Buyessayfriend Review 2020 in a Nutshell

Any student desires to achieve his or her educational goals conveniently. Besides, making it in the assigned tasks makes students motivated to progress in education. It is because, during the academic journey, learners complete various tasks that come in different shapes. The majority of the papers require honed skills to work on them as needed. Therefore, students who do not understand the subject matter can seek help from experts. Besides, each piece contributes significantly to the final grade. Thus, you have to do your best to attain top scores.

Since many aspects can make you seek help from an online writing service, you should be keen because not all establishments can deliver the support you need. Some companies are fraudulent and have nothing good to provide to students apart from robbing them of their money. Buyessayfriend is among the fraudulent services. review gives you more than enough reasons to avoid it like the plague. There is no value in paying a service to do what you can do best. The establishment is a complete joke without any bit of seriousness about writing quality college pieces.

The company does not train its writers so that they know how to work for buyessayfriend. They are not professional who can be trusted to deliver a winning paper. Many establishments pride in the professionalism they display as a defining feature for what they offer but not this service. One of the main things that fail this service is the lack of efficiently working quality department. From many reviews, it does not draw references from reliable and updated sources.

Since these factors determine where the establishment stands, this company is among the worst companies you can trust for academic assistance. It is better to work on your order than sending it to this company. It is because you will have to rewrite your project again after losing your money. So, there is no point in wasting your time with this service.

What kind of a service that cannot handle intricate work. It claims to deal in various fields and academic levels just to lure innocent students. Besides, they sell their services, claiming that they offer affordable academic help. However, there is no value in paying less but still work on your work or send it to someone else to re-do? It is better to pay the right amount for your order with quality assurance.

Some other reasons why you should shun using buyessayfriend are that it does not adhere to timely delivery, provides plagiarized content, and does not maintain confidentiality. Students cannot rely on its availability. In my experience, I found out that its promises are not genuine and true. Therefore, if you trust this service for assistance, chances are you will not attain your educational aims because they will not deliver the right content. It is better to find another service and realize your academic dreams because this company will certainly fail you. I do not want you to experience the same challenges I faced when you still have open chances.

About Buyessayfriend – the Worst Essay Writing Service to Trust With Your Assignments claims to be an online establishment that makes the academic career of learners worthwhile. Since I have experienced this company, I am providing first hand review so that you do not fall for the same service. I know many innocent students need academic assistance. Since many establishments are available online, choosing the right one for aid is not easy.

The establishment imitates what other reliable establishments do so that it manages to lure learners easily. Because when I first logged on to their website, I was instantly connected to a writer. She was willing to offer the assistance I required. Both writers and customer agents are well-trained to give you hope when there is none.

The idea of choosing a preferred writer to complete your assignment made me trust with my paper. However, I came to realize later that they do not have that high number of writers as they claim. They write profiles that confuse students to think that they are selecting essayists from their pool. It is so unfortunate that can be such a lair, defrauding students their hard-earned money and giving them shoddy papers in return.

I thought that I had found a genuine student’s companion when I saw this service. I could not hide my joy because I was sure to improve my overall scores because of the professional help from the company. When you come to this service, you are allocated a writer whom they claim to be suitable for your order.

Such assurance makes you believe you will deliver a winning paper only to wake to shock as reality unfolds. For the poor services I received, I can confidently tell you that I do not rely on this corporation for any assistance. I was promised a perfect research paper. I received a wretched piece. None of my essays was completed following my requirement.

Because of that, I have written this review to protect other students from falling in the hand of this establishment because you will get nothing here.

Some assurances that will lure you include:

  • Premium writers and researchers
  • Quality content
  • Unique papers backed with plagiarism reports
  • Fully referenced orders
  • 24/7 multichannel customer support
  • Timely submission

Such promises are what reliable services give to students and meet them without failure. When you look at them, they are promising, and that is what every learner is looking for from online companies.

Another thing that made me trust with my paper is the assurance of unlimited revision until I am satisfied with my research piece. It made me see how it was easy to achieve my educational goals. However, my hope for this firm was short-lived.

Any learner will appreciate the significance of delivering his or her assignment within the deadline. In most cases, students seek help because of demanding deadlines. Therefore, a service that ensures you get your order on time is worth relying on for assistance. However, do not risk your assignment with this firm because you will not meet the deadline.

In as much as the orders here are not visible to search engines, few people will be interested in poorly written papers. If anything, they will not want to be associated with an establishment that does not meet the writing norms. Therefore, do not be lured that your order is secure here. Students need quality and not empty promises.

I became a victim of because I did not read the reviews from previously served clients. I did not think much of it when I did not get the reviews. However, many students who get services here share reviews to warn other scholars of this company. The reviews are hidden and edited. So, before you consider this company for academic assistance, read the reviews provided. You will not have the interest to trust it with your papers. I have experienced it and when I tell you that there is nothing good with this company, trust me!

I do not want you to fall in the same trap. I know has managed to lure many students. Well, but do not allow yourself to be among them for you now know about its tricks.

