Review 2020: An Essay Service that Delivers Value for Money

There are many essay companies out there, and as a student, I have used quite a number of them- both the good and the bad. In fact, I have even tried out the downright ugly. See, as someone who seeks composition assistance online, one of the things you will learn with time is that the popularity of a service does not always mean that it delivers high-quality papers. After all, thanks to the ever-increasing ingenuity of marketing teams, some essay companies can be quite famous even if they offer little value. 

However, amid all the industry noise, one company stands out — On any day you turn to for assistance, you are guaranteed a quality piece, customized solutions, and smooth cooperation. And even with that said, I cannot entirely paint a picture that will do justice to the awesomeness of in such few words. So, in light of that, below is my honest and in-depth review 2020. Read this review to learn why this is an industry-leading essay service.

Somethings about this Essay Company

What is It is an academic help platform that offers assistance to students on all essay matters 24/7/365. Visionary academic experts, with a passion for providing quality composition assistance to students at non-exploitative fees, established the firm.

After all, the intention of running is to help students, and charging them amounts that they cannot afford sure beats the purpose. As of the time of writing this review, I understand that has been in existence for close to a decade. And of the several years that has been catering to students, I have been a loyal customer for three of them. 

Going by the services provided by, I can safely conclude that its niche market is the English-speaking student population in the US. This conclusion was quite easy to make after checking out several buyessay net customers reviews.

See, the majority, in fact, all of them were left by students pursuing their education in different US colleges and universities. And one thing that you will not fail to notice while at it is the diversity of the educational institutions represented in the feedback. Also, it goes without saying that the majority of the feedback was positive, with plenty of praise being directed to writers, the support team, website-friendliness, secure payments, and so forth. 

Before sitting to pen this review, I reached out to other students in my school, that have used This step was quite logical since I, like many others in our school, learned about through referrals — this peer-to-peer promotion only serves to show the good reputation holds among its customers.

That said, the purpose of contacting my fellow students was to find out what makes them prefer over the others in the industry. To my expectation, the majority of them reported that the custom solutions they received from were the reason they became loyal customers. 

See, if nothing else, you can be sure that will provide you with custom solutions. For one, you are required to provide comprehensive details regarding your essay to enable the writer to give you a paper that is as much as possible yours.

If you forget to provide your complete instructions or have other guidelines to offer, you can quickly relay the same via the message board on the site. And the fact that you are also allowed to review your work before a final draft is provided goes on to demonstrate the commitment that has when it comes to providing you with a custom academic piece. After all, if you feel that the paper is not to your liking, you can always ask the writer to tweak it to your liking. needs experts to run. So, when it comes to writers, buyessay boasts of academically qualified personnel. According to their “writer information” section, all experts on the platform possess either a Masters or Ph.D. in a relevant course of study. In this context, essay writers on the platform have such qualifications in linguistics, English, literature, creative writing, or any other related course.

I can confirm that this level of academic competence quickly shows in the output you receive from the essay writers at At all times I have made an order with them, I have received decent papers, quite a bargain for the fees I have paid. Note, apart from fulfilling the academic requirements specified above, all writers must have several years of writing experience and should ace the vigorous writing tests administered by the hiring department. 

Still, on the experts, this time, the quality assurance team, all I can say is that they do a fantastic job. According to, once your writer has finished your article, it is scrutinized by a professional editor. And like their writing counterparts, all editors at are highly-qualified, meaning they are good at their jobs.

My essays are always polished to the word. At no instance have I come across misspellings, punctuation mistakes, or grammatical errors in my work. Better yet, the checks performed are always comprehensive, meaning sentence structure, the flow of ideas, and other complex issues are often resolved with utmost efficiency.  

Moving forward, if you want to check out the latest review from a customer, discloses that you can keep track of the same by checking the real-time reports that pop up in the reviews section. There, you can see the latest review from a customer that was served as recently as an hour ago.

This information can prove to be particularly handy if you are not quite sure about hiring an essay writer at Skimming through the review left by the most recent client is what gave me a final push to utilizing And note, it was not quite an easy decision to make since, so far, I had a bad history with essay help services. has clear mission and vision statements, each emphasizing the importance of quality education and the commitment has made when it comes to ensuring the academic excellence of students in the US. Apart from that, has shared its values, and these are what have touched me the most.

