared their experiences with the respective websites. has a live chat platform on the main screen. This feature appeals to the customers because they feel that they can instantly get in contact with Paperhelp operators so that they can have their queries answered without any delay. Staff dealing with the customers on the live chat is skilled in conducting the chats politely and very professionally. Their politeness and professionalism in the chat appeal to the customers so that they tend to trust Paperhelp with their writing projects. Once the customers have gathered the required information and reached the decision of placing the order, they write down their instructions in detail. These instructions include, but are not limited to, the number of pages they need written, the style and font in which the text has to be arranged in, the layout of the paper, the topic and subtopics, and the particular guidelines. Sometimes, the customers even upload the reference material so that the writers can use it to write the paper. This ensures that the writers stay focused and come up with a paper that substantially adheres to the instructions. Once the order has been placed, it is available for the writers to see on Paperhelp’s writers’ portal.

Writers have different levels of access to an order depending on the level of skill and experience. The journey of a writer begins with a newbie. asks the interested potential writers to complete a web form and register with the company. After registration, Paperhelp asks the candidates to undergo a writing test. This test includes a small task; sometimes, the writers are required to complete some sentences putting the appropriate adverbs and pronouns in the blanks, and sometimes, they may be required to write a small essay. The purpose of the writing challenges is to check the level of skill and capability of the candidates to deliver a writing task professionally. They are checked for their sentence construction ability, vocabulary, adherence to the deadline, and compliance with instructions, in addition to other parameters of interest to the company. It is only after the successful completion of the writing task that a writer is made part of the writers’ team employed by the company. The newbie is given access to the list of available orders. The newbie takes an order of their choice. The decision of taking an order is reached by considering various factors including the time, availability, and knowledge of the topic of the project. With time and experience, the newbie becomes premium, advanced, and senior advanced writer by maintaining professionalism and quality of work. With higher position come more privileges for the writers. This means more work and more money for the writers.

Once a writer has taken an order, they are responsible for delivering it in time and according to the instructions placed by the customer. Only if a writer succeeds in accomplishing this, they are paid. Otherwise, the writer is penalized through the imposition of a fine. states that it has an internal quality assurance and quality control department that regularly reviews and checks the work of the writers. This is done to ensure that the writers deliver the orders to the best of their ability, knowing that they if they fail, there is a system of accountability. From the time of taking the order to the time of its delivery, and also afterwards, the writer is provided access to the customer on Paperhelp’s platform. Writers can use this chat service to understand the instructions more clearly and have their queries addressed by the customers directly. The conversation between the writers and the customers is monitored by Paperhelp administrators to ensure that the conversation stays focused on work and that the writers maintain professionalism in their chat with the customers at all times. Also, Paperhelp administrators keep a check on the writers’ chat to ensure that no financial matters are discussed, or settlements are made between the customers and the writers. Writers may be fined if they fail to deliver the orders up to the required standard or within the deadline. The fines are decided by Paperhelp’s quality assurance and quality control department, and the writers have no choice but to accept the fines. They may argue with Paperhelp administrators if they have an objection, but the final decision is made by Paperhelp. The fines are deducted from the payment of the completed orders. So, the writers get the balance payment of the completed orders after the fines have been deducted.

Customers are promised money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the quality of the paper. Customers are promised that they can get their paper revised until they are satisfied with the work. In case the writers fail to address their instructions after repeated revisions, customers can get their money back. Money-back guarantee is also a very attractive feature for the customers. about us review