The establishment has a way of ensuring clients do not realize more about them. They hide vital information, and the only way to know it is to call them. Since students are already loaded with multiple tasks, they do not have extra time to waste trying to reach persons who are not even available. I found out that it is a deliberate action to deter students from knowing the truth.

Another thing that made me trust buyessayfriend, and it is what they will use to convince you is high-quality samples. Well, the examples they provide are excellent. Though, when they delivered my paper that did not match the samples, I was curious. I ordered another article, and I was given the same samples. When I read reviews from other sources, I realized that they buy a customized paper from a trustworthy service and use it as a sample.

So, they have a few pieces that rotate among students. When you read the examples, they display all the academic standards and requirements. Any students will be happy to find a service that demonstrates its superiority in the samples provided. However, that is not its identity. Unfortunately, this company knows how to mimic trusted services, thus making it hard for learners to notice.

Even most of the buyessayfriend reviews are not genuine. Since the company cannot be trusted with what it provides, it is clear that even the reviews presents by clients are edited. There is no professionalism in this establishment. No one who needs to achieve his or her educational aims can trust this company. The qualities of the papers they provide are wretched. Are you willing to sacrifice that much for a shoddy piece? I guess not. Therefore, find another service for academic help and avoid as much as possible.

They Have an Attractive Web Design: Easily Maneuverable

Since my interest is to help students achieve their educational goals without straining as I did as a result of trusting an unreliable service, I provide the information as clearly as possible. The buyessayfriend review is to help you know some essential aspects that will help you avoid fraudulent services like this one. Its design is attractive, and any student can fall for it easily. Simplicity is key for students who need help. The company has managed to achieve it so that you may not doubt it. They have a comprehensive yet easy to fill order form like a reliable firm.

Besides, they have a self-guided menu that ensures students do not require assistance from the support team. It commendable here, but the problem is they do not do it in good faith. It is a soft way of luring students to fall into their trap. It does not have a section on how it works because it is handy to use.

One of the prominent features is the order calculator. The process you are required to complete before they write your order is easy and convenient. Anyone will easily fall into this trap. You can also see the available writers and the customer agents. With these features, no one can believe that the service is wretched.

How to Place Order: Easy and Forthright

As you read this buyessayfriend review, realize that the core reason for this establishment is to defraud learners. Therefore, while you still have your money, they will be kind and treat you in the most professional ways so that you do not think otherwise. However, after you have placed the order, it is then that you realize some changes.

How to make an order here was one of the most natural steps. You have to follow a few straightforward steps and have your order assigned to the so-called expert essayist. Here are the steps you follow:

  • Fill the order form by stating the kind of task you need and the academic level
  • Calculate the amount to pay using the order calculator and pay for it
  • You will have an account created automatically and get the login details
  • You will be assigned the writer according to your subject
  • Log in to link to the assigned essayist
  • Upload the required files and provide guidelines to complete your work
  • Wait to download the paper on the agreed date

You might think that this company is what you need for the highlighted steps. However, stay away from it as much possible.

Non-Professional and Non-native Writers From Russia and Belarus

The reason why buyessayfriend cannot deliver a winning paper is that the writers are non-native. Besides, they are not experts in writing academic pieces. The company provides your order to novices who do not care about what you receive. From buyessayfriend reviews, they will lie to you that they have expert writers who help you meet all your educational needs.

The truth is their writers are from Russian and Belarus. They are not conversant with the English writing norms. Therefore, they cannot deliver a paper that earns top scores. The writers cannot compose a persuasive essay. Besides, they have poor language use that cannot warrant an excellent article.

Besides, they do not know the difference between the U.S and U.K English. So, they deliver a paper that is mixed up with these varieties. So, it will have many errors that reduce its quality. Since the quality of your paper depends significantly on the writer, they cannot promise to offer a winning article. Essayists who do not understand the writing norms can never write as you require. So, avoid the company to evade penalties associated with delivering poorly done papers. You do not have to risk your education with non-professional and non-native writers.

Making Changes Into a Completed Work Is Hard

They promise free unlimited revisions until you are fully satisfied with your paper. Well, it is not what you get here. The writers and support team are not easily accessible after you have delivered your order. So, when they write your piece, they do not care about the instructions you provide.

Thus, the changes are particularly failure to adhere to guidelines, weak sentence structures, and illogical formations, among others. It is their responsibility to edit and deliver a perfect piece, but they do don’t. Before you get them doing your revision, it will already be past the deadline. It is a hectic process to have your order edited here.

Plagiarism Free Only on Words but Not on Your Papers!

One of the selling points from buyessayfriend reviews is that they deliver unique papers. They write from scratch to ensure there are no traces of plagiarism. Besides, they claim to offer a plagiarism report as proof of the original work. Well, it is impressive, and any student can easily fall for it because that is what they need. However, the promise remains to be words, for it is never actualized. When I received my order and requested for a plagiarism report, it was never provided.

Since you can access free plagiarism checker tools online, I confirmed the task and realized it was a copy and pasted project. I broke my heart because the deadline was due. Unfortunately, I failed the course because of relying on this service. I know the pains it can create. So, do not trust its assurances. You better find another establishment for assistance.

