Essaycapital Review 2020: Essay Writing Service that Supersedes your Expectations

It is no doubt that all of us as students desire to excel in our academic work. We desire to get good grades which will give us an added advantage in the job market. However, for us to succeed, the educational career entails a lot that must be attained. We must not only excel in our end-term exams but also on the written assignments besides other examinable activities. Typically, the educational career of every student starts from school to the University level is built on their performances in written tasks which are often graded. All colleges and universities do give written learning activities to their students with the aim of testing their level of understanding of the concepts that have been taught in class. I also believe that it is also a way of nurturing and evaluating a student’s research and writing skills. Professors place great significance on these tasks and expect much from students in doing these written tasks. We are always required to engage in extensive research, use the correct referencing styles, correctly format our papers and have the correct content as well as genuine sources. Most of these tasks contribute significantly to our overall performance. For example, a dissertation is often graded on its own and has a significant impact on our overall performance. In as much as there are some of us who do well in these tasks, especially those with excellent research and writing skills, most students tend to fail these assignments, and this often leads to adverse impacts on their academic performance. Most of us students do not demonstrate excellent knowledge of how to go about these tasks especially with regards to the paper structure, referencing styles and how to do in-text citations. Furthermore, most of us are not creative and are lazy and prefer to find information on the internet especially in this era where all answers can easily be obtained from the internet. This makes students deliver papers that are not original which have been copy-pasted from the internet without proper referencing. This result in plagiarism which is a severe academic offense that attracts stringent punitive actions can even make a student be expelled as it is perceived as stealing of intellectual property and is an academic fraud. Even those students who are good in research and other assignments are not perfect because there are many small things that one is most likely to forget and have an impact on the grade. For example, a student can deliver excellent research content; however, if the student did not proofread the work and it has many grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors or wrong paper structure, they are most likely to perform dismally on something that they could have done extremely well. Besides such factors that relate to the content of the paper, there are other personal factors which are not planned but can pop up and deter a student from delivering an excellent paper. Many students work and study part-time. These students sometimes get too busy with work and have limited time to complete their assignments properly. Other factors such as an abrupt ailment or too much work from other subjects which forces students to complete their assignments hurriedly and in the long run delivering substandard papers which accrue bad grades also impede a student from delivering good work. In most cases, the greatest impediment is always the lack of adequate subject knowledge as well as too much pressure and stress of completing a bunch of tasks that in their way of successfully delivering written tasks on time.