Edusson review 2020: Edusson’s Awful Services Provided To Clients

Edusson is an online writing company that offers personalized essay writing services. The company has been in operations for a significant amount of time, and through all this time it has been offering online paper writing services to its clients across the world. The contents on the company’s website are provided by the ‘Boosta,’ Corporation which is registered under Cyprus Law and acts in the interest of Boosta on a license agreement basis. is an online platform that connects academic writers that offer paper writing services and the customers who are the users in need of the provided services. Before using the website, it is important to be familiar with some of the common terms used. Some of the common terms include, ‘customer,’ ‘writer,’ ‘order,’ ‘product revision,’ ‘support team,’ ‘QAD,’ ‘Messaging System’ and ‘order status.’ The customer at the website has been used to infer to the individual makes an order for the company to receive a service based on his or her instructions. The writer is the individual that has agreed to work on a customer’s request. A writer offers writing services like dissertations, essays, research papers, book reviews or admission essays among all other kinds of assignments or tasks that a client requests. The order is the online request from the customer to the academic writer at a fee. An order states the paper instructions, the scope of work and other requirements that a client may request to be done for him or her. An edited version of the delivered paper is a product revision. The support team comprises of the customer service staff that is responsible for handling all client requests and offering technical assistance to the customer or the academic writer. The QAD or rather the Quality Assurance Department comprises of the Edusson’s staff responsible for guarding as well as evaluating the quality of service delivered to their clients. The messaging system is a communication platform designed by the company to offer an interactive communication between the involved users, mostly between the writers, the support team, and the customers.

The company was established due to the rising demand for paper writing services. The founders found a gap that existed in the academic industry, and there were no reliable companies offering quality and timely services to their customers. Notably, almost all learning institution provides written tasks to their students in a bid to test their comprehension level as well as nurturing and advancing their research and writing skills. Professors demand a lot regarding output in delivering these tasks. In most cases they want the assignments properly formatted, there are no grammar or punctuation or spelling mistakes, that the content is well researched, well presented and articulated and are also original and unique. Furthermore, most of these assignments contribute significantly to the student’s performance in that specific subject. In most cases, these assignments contribute nearly 50% of the student’s grade in that particular subject. However, a dissertation is a full course in itself and is graded out of 100%. This shows that written assignments significantly contribute to a student’s overall performance and thus must be done properly. Professors expect that students deliver these tasks professionally. However, most students tend to fail these tasks due to these enormous requirements. Most students are unable to demonstrate excellent knowledge of these tasks, nor are they able to properly structure the paper, used genuine and reliable sources, do appropriate in-text citations, properly structure the paper, have the correct format for the bibliography or even have the paper accurately proofread. Even the bright students are unable to bear with all these requirements as there are those small gritty mistakes or things a person can easily forget and which in the long run will affect the quality of your paper. For example, a paper may have been excellently researched and well presented, however, if has several grammatical mistakes or the sources are not well used, it is more likely going to result in a fail despite the excellent content. Furthermore, besides these factors relating to the content of the paper, there are other many reasons that can impede a student from completing their tasks properly. These factors are uncontrollable. Some of these factors sudden illness, having too much workload from other courses with a limited amount of time to effectively complete all. Other factors include, some students work and study part time and are most likely to find it challenging balancing between work and studies. They will often have a limited amount of time to do their tasks effectively. Such personal factors can sometimes deter students from completing their writing activities on time and deliver quality papers.

It is based on such factors that the company saw a gap in the academic sphere and decided to offer academic assistance to such students through their website. The company aimed at delivering quality academic papers on time to their clients. Through their website platform, customers order and get access to their quality writing services. They offer academic writing assistance to all students from all levels from high school levels to the university level. Furthermore, they offer services in all academic fields of psychology, management, dissertation, book reviews, essays, admission letters, and annotated bibliography to science-related courses. Customers, therefore, do not have to be worried whether they will get an expert to handle their task as there are expert academic writers in all academic subjects.

The company has been on the market for relatively a long period and thus clearly understands the dynamics of the industry. Furthermore, the company used to rely on native academic writers with excellent knowledge of the UK and US English as well as their writing standards. The academic writers were competitively hired and ensured that they are not only native writers but also are either masters or Ph.D. graduates with an excellent academic track record. Besides after selection, they were passed through rigorous training where they got inducted in all the dynamics of the academic writing industry including delivering original content, on quality content, research skills, referencing skills as well as grammatical skills. All these were done in order to ensure that the writers were highly professional and delivered topnotch services that would not only impress the customers but also intrigue them to make referrals to The company started well, and its market reception was phenomenal. Their customer base grew exponentially, and this demanded that they do the best regarding up scaling their services and staff. The customer care support staffs were highly professional, responded to client needs on time and offered any technical assistance as fast as possible. Furthermore, the staff worked all day round the clock all the days of the week. They were reachable at any given time of the day or the week. Besides having a telephone number where they can be reached there is a live chat feature, at the bottom right corner of the page where a customer can chat with the support at any given time and get immediate feedback. Edusson also had a messaging feature that connected the writers with their customers. The customers could freely chat with their assigned writers to keep track of the progress of his or her work. There were numerous freebies that offered its customers in its early days after inception. It had lucrative discounts and bonuses which were honest and were given to qualified customers. Consequently, the design of the website was relatively simple, attractive and easy to navigate through.

However, few years into service delivery, the number of customers increased at an unprecedented pace and the company was overwhelmed. In a bid to meet the expanded market hired many writers. They did not pay attention to the hiring process as long as a candidate had a higher learning qualification, they were hired. Edusson started shifting its attention from quality service delivery to focusing on doing quantity, looking for many customers so that it could make a lot of money. They wanted to make a lot of money and thus mostly hired non-native writers especially from Kenya and Russia. Since it is a bidding account where the writers state their preferred price to do the task, most writers from Russia and Kenya placed bids for as low as $3 to work on a paper. Edusson management saw this as an opportunity since it is cheap labor and are more likely to make good returns from these writers. The resultant impact has been adverse. Its initial native-writers shifted to other writing companies since the amount they were being paid was not commensurate with their hard work and quality papers they produced. Edusson remained with mostly non-native writers from Russia and Kenya. Relying on these non-native writers deteriorated service delivery at These writers do not have a good command of the English language, and thus most of their work had numerous grammatical errors. The quality of the papers was substandard, and the overall service delivery became pathetic. You are highly recommended not to place an order at lest you want poor results. review about us