One of’s values is “high-quality papers,” which simply means that you are guaranteed error-free and original papers. The second value is “timely-delivery,” which means that you get your essay before the deadline expires. And note, the swift completion of tasks does not compromise their quality. Lastly, values “affordability,” meaning you will never have to worry about exorbitant fees. Instead, all times, you are guaranteed value and reasonable charges. 

If you would like to learn more about and its workings, the FAQ section can come in handy. There, you will see some of the most common questions by customers and the conclusive responses provided by this essay company. Nonetheless, if you do not find your query among those listed, you can always submit your question in the contact form. Typically, replies in under 10 minutes, but the duration can be as short as three minutes if your issue is quite straightforward for them. 

While this review is all about essays, offers other services as well. Currently, the students can access assistance in these other academic tasks. 

  • Dissertations
  • Case studies
  • Coursework
  • Research papers
  • Thesis
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Book reports/reviews
  • Term papers
  • Laboratory reports
  • Mathematics
  • Movie reviews

Also, offers an array of complementary academic services. These include proofreading, editing, and rewriting of school papers. Moreover, they offer referencing and plagiarism checking services. For the latter, leverages trusted software such as Copyscape and Grammarly. So, if you are having trouble with creating a reference page or determining the plagiarism score of your article, feel free to talk to the experts at 

The other thing I would like to bring to your attention regarding is that it provides its customers with free samples of the work it does. In this context, if you want to see how the experts do essays, you can always go to the site, check out the “samples” section, and skim through the article that is appropriate for your case. If you cannot find the right essay, simply contact the support team, they are always willing to help. Better yet, they can book you a consultation with a top expert. 

So, are you still wondering, “What are” If yes, do not fret. Below, I break down even further to help you understand the different aspects of I hope that by the time you are through this review, you have a good idea about and can work with experts here effortlessly. 

The Site Has a Fantastic Design and is Easily Maneuverable has an excellent website, to say the least. I love that the pages are quite responsive, meaning you can flip from one web page to another without having to wait for long. At all times I have accessed the site, it has never been down or slow. The layout is pretty easy on the eye and allows you to see the different tabs and features. The login, ordering, and search tabs are easily accessible and visible, making it quite straightforward for you to take the appropriate action at that time. 

If you want to get quick and official feedback from the representatives of, provide your email address on the contact form that is embedded on the site. While at it, it helps if you provide as many details as possible. So, consider including your subject, your problem, and any other information that will make your issue easy to understand. 

Another thing you will see on the site is a “discount announcement.” Understandably, is among the few that provide users with regular price cuts. Case in point, as a new customer, clicking the tab will see you enjoy a first-time customer discount. As such, when paying for your order, you will only have to pay a reduced amount. 

The site also has a visible chat feature embedded at the side. Its purpose is to allow you to communicate with the customer service personnel whenever you need clarifications. Responses are instantly provided when using this mode of communication; hence I prefer and recommend it over email or text. And lest I forget, you can also communicate with’s people via a telephone call. 

Part-way through the visible part of the website, you can see the writers that are online at that given time. You will often see their pictures, names, and a short bio at the bottom. If you want to move on to another writer, you have to swipe left. And given that that site is quite responsive, the writer profiles will shift effortlessly in the direction you initiate. 

When it comes to aesthetic appeal, this website shines. It makes good use of color and fonts. Even when words are written on top of colored tabs, they are visible, making it easy for you to understand what is being communicated or act accordingly. Lastly, there is a detailed footer at the bottom of the website that allows you to navigate through the different web pages easily. 

Placing Your Order is Very Easy: Only a Few Steps

One of the things you will learn going through the many reviews online is that has the most straightforward ordering process in the market. After all, it is the point because no one wants to be stuck on the ordering process when the deadline is fast approaching. Customers of can place their orders in two ways.

The first approach is to scan and then submit the document with the essay instructions using either email or the “upload” feature on After that, a company representative will get back to you with details on how the order can be completed and payments made. 

