Based on Ukessays Review 2023, All Students Should Know About Ukessays

Ukessays is a Britain online writing company that claims to be aimed at giving the best quality academic papers for their clients. The company misuse the customer’s money and claim to be offering them high-quality essays. They major on dissertation and essay writing in all the subjects that are in the education curriculum. Customers click to to place their dissertations to be done by the company. They, therefore, urge customers never to hesitate to give their assignments to be done by their writers. They customers to place their orders to be done and make promises to observe timeliness of delivery of the paper. This Company has been on the market for at since 2003. In their fifteenth year in the academic writing industry, thousands of students have been using the company to do their assignments. However much many students have scored high grades through the company, many more have not managed the good performance when they use it for their assignments. There are over four thousand writers working with The company makes claims that their writers are highly trained by themselves. It is highly doubtable if their writers have all the qualities that a professional writer should have. The company also says that they take the best of the best to train to become part of their writing team. Based on the information that the company post about their writers, only native English speakers are part of their writing teams. They say that their writers are from majorly the United Kingdom, United States of America, and Australia. However, it is clear that the company writers are mainly from Kenya and Ukraine. This indicates that the company uses non-native English speakers. The writers’ accounts for the company are today scattered all over the world especially in countries with non-native speakers. There is also a lot of selling and buying of the writer’s accounts belonging to the company. This fact means that a lot of academic fraud is involved in the company writings. Non-professionals who have very little knowledge on the company accounts. Their unskilled writers submit low-quality orders consistently to the customers. The management of the company, however, does not bother making the things right by firing such writers. This is evident in the high levels of complaints that are seen as comments for the services that they offer. The fact that the company does not address their writers to adjust to the quality of orders they do means that their only interest is the customer’s money and not doing the assignments in the right way. With the 14 years of experience in academic writing, the company should be aware of the quality that the students want for their assignments. Ukessays understands that some of the assignments that students are very sensitive to language and presentation. However, they do not bother training their writers on how to write quality papers. Moreover, they go around cheating the customers that they test for the writers’ language before they employ them to join their writing team. The company selects these countries as their priorities because their citizens are native speakers of English. According to the company claims, the native speakers are preferred by Ukessays because they do not have any problems writing English and therefore can easily avoid grammatical mistakes. This claim is however just a strategy of winning the customer’s trust so that they can reach their money. The assignments that are done by their writers are of very poor quality with too many spelling mistakes. Most of the writers have little knowledge and hence cannot handle papers that require high professional skills. The writers poorly do the Ph.D. and master papers as they have shallow knowledge that cannot enable them to reach the standards of Ph.D. and master education. Customers are therefore assured that their papers will be presented in the manner that will not cost them any issue with the tutors. Although the normal writings at are in 12 fonts and times new roman, they, however, allow their customers dictate the format that they prefer. With the long-term experience that the company has in this industry, Ukessays are aware of the dynamics in education systems. They should, therefore, urge their writers to do a lot of research on the new ways in which assignments are done. Through this, the company can ensure that they do the assignments in the right way. It is so unfortunate that the company does not let their writers aware of the newly introduced ways of doing assignments and make them adjust to meet the new standards, this is a clear indication that the mistakes that are viewed by the customers with the company are due to the failure to take the assignments correctly. They claim to have the quality assurance department that ensures that the papers for their customers are perfect before they are submitted. The company does this department however underperforming and does nothing in the try to ensure the quality of the papers that. The company also acknowledges that everyone makes mistakes. For this reason, they accept all necessary revision requests from the customers. As a student aimed at scoring high grades, it is at essay writers where you get the chance to post a revision request for your order. Ukessays do this to make sure that customers get the value of what they pay for when ordering their assignments. However, the writers are poor and do not do the revisions correctly as their main aims are to do new orders and get more payments. The company claims value customer loyalty very much. They, therefore, offer discounts as an appreciation for the customer loyalty. They also craft bonus papers for their loyal customers to maintain the relationships with the customers. The company also has bonuses, which they give as awards for their customers. Most of the customers who get these bonuses and discounts end up losing more money from their credit cards too. Their mission for being in this industry is to ensure that students go through their education successfully. Ukessays says that they do not compromise on the quality of work that they do for their customers. In the company, all the writers are professionals with at least a degree. They ensure that customer’s papers are done by the best of the best through this. The organization of their writers into categories also helps us in ensuring that a writer who is specialized in the subject from which the paper is retrieved does a paper. Before submitting the paper to the customer after finishing it, they have the quality assurance department that ensures that the instructions are followed strictly. The company’s selection and training for the writers are also to ensure that they have good writers who will at no point failing to meet the quality demands for the customers’ papers. They claim to urge all writers to proofread their assignments before making their submission after completing the papers. Through this, Ukessays ensures that there are no spelling and grammatical mistakes in the papers that they do for the customers. At, passing the orders done through turn it in to confirm the uniqueness is mandatory. In the real sense, they do not do this because their papers are always full of copied information. They have managed to minimize the situations whereby their writers are penalized for copying assignments from the net through this. The company says that they insist on the 99 percent uniqueness checked by Turnitin so that no case of plagiarized work is reported as a feedback from the customers. The fact that they pay little attention to ensuring quality for the assignments show that they do not value students academic performances. Other than writing assignments, the company also offers free services to the users of They have thousands of papers posted on their site that contain information that is necessary for academic performance. In the sample papers that they have on the site, users can get the tips on referencing for Harvard, Chicago, and APA and MLA styles. Users can also get the tips that are used when selecting references and topics for their papers. The papers that are available are however to date and cannot work well for students in the current era. The company also does both writing from scratch and editing works. A student who has already done his or her Work and is not sure of the quality of work can post it on their wall at for editing to attain the right quality. This is however just a post. The reality that the editing is not properly done by the writers. They rush over the papers and eat the customers’ money for nothing. The company claim that their value of the customers also extends to the time. They have a simple way of placing orders. After getting into their site that is available at, placing an order is a one-step procedure. A customer simply selects place an order and will get their available support team to help humor her through the next steps. They do this to ensure that the customer does not strain much when placing an order. By helping the client to place the order, they minimize the time that the customer stays on the site posting an assignment that they want to be done. Ukessays make everything on their site simple and are why they have a flexible payment system so that any customer can make the payment using any of the modes that conveniences him or her. The company’s support team is available with the help of customers 24 hours a day and attends to all the issues such that a customer can even add instruction at any time. Being that they have been working well for the clients for the last fourteen years, everyone is urged to consider doing his or her assignment through the company and enjoy the quality work. The company is however not meeting any of the assurances that they make to the students despite the fact that they are aware of what is necessary.