Buyessay Review 2022 | About Buyessay

Students in high school, college, and those at the graduate and post-graduate levels are often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work including essays, research papers, dissertations and other assignments that they need to submit in fulfillment of their diploma or degree accreditation requirements. Thus, the demand for online writing services has skyrocketed from learners looking for any sort of help with these tough academic assignments, or from those looking to free up a bit of personal time in their busy schedules.

One of the more frequently mentioned academic writing services is In this article, we are going to be reviewing the services that are offered by Buyessay, including their prices, customer service, and overall customer satisfaction, their speed, accountability and living up to the guarantees that they claim, overall site design, and their reliability. In this regard, we aim to present an unbiased Buyessay review based on our own experience and interaction with the website, staff, and most importantly, the quality of writing from this service.

Naturally, the first place we went to on the website was the ‘About’ section, since we wanted to learn more about the company we’d be entrusting with a ‘major’ assignment, which was our test essay. However, this section contains virtually no information about the origins of the service and who the people behind it are. There are no writer profiles, and little veracity to their claims about being able to write undergraduate, masters and PhD-level papers.

One of the biggest problems that students face when looking for essay writing services is that of discerning services that are real and those that are merely ‘virtual entities’. That means some of these so-called ‘essay writing services’ aren’t real registered commercial companies. They might have a nice website design, and they may even purport to provide contacts and an actual physical location that customers can find them at. But all of it might just be a façade. has a single address that has been provided on its ‘About’ page, but this information that has been provided doesn’t inspire too much confidence. This address which is in Rotterdam House, Newcastle doesn’t state the actual office, since it is a sizeable building. The information which has been provided doesn’t quantify as reliable for someone who might want to visit them. Then again, a physical address is always needed for domain server registrations, and it is highly the case.

Anyone looking for a professional writer online has a right to know whether that writer is qualified to work on their paper or not. It wouldn’t be fair to have an ESL undergraduate purport to write a PhD-level paper. With there is no mention of writer qualifications and the academic institutions that the said writers have attended. If there is no possibility of vetting writers before placing an order, red flags in anyone’s mind should be set off. Students are therefore advised to think carefully before placing an order with the company.

Still, along the lines of vetting writers, something else that caught our attention is the fact that Buyessay doesn’t even provide samples of its previous works. Ideally, any writing company should be able to showcase what it has done and its areas of expertise, but this isn’t the case with this particular company. Customers cannot be expected to operate on trust alone with regards to writing companies, as is the case of this particular company.

The company markets itself as employing former faculty including academicians, Ph.D. professors, college principals, and industry experts. A close look at the company’s services reveals that most of the services provided are at a novice level way below the presented credentials (why would a retired professor want to write an essay for a student?)

Something else that immediately catches one’s eye on the homepage is how the company mentions Ivy League graduates as writers, yet in other spaces such as in the Guarantees section, they mention native UK university writers and faculty.

If you chance upon a freelance site such as Upwork, you will see that those freelance writers not only provide their alma mater, but they also provide all additional qualifications that make them best suited for your writing project. Not in this case. These are ghostwriters, probably ESL writers who are not from the UK or US, and who have in all likelihood not taught in or graduated from Ivy Leagues.

Before making any purchase from this company, we urge you to read independent Buyessay reviews which will reveal more about what you can expect from this company. Something which we were able to uncover in our investigations is the fact that there are several domain names similar to Buyessay with the end prefix slightly changed to .org and numerous reports by other independent reviewers confirm that these are in-fact different websites owned by the same entity.

Further investigation on independent review sites also reveals how the company doesn’t in any way hire native UK writers as claimed. There is only a single phone line provided, and this rarely goes through. And on the few occasions when it does, the voice on the other side is never a native English accent.

We understand how desperate students might be hoodwinked by all positive reviews and, therefore, will not do their due diligence when it comes to first researching these academic writing sites. Most won’t go as far as calling to confirm who their writer is. This company takes advantage of such folks by providing them with a glamorous web design that throws anyone off trail right off the bat.

While all these other parameters can surely lead you to a great decision on whether to use a particular service or not, quality is what should be the main emphasis. claims in multiple places on their website that they offer astounding quality written by former professors and academicians. The quality of their work begs to differ. We’ve already mentioned how the company will not even provide written samples of its completed works. That should already set off alarm bells for anyone looking to order from them. But the quality of their completed work is sub-par below even undergrad level.

Let’s talk about pricing. The prices depend on the academic level and the deadline. As the website says, other factors are considered in the cost such as extra reading and references and special equations that may be needed but that haven’t been provided. An undergrad essay of 500 words would cost about $47 without the 20% discount for first-time customers.

Something unique about this service is that they are upfront about the variety in the quality of papers that they could potentially produce. You can have a 2:1 or 2:2 paper produced, the difference being the latter has higher quality.

Questions abound though. Why wouldn’t they just charge a premium and produce superior quality for all their orders like all legit services? It seems presumptive that they would produce a paper with sub-par quality and then bill you extra to have it refined through editing claiming that poor quality is what you had initially ordered.

It is also interesting to note that while they claim that most of their writers are former professors and academicians who have gone to Ivy League colleges and top UK universities, they offer no post-graduate writing services, only undergraduate and Master’s level papers. Furthermore, you cannot request a sample from these said expert writers first before you commence to make your order.

Other things to know about this service include their refund policy which proposes a 20% fine on the order sum if the order is canceled before 12 hours elapse, 50% fine before 24 hours elapse, 75% before 48 hours elapse and no refund possible after 48 hours. There may be different reasons why a customer would want to cancel an order, one being that they found out that the company was a sham, or that it couldn’t produce good quality.

Another would be because the student suddenly had extra time on their hands to work on the assignment. Therefore, the question begs about what would happen if someone made a payment of several thousand dollars for, say a research paper or a dissertation and needed to cancel it unexpectedly.

From the look of things, it seems like this company’s main objective is to make and keep money from students regardless of the quality that they offer, and regardless of whether or not the customer benefited from the service. Anyone reading this article should be aware that the purpose of this article isn’t to denigrate or cast in a negative light any agency providing a service. This review only seeks to inform any potential user of that service of the pros and cons that come with using this particular service.

There are more detailed aspects of the agency that have been covered in the sections below and which will hopefully guide you to make a more informed decision before settling on this particular company. We also encourage you to read independent reviews from other students on sites such as EssayScam and SiteJabber about this particular company.