The second approach, my favorite, entails following a simple step by step guide stipulated on’s website. With no hassle, this approach is undoubtedly one of the reasons why “ best service” is a keyword that appears whenever you search for anything related to on the internet. This way of ordering is straightforward and short, to say the least. That said, all you have to do is:

  • Submit your assignment 

The first thing you have to do is to fill the essay ordering form. On it, you will have to provide details such as the deadline, number of pages/words, topic, formatting style, and other unique specifications. After filling all tabs, click on “submit.”

  • Pay

After your order is relayed, the system will assess it and provide you with a quote that matches your task. You need to pay the specified amount as soon as possible to get an expert to work on your essay immediately. Some of the payment systems you can use include MasterCard and Visa.

  • Track 

After making your order, you need to keep tabs on it to ensure that everything is going according to your schedule. Use the message board on your user account to communicate with your assigned writer whenever you want to know the progress they have made on your essay. Alternatively, you can use this channel to relay any new instructions for your article.  

  • Review

Once the editor is through checking your paper, it will be available for you to review. Go through it to identify any issues and then relay the same to the support team. If everything is to your liking, communicate the same so that you can be provided with a final draft of your paper. 

  • Download

When you are satisfied with what your writer has provided, proceed to download your paper from the site. 

Only Native Professional Writers Will Work on Your Essay

Many clients who leave their reviews mention the native professional writers on in favor. I have had the pleasure of being served by them on several occasions and can vouch for them too. If asked, I would not hesitate to say that they play a significant role in making best service. 

Today, the essay writing industry is flooded with malicious entities, driven by the potential to make profits by duping naïve students. Such establishments are known to hire non-native writers to work on student’s papers. While there is nothing wrong with hiring non-natives, in my view, it helps if only qualified personnel work on essays. No one wants a paper, laden with countless grammatical mistakes, the haphazard flow of ideas, among other issues. 

Luckily, people at understand this, and thus, always hire qualified native writers only. I can confirm that after ordering a paper from, you can be sure of the excellent use of English throughout. The writers use the language well enough, thus, making it quite difficult for your educator to know that your paper was done by someone else. 

All writers hired by are sourced from either the US, UK, Canada, or Australia. As you can already tell, these are native English-speaking regions. According to many reviews, customers consider buyessay net best service due to this reason. 

And to avoid propagating something I could not confirm, before writing this review 2020, I researched a cross-section of the writers on the platform. As you can already tell, I intended to identify even one writer who was not from a native English-speaking region, and like that, I would have some ground to disapprove of However, contrary to my expectations, I discovered that all the writers I dug into are indeed from English-speaking regions, and many of them have studied or stayed in these regions for their entire lives. 

You Can Order Changes to Completed Work Effortlessly does a great job in almost any assignment you task them with. However, a student may want some changes in their document so that it 100% to their satisfaction. Buyessay net understands this concern and makes it easy for their customers to order corrections on their completed papers. What I liked most about is that if you ask for a revision because some of your instructions were not adhered to, they do it for free, and they will revise it as many times as you need.

Delivering Original Work Is Taken Seriously

Nothing can be worse than being called in by your professor to explain why you submitted a plagiarized essay. Given the strict rules about plagiarism in my institution, I was understandably worried about the originality of my document when I was looking for a writing service such as I read through their plagiarism policy and discovered that takes the matter as seriously as I do.

Buyessay net uses Copyscape as well as other reputable plagiarism checking software to run all essays written by their writers before they are handed over to clients. If the goal of this check, which is that every paper is 100% unique, is not achieved, the document is declared subpar and is taken back to the writer for correction.

Of course, I was skeptical at first. How can I be sure that these rules are actually followed? Well, guarantees customers that their paper will be original by providing the option of asking for a plagiarism report. So, when you order your essay, you can specify that you want proof of originality.

Needless to say, I got just the paper I wanted together with a report showing that my document didn’t match any other written work on the internet. So, I had peace of mind when submitting it. sure does take delivering unique work seriously. And, you can hold them to their word by asking for proof. Perhaps this reason contributes to the high buyessay net rating in the industry.

Quick Communication and Access to 24hr Support

How a business handles its communication with clients can tell you a lot about their professionalism, trustworthiness, and expertise. I liked how helpful when you need it most. That’s right, buyessay customer support is unlike any other I have come across in on the web.

The very first moment you land on the website, there is a support agent to greet and welcome you. Through their chat feature, the customer support can answer your questions, guide you through the different services on the website, and even process your order if you don’t want to go through the process of filling out an order form by yourself.