Slow Communication and Customer Support

The goal of this establishment is to defraud students simply. It is because the company does not meet any of its assurances. When you consider their communication and customer support, it is only prompt before paying your order. When seeking information to make an order or pay for it, they are prompt in responding to your queries. I believe this cunningness is among the reasons why many students do not realize it at the start. Customer agents are useful when you have not paid your money. Immediately you make the transaction; things start changing.

They do not respond to your text on time. Besides, you can send an email and wait for 24 hours before it is replied. The aim is to get you bored and find help elsewhere when you have already paid.

So, be mindful of this company so that you do not risk your education when other companies are willing to offer reliable help conveniently. They claim to provide multichannel communication avenues. All these promises are part of public relations to ensure they get as many students as possible to defraud. So, be watchful about this service. You can do better with others

Fake and Edited Testimonials

This buyessayfriend review is to help you make the right choice when it comes to trusting a company with your paper. There is more to consider than looking at the testimonials. It is because, with this service, you can never get negative feedback. All students are satisfied with the quality they receive here. However, that is not true. I came to know that they provide fake and edited testimonials when I wrote my review and found out that it was edited. It did not portray the services I received. So, when you trust it because of the reviews they post, be sure you are headed in the wrong direction.

Confidentiality: The Service Is Not Secure, and You Can Get Penalty From the University

The reason why you provide instructions and upload all necessary materials is to help the writer compose your paper in the same way you want. It ensures that the instructor does realize that the article was completed by someone else. However, this company cannot be trusted. Even after delivering the instructions, they not follow what you have provided. They copy and paste content neglecting the vital instructions you have given. So, it becomes easy to know that a third party wrote the paper. With such realization, you risk receiving severe punishment from the college. So, avoid this company as much as possible.

Besides, since the content is copied from the Internet, your order can be easily traced back from the source. You know what this means. You should not trust this company for academic assistance because the promises it provides are to lure you. Remember, there is promising and living the promise. I am sure this establishment cannot stand by what it assures. I trusted it once, and it failed me. Not because there was a technical issue, the move was deliberate because that is what they are in business for, luring students and accumulating money illegally. So, do not risk your education with this establishment.

How Bonus System Works: It Is Deliberate to Defraud You

Other companies have a sound system that ensures you get rewarded as you keep using its services. But for this company, the system is clear to ensure that you do not get a bonus or markdown. It requires that you pay the whole amount for your paper, and you earn points that are credited to your account.

They accrue to become real cash you can pay for another order. However, who will wait to be conned the second and subsequent times again in the name of accruing bonuses. I believe that it is purely a way of ensuring you give them money without any benefits; there is no mutual relationship here.

Payment Methods Are Hard or Broken

From the look of how the ordering steps are arranged, you cannot know that there is a hidden agenda. When you are making the order, the process is simple, yes, but when it comes to the payment methods, they do not offer the right information. The system they use is not reliable because the payment hangs. So, you can pay twice for the same order. Because the company is cunning from the start, everything here that does not work well is orchestrated to make it backfire on the students. Therefore, heed my advice and seek help from another establishment.

Money Refund Is Very Hard

The provisions that lead to a money refund are explicit. If a company does not provide a winning paper because of their faults must refund your cash. Your responsibility is to provide all the necessary materials and instructions required to complete your order. So, when the service does not follow the instructions, it must refund your cash. This company promises the same. Since they do nothing that warrants a good paper, they complicate issues to ensure they do not repay the money.

They give excuses and commit to revising but never deliver what you want. They took me in circles for over a month, trying to convince me to take the poorly done paper. Since I do not settle for less, it was tough to get my cashback. I realized that they are not candid about their promises. Other companies mean what they say, but this one, it is a big joke.

Don’t Order Your Papers Here, If You Don’t Want to Get Poor Quality Work

I have written this firsthand review because I know many learners might fall for this fraudulent service. I had to retake my course because of trusting this firm with my papers. I do not want you to make the same mistakes. The company does not rely on professionals to write the assignments.

Besides, the novice essayists are non-native English speakers. So, nothing good can come from them unless you want to waste your money and time. Do not be lured by the kind words they use. My sound advice is that don’t use this service for your academic needs. Do not try to risk your education.

Reasons to Choose Other Writing Service Because Many Customers Get Penalty From Universities

There are fundamental reasons why many students consider help from online services. So, when a company you rely on does not meet your needs, you do not have to waste time with it. Here are some reasons why you should consider another service.

  • Late delivery — the company promises to provide your orders within the deadline but does not heed to the assurance. Other reliable companies stand on their promises.
  • Plagiarized content — this service delivers copy and pasted content for students. Plagiarism is a severe academic offense that makes some students re-do their research work.
  • Poor content — they do not research to come up with quality content. The documents they provide do not meet the academic standards, so learners get poor scores after spending a lot of money.
  • Unreliability — after delivering your order, the customer agents are never available. So if you have clarifications to make or when the instructor provides some manageable changes for your order, you cannot implement it as required. So, they are not reliable.

The above are key reasons why you should find another establishment to trust with your papers. Do not waste your time when other reliable services are willing to write your articles affordably. The bottom line is don’t use buyessayfriend for academic help!

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