Essayshark review 2020: Use EssayShark Services at Your Own Risk

Essayshark Company has been in the freelance industry for some years now and offered paper writing services. From my research, I found out that the company was incepted with the reason of providing academic assistance to students. However, the service delivery over the years has been depreciating at an unprecedented pace. The initial goal of the company was good as it saw the gap in the industry of providing paper writing services. However, this has changed tremendously as the focus now is mainly on financial gains and not on quality service delivery. It is no doubt that students are often given assignments to complete and then graded based on the content. Notably, almost all learning institutions from high school to colleges give writing tasks to their students in a bid to determine their knowledge acquisition levels as well as nurture their writing and grammar skills. In most cases, these tasks significantly contribute to a student’s overall performance. It is undeniably true we as students have different understanding abilities; there are those that are excellent and average students. However, in most cases, most professors demand that their students deliver quality assignments regarding the content, referencing, and paper formatting and in-text citations. Most of us do not have comprehensive knowledge of these requirements and therefore tend to fail this assignment and this result in an adverse impact on their academic performance. Besides failing to demonstrate a good understanding of how to go about their written tasks, most of us students are also faced with other factors such as inadequate time to complete the assignment may be due to too much work or even illnesses. saw the need to offer academic help to these students and indeed tapped into the market. started off relatively well and delivered relatively average service. Due to the initial good service delivery, was able to attract some clients who sought for their services. The company offers a wide range of paper writing services including essays, dissertations, and research papers. I found out that at the start, the company had a large number of client base since it was among the first companies in the industry and thus clients did not have any option but embrace the use of its services. From the early reviews of the company, it understood customer needs and attended to them beyond their expectations. The company observed time that the client wanted their papers completed. The company thrived at ensuring that their clients received quality papers within the stipulated deadline. This was important to students because they had they had their tasks promptly completed and received standard papers. At this time, the company relied on native writers who had a good understanding and comprehension of both the UK and US English. These writers were professionals with appropriate knowledge and experience in different fields. There were experts from all academic fields and thus did not have to worry about the complexity or academic level of the paper since these writers were up to the task regardless of its deadline or level of complexity. They could deliver orders even with the craziest deadlines. Most of the writers were native writers, who were not only highly professional, but they were also creative and the content delivered was 100% original and unique. There were no major cases of plagiarism. Instead, the number of positive reviews was overwhelming. Moreover, the customer support team was highly professional offering topmost customer service. They offered a timely response to client needs and requests besides being warm and accommodative and also treated customers as always right and their priority. The communication system was also excellent and connected all involved stakeholders.

As the client base increased, the company changed their attention to marketing and trying as much as possible to get as many clients as possible. They placed less precedence on client needs and delivering quality papers as during its inception. Their primary goal was to maximize their income; the result was that the quality of service delivery as well as the content of the papers delivered was compromised.

As years passed on the client base increased, however, the company failed to increase their staff at first. The staff was overworked, and the resultant impact was a reduced quality of production. The writers did not place much attention on the quality of content delivered instead they focused on doing quantity work in a bid to make more money. This is where started getting it wrong. Clients started to complain about the service delivery at the company. After some time in a bid to meet the increasing demand, the company decided to increase the number of their staff members. While making their recruitment, they did not engage in a rigorous hiring process. Instead, they hired any candidate that had any higher learning qualification. Consequently, they wanted cheap labor and therefore resorted to hiring Russians to be their writers mostly. Most of the writers were non-natives and thus did not have a good command of the English language. The hired writers did not have any prior experience in academic writing. They did not have the required knowledge and skills to deliver quality papers. They were also not well trained by the company. This resulted in delivering substandard papers to the clients. Furthermore, besides Essayshark charging enormous prices from their clients, they paid their writers peanuts. This had a negative repercussion to the service delivery accrued from the writers. Their production level was terrible. The top native professional writers at were demoralized and moved to other better paper writing services that had lucrative terms and conditions and where their skills were well rewarded. They remained with non-competent writers who were mostly freelance writers. Furthermore, most of the writers at are not full-time academic writers; most pursue it as a part-time job to make an extra income. They are, therefore, just doing it for the money and not out of passion and this has had a negative ripple impact on the quality delivery. Furthermore, there are numerous inconveniences caused by such writers, they mostly deliver their orders late, does the work hastily and thus substandard and are mostly unreachable. Essayshark writers are not creative and rely on information obtained from the internet as well as other online sources. This makes the delivered content unoriginal and not unique. From the reviews, some clients have complained of plagiarized work which has had adverse impacts on their academic performance. There are even some clients who have been expelled from the colleges due to plagiarism cases from papers that were done by their writers.

The company’s support team is very slow, and their service delivery is very poor. When contacted by a customer for technical help or with any issue they are slow at responding. They mostly place the customer on a waiting line and thus are unable to solve urgent matters on time. If a customer complains, they are rude and sometimes snub the inquiries made by the customers. In as much as the company claims that their services are available 24/7, that is not the case since there have been cases where they are offline and no one to attend to their client needs. Inefficient communication system within the company has resulted in adverse impacts to their customers. The payment is not flawless as acclaimed at There are many challenges in using its payment system. The process is relatively complicated, and security of personal information is not guaranteed. There are freebies such as discounts and bonuses which are given to loyal and new customers. However, these freebies are rarely given, and if granted, they are most likely to deduct your credit card twice. Consequently, they promise free revisions on orders that have been completed by their writers. However, these revisions are always not done. They always ask for payment to have your revision completed claiming that revisions are only possible within two weeks after which a customer is required to pay for them. This is unfair because the standard requirement is that they have to deliver a quality paper that is satisfactory to the client. There can be numerous factors that can impede a customer from requesting for a revision within the first two weeks. For example, a customer may have submitted the paper to the professor and the professor requests for an amendment after two weeks; this means that the writer who completed should be in a position to amend it at any given time. As a customer, you deserve the best service in terms of the delivered content and the involved process in itself. To save yourself from going through all these challenges, you are highly recommended not to make an order for this company because you are less likely to get value for your money. You are more likely to get a substandard paper that is delivered late and is plagiarized. You should, therefore, look for alternative online service providers where quality is a priority and is much convenient. review about us