This warm reception helped me get acquainted with the website really fast, and I didn’t feel like I was in a new and strange place. Buyessay net support is always quick to respond to queries you present to them, whether it’s through the live chat, email, or phone.

Additionally, offers support services 24/7. That means you can contact support anytime about anything concerning their services or your order, and you will get quick feedback. I found this benefit especially important when you are in another part of the world where the time zone is also different. You won’t need to wake up at odd hours to order your essay or get a status update on your paper. also has several support representatives. So, there’s always someone to speak to you regardless of how busy is. In total, I conversed with around five different support agents from the time I ordered my paper to the time I received it, which was 48 hours. So, is a good service? If you are looking for a company that listens to you, then it is the best service out there.

Customer Testimonials Prove that the Site Is Indeed Professional

If you have had a bad experience with an essay service before, you might be worried about buyessay net scam. The truth is that the only sure way to know if you will get value for your money is to look at what other people, who have tried the service before, are saying about it. That is their firsthand experience with a particular company.

You will find plenty of reviews on that speak well of The three recurrent attributes that customers praised for in these reviews on include professional service, qualified writers, and timely delivery. Here are two customer testimonials that stood out for me:

“I have been disappointed by essay companies not once but three times. However, I am quite busy as I work part-time and, therefore, don’t get much time to do my college assignments. I am glad I found Now, I have a reliable place to order my papers. Great writers and very helpful support.”

“Absolutely fabulous. Never have I ever thought that a writer I have never met in person would understand what I wanted in my project exactly. The flow of thought, the grammar, and the formatting of my work were perfect.”

Your Privacy Is Given Top Priority

So, is buyessay net safe for entrusting with your private information? With the increasing cases of fraud, data breaches, and information theft, the internet has become a terrifying place for many people. So, it is only right to want to know if the people you are handing your essay and personal information to are trustworthy.

First of all, has a laid down policy on confidentiality. In the policy, assures its customers that all data shared with them is handled with the utmost care. So, details such as your email, full names, and phone are not shared with any unauthorized people. What makes safe is that the customer remains anonymous to the writer.

The moment you order your first essay at, you are automatically assigned a unique client identification number. This number is what the writers will know you by. With this system in place, there won’t be a need for you to reveal your real identity to the writer.

Furthermore, the staff who handle private customer information are well-trained and sworn to privacy. I also noticed that’s website is well secured with https. Once you become a customer, an account is created for you and the details sent to the email address you provide. You can then change your password to a more secure one. To access any personal information, you will need to identify yourself using this password. So, no third parties can access your account.

Also, states that it does not keep completed assignments. Once an essay is complete and the customer has approved and downloaded it, no longer owns it. It, therefore, does not share, resell, or post such assignment to any other person or place. Use safe buyessay to protect your privacy and get a top-notch essay.

Want to Save Money? The Site Runs Regular Discount Programs

If you are always on the lookout for a good bargain, you will love this aspect of As a new customer, you will get access to a promo code for buyessay net, which is kind of a welcome gift. Usually, pomo codes can be redeemed when ordering an essay. That means you get a discount off the amount you are supposed to pay for the service that you order.

Getting a discount on buyessay is not reserved for just new customers, though. runs attractive discount programs on various occasions throughout the year for its existing customers as well. If you make your go-to essay helpers, you will definitely benefit from a discount on more than once.

When I got a promo code for on my first order, I didn’t believe it would work. So, I was quite pleased when I saved a couple of dollars off my order. For a service that already offers affordable prices on custom essays, I was surprised that one could save even more. Try ordering to get a pomo code if you don’t believe it.

There’s a Bonus System that Saves Your Money When You Order

Thought that a discount is where saving money stops? Not with The positive rating is also because they offer an enticing bonus program. This program is basically there to reward loyal and return customers. The more you order your essays from, the more you earn in return. But is not scam? How then do you get money from hiring their writers to craft essays?’s bonus program allows clients to earn bonus points for every order they make. Once you stack up on enough of these points, you can use them to pay for a future order. For every order you pay for, you get five percent of the paid amount back in the form of points.

The writers in do a great job. So, using for all your assignment needs is a wonderful idea. I would definitely order their services again. The more orders you place, the more points your account stacks up. Just keep checking your bonus balance so that you know when they are enough to foot a whole order’s cost.

