FastEssay Review 2023 – Get All the Facts

FastEssay has been among the popular topics of discussion among students and not for the right reasons. When students are talking about this company, it’s either to leave a bad review or vent about their bad experience. If you’ve not heard about these tales, you may be the next victim.

You see, the website doesn’t have “scam” written on its home page. In fact, none of the scams out there are easy to spot. This website is no different. FastEssay reviews will prove invaluable when you’re thinking of hiring this company to write your papers.

Unfortunately, you can’t trust everything you read. is chockfull of fake positive reviews that may mislead you. However, if you look in the right place to find unbiased reviews, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

This review will help you do exactly that. We left no stone unturned in uncovering the truth about this website.

Is Valid?

Is legit? There are a plethora of things you should look for to determine whether a company is trustworthy or not. For starters, the company should have a good track record for providing exceptional service.

In addition to this, they should offer services at fair prices and prioritize customer satisfaction. FastEssay scum claims are proven to be true because the company fails in all these areas. Apart from promising top-notch quality and not delivering, the agency fails its clients in countless other ways.

Is FastEssays unsafe? A company that won’t do anything to ensure you get your money’s worth isn’t safe to deal with. The fact that they’re comfortable conning you of your money means they put you at risk in so many other ways. If you value maintaining good grades and don’t want to put your academic reputation in question, avoid them.

List of Granted Services

This FastEssay review aims to give you detailed information on what you should expect from the site. For this reason, we couldn’t leave out details about the site’s services. We’ve had experience with numerous trustworthy sites in the past, and we know what a reliable company offers. services are far from what the average college student needs. The website only lists a few basic services, like assignment help and research paper help. However, you shouldn’t expect to get professional help with annotated bibliographies, PPT presentations, and other complex papers. The site isn’t a one-stop-shop for all academic services.

The FastEssay services provided are also not reliable because there’s no mention of how they go about formatting their papers. As a student, you probably need the assurance that the person handling your assignment is up to the task. You don’t get this chance on the website.

FastEssay Prices, Promo Codes, and Payment Methods

A FastEssay prices’ review was also among our top priorities when writing this review. Every day, unsuspecting students are conned of their hard-earned money and walk away with low-quality essays. We don’t want you to make the same mistake. For this reason, we did a thorough analysis of their payment plans. Here’s what you should know.

Does the Site Offer Coupon Codes?

FastEssay coupon code isn’t something you should rely on when you’re considering this site. They don’t offer coupon codes.

Do You Get Discounts for Repeat Purchases?

FastEssay discount code is another thing you shouldn’t bet on. Unlike most reliable service providers, this company doesn’t even have discounts for repeat buyers.

Is Their Service Affordable? has a bidding process in place. Ideally, you send in your order request, and writers bid for a while before you get your final price. The price is often too high.

Do I Get a Refund for Low Quality?

One of the red flags we noticed about the site when crafting this review is the lack of information about refunds. Most reliable companies will provide a money-back guarantee because your satisfaction is their number one priority.

Quality of Writing Services

FastEssay writing is also not reliable. The site promises to assign your paper to qualified writers, but there’s no proof of their experience. Their writer profiles seem fake, and there are no details about the writers’ education.

FastEssay quality is also far from stellar – another factor that proves the writing team isn’t made up of professionals. Here’s what you should expect:

  • Plagiarism – most of their papers don’t pass basic plagiarism tests;
  • Grammatical errors – such errors are proof that the writers are not native English speakers;
  • Papers that don’t follow instructions – this is a sign of incompetence on the writers’ part;
  • Improper formatting – the writers don’t understand academic writing styles;
  • Mistakes after revisions – the papers come back with more errors after revisions. reviews also mention the writers’ inability to adhere to deadlines. If you have an urgent paper, this isn’t the company for you. It’s better to look for another service.

FastEssay – Process of Registration & Ordering login page should be among the things the company gets right. If you’re going to attract many students to your site, it only makes sense to make the process hassle-free. This seems like asking too much from the website.

The FastEssay sign up was the hardest thing for us to figure out when we started researching for this review. Not only does the site look more like a poster, but they don’t provide information about an order process. Most reliable sites have a big “order now” button. This one has a search bar that’s quite hard to find with all that’s going on the site.

Every FastEssay review also mentions the frustration involved in the ordering process. Unless you know the type of services on the website, you’ll have to search for hours. And it doesn’t get easier when you find your service of choice.

FastEssay Customer Support

FastEssay support is also quite disappointing. The company only provides an email address, which you’re supposed to use to contact them for orders or inquiries. That is quite tedious, considering most service providers have live support on their website.

If you decide to use contacts to ask something, don’t expect to get a fast answer. It may take days to get feedback for your inquiries. If you’re a student, this is time you don’t have because you’re probably rushing to meet your professor’s deadline.

You cannot rely on the support team to solve any issues you may have with quality. Because they’re barely reachable, you may have to wait for a long time before the issue is addressed. Why go through the trouble when you’re spending money?

FastEssay Com – The Most Terrible Service

This review was created to help students make the right decision about the website. As you have seen, the company has numerous red flags. From entrusting your paper to inexperienced writers to not offering money-back guarantees, you have no reason to trust them.

A reliable company is transparent about its services and expertise. FastEssay site has proven to be a scam just by how they run their business. They have not taken the time to explain their pricing and don’t even put effort into creating a user-friendly website. will only rob you of your hard-earned money. So you shouldn’t use their service. Find a company that not only offers you a satisfaction guarantee but prioritizes your safety.

FastEssays is just one example of the many scammers out there. However, there are also a plethora of trustworthy sites. You only need to do your research and consult user reviews.