Review 2021 is not a new name in the academic writing business. For many years students have trusted this company to write their college papers. However, from the reviews customers leave, it’s clear they don’t walk away satisfied. Each review paints the same picture. Students go in convinced they’ll get unmatched service and walk away disappointed. The company promises top-notch quality, timely delivery, and, most importantly, error-free papers at affordable prices. But this is just a ruse to get your money.
Reviews on highlight issues like plagiarism, delays, and grammatical errors, just to mention a few. But are these reviews accurate? Is the website really unreliable? That’s what we seek to find out in this review. We left no stone unturned in exploring all aspects of this business. Find out if it’s the website for you, or you should continue your search.

Is Legit?

Is College-Paper legit? Far from it, when you hire an expert for paper writing services, there are certain expectations. Most students expect original papers that meet academic requirements and their instructions. Good grammar and error-free essays are also not asking too much when you’re spending money on the services. scammer claims a lot of things, but they are just claims. Every negative review you come across about this website is right. The website is synonymous with unmotivated writers, low-quality papers, and exorbitant prices. The College-Paper site is also linked to Universal Research Inc. This is a company based in the UK currently hiding from the authorities due to running fraudulent activities. While gathering information for this review, this was the first red flag we noticed. It shows they won’t have any problem conning you of your money.
So, has anyone used and lost money? Students lose money directly or indirectly on this site. If you get subpar quality, chances are you’ll need to buy your paper elsewhere. Not to mention, getting a refund for low-quality services on this site is unheard of. Therefore, if you’ve been wondering about the legitimacy of this site, you should know it’s among the biggest scams.

List of Offered Services

College-Paper list of services is also not something to write home about. Like most service providers in the industry, the website claims to be a one-stop-shop for college writing services. They offer different services. Some examples include:
  • Dissertation writing;
  • Thesis writing;
  • Assignment writing;
  • College admission essay writing;
  • University tips;
  • Proofreading and editing.
While service seems like what a student may need from a writing agency, it’s not. Yes, they offer numerous services, but what is the point if you can’t rely on them to deliver in terms of quality.
Every college paper you buy on this site will either cost you your academic credibility or earn you a low grade. Is it really worth the risk?

Are Writers Good?

College-Paper writing is by far the biggest disappointment we discovered while gathering information for this review. On their website, they promise to delegate your assignment to Master’s and Ph.D. level writers. But it doesn’t take an expert to know that they’re ripping you off. The papers you receive are riddled with grammatical errors and don’t follow the right structure. That is an indication that the writers are non-native English speakers. What’s more, they must be inexperienced because a Ph.D. or Master’s graduate shouldn’t have trouble writing a college paper.’s quality is made worse by lack of originality. More than one review reported receiving plagiarized copies. That shows that the writers do not do a thorough research when writing the assignments. The College-Paper writers may also be selling you copy and paste work. It is a common problem with scam writing companies. They sell the same papers over and over again.

College-Paper Registration, Order Form & Design

Reviews on will make you think this is the best writing service on the planet. In fact, the website claims they’re the best. However, while crafting this review, the only positive thing we noticed was their effortless order process. is a simple and easy-to-navigate site. The order button is conveniently located at the top on the homepage for easy access. Placing an order is also quite easy. The site features a basic order form containing different details for the paper. If you decide to use, how to apply shouldn’t be a problem. You don’t have to create an account to place an order on the site. But the good news stops there. When you’re filling the order form, you’ll be prompted to add some add-on features, which are not included in the price.

College-Paper Prices and Discount Codes

College-Paper prices review is among the things we didn’t want to leave out of this review. If you’re a college student without a job, you’re probably spending your last to afford these services. It, therefore, goes without saying that you’d want value for your money. We came across several frequently asked questions about the companies prices. Here’s what we can tell you about their pricing.

Does the Company Offer Promo Codes?

College-Paper promo is only available to first-time and returning clients. On your first order, the company offers you a 15% off promo code regardless of the paper you choose.

What’s the Average Price of Their Papers?

Without the discount code, you’ll be expected to pay $19.99 for a standard essay. The same paper is sold for $43.99 if you need it within a 3-hour deadline. This way is more expensive compared to other sites.

Do They Offer Money-Back Guarantees?

No. This is another red flag we noticed. The company doesn’t mention anything about refunding your money if you get subpar quality. Most reliable companies have this on offer.

Are Revisions Free?

The company offers no guarantee that you’ll get free revisions if you’re not satisfied. Customer Support

College-Paper support online is also among the few upsides we noticed while gathering information for this review. Most reviewers have reported that they had no trouble getting in touch with the customer care team. The team members are also patient and do their best to assist you if you’re facing challenges.
However, they don’t help much when you’re having trouble with quality issues, or you raise a complaint. Because there are no terms promising that they’ll revise your paper or refund your money, you’re on your own. More than one review of also challenges getting in touch with the company through their phone numbers. Sometimes, online chat isn’t the most reliable option because communication can be lost in translation. It’s disappointing to know that when you’re facing an issue that needs immediate assistance, you can’t call them and get immediate help. – the Most Terrible Service

This review was crafted to tell you the truth about the company. As you can see, compared to some of the top service providers in the industry, they fall short. The company will promise to give you the best in quality only to disappoint you in the end. Not to mention, College- Paper makes ridiculous offers like “free email delivery,” which isn’t a thing. You shouldn’t have to pay anything to have your paper sent by email. What’s worse, they charge higher prices compared to other service providers and don’t even meet basic quality standards. is among the companies you should avoid. With the quality of papers they sell, you not only risk losing money, but it also affects your grades. Don’t be their next victim. Do your research and identify a company worth the investment.