You Can Choose from a Variety of Convenient Payment Options

You most likely have a payment method you trust to take care of all your online transactions. It would, therefore, be quite upsetting to find that a writing service you want to hire to write an urgent essay for you does not support your preferred payment platform. On my review on, I found that the website does have an array of payment options for one to pick from. I had the option to use Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, just to mention a few.

A concern that most students will probably have in mind is, is legit in terms of handling financial information? stipulates that it only works with reputable payment companies clearly. Further, all transactions processed by the service are verified. So, you must approve payments. These precautions mean that it is almost impossible for any unauthorized person to access or use your financial data. The fact that is keen on working with reputable companies alone tells you that they value their clients and reputation.

From my experience, the payment process went on smoothly. There were no hiccups or delays. And because of the ease of payment, the writer also tackled my essay without wasting time- a win-win for everyone.

Your Paper Didn’t Meet Your Guidelines? Ask for a Refund

There are numerous complaints on the internet about companies not refunding payment after delivering a poor-quality paper that the customer then rejects. In many cases, a student just gets endless revisions that don’t improve the work’s quality. But that is not the case with Undoubtedly, legit custom essays are unmatched in terms of quality. Still, has gone a step further and laid down measures for redress if or when a customer is not satisfied with their paper.

Buy Essay has a clear policy concerning refunds. It doesn’t beat around the bush about what qualifies for a refund. If you are not satisfied with your paper for any reason, for instance, a section of your guidelines was ignored, you are eligible for free revisions within two weeks. The writer will go through the completed document and correct the parts that have issues.

If, after a couple of changes within this time, your order does not meet your instructions fully, you have the option to ask for a refund. Of course, there are other ways to seek recourse, such as asking for the order to be assigned to another writer. However, does not attempt to arm-twist you into paying for further revisions. The decision on the next step of action is purely up to you. If you ask for your refund, they respect your decision and repay the cost of your order.

Unlike other companies I have used before, customers review also prove that the service does indeed honor their money-back guarantee. As one customer states, they had to withdraw their order after their professor halted the assignments because of some issues. And, understood and made a refund as not much time had elapsed since the order was made.

Still in Doubt? Order to Test the Quality of the Service Yourself

I hope my review on gives you a good idea of what is all about. I had a great experience using the service, and I honestly think that the service is setting the bar on what a good essay provider should offer. My conclusion? It’s not scam The benefits that not just me but also other students from around the globe have experienced are just superb. There are plenty of customers reviews to support this claim.

After ordering the first essay and seeing the fantastic job, I thought of buying two more papers from the service so that I could give a much more informed take on their offerings. Everything they say about themselves is true. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Why not experience the service yourself? Order on today to try them out. You can start with a short paper if you are not sure. The good thing is that you will get a welcome discount. So, your first order will not cost you as much. I am sure you will love it as much as I did.

Reasons to Pick Buy Essay, the Best Paper Writing Service Around

Now, I have delved in-depth about what Buy Essay is all about. And from my experience, I believe that the service is one of the best around. Apart from having a really nice website, they are not there to scam naïve and desperate students. They actually offer reliable help.

So, to summarize everything discussed here, why should you choose them to tackle your essay assignment? Here are five reasons, explained briefly, that will convince you that is actually worth your precious dollars:

  • A reputable and experienced service: is well-known in the essay writing market. Students from all over the world have used and continue to use the service. With the popularity and considering the many years has been operating makes it quite credible.
  • Plagiarism is taken quite seriously: you can be sure that the essays you order from are always custom written for you. No copies or reused work.
  • Buyessay net customers review praise it seems that customers can’t get enough of the website’s good service. And, customers are the best indication of how well a company delivers.
  • Easy ordering and payment: the process of getting a writer is easy, and so it the payment procedure. You will love that doesn’t tire you with lengthy ordering steps or complicated forms.
  • Excellent client support: lastly, you can contact support reps whenever and get an instant response. The staff is polite and knows how to deal with customers politely. I haven’t heard an incident where the service’s support was rude or uncooperative.

Now, are you ready to order a unique and high-quality paper? Visit the Buy Essay website to get started. There are plenty of experts available to assist.

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