If you have always dreamed of the day when you could just give your essay prompt to someone and receive a paper after some time, you are probably not a stranger to various essay writing services. And while some of them have a fairly standard mode of operation, where you work with a writer, there are services like Essay Bot, which are completely different.

Essay Bot claims to be an AI-based technology for writing original papers in a matter of minutes. At first glance, this sounds too good to be true. And after spending time on the EssayBot website, we are still not convinced it’s really a good study solution. It is, however, a fun technology to try, given that you are not pressed for time with an urgent task.

Essentially, EssayBot allows you to type in your essay topic and get a full paper shortly. However, the content of this paper is the most questionable aspect of the service. It will be a rephrased medley of Wikipedia articles and other people’s papers, rewritten in a way that will allow you to pass a plagiarism check.


You would think that since the service has only recently emerged and the technology is still developing, Essay Bot should be available for free. But, as you’d learn from any EssayBot review, the service is available on a paid basis. You can choose between a monthly subscription, which comes with a trial week, and a yearly subscription. In the case of a monthly subscription, you will need to pay $2.49 for the first week and $9.95 for each month. The yearly subscription costs $4.95 per month.
Once you pay the membership costs, you can use the following features:
  • Information databases

    The text of your essay will be picked from millions of credible websites where other students and scholars search for information on their papers.
  • Plagiarism checker

    Each word in your essay will be checked for originality rewritten to help your paper pass even the most advanced plagiarism software checker like Turnitin.
  • Grammar checker

    Even if you are not the world’s most skilled writer, the software behind the EssayBot service will meticulously check your writing and suggest ways to improve it.
  • Citations

    Want your essay to look polished and professional? Create as many standardized MLA & APA citations as needed with a few clicks using Essay Bot’s citation feature.


The quality of work is, perhaps, the most interesting aspect of many Essay Bot reviews: you can’t help but wonder whether it can actually deliver quality essays? Well, we tried several popular essay prompts and we can’t say we were satisfied with the results. Without any editing, the paragraphs of the essays are hardly readable and definitely won’t land you a positive grade. And if you spend hours editing, it defies the purpose of the service, which is to save your time on writing.

Like many authors of other EssayBot reviews, we were especially frustrated by the software’s use of synonyms. We understand that this is done in order to pass the plagiarism checks, but the choice of the synonyms harms the readability and coherence of the text. Instead of the proper scholarly language, you will likely see questionable wording that is not a good fit for high school or college. If you care about the quality of your paper, you are unlikely to enjoy working with Essay Bot.


Given that EssayBot is a paid service and not the cheapest one we’ve seen so far, it would be nice to see at least some guarantees from the company. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and we didn’t see any promises or guarantees on the Essay Bot website. The service does not offer any refunds, unless you cancelled your subscription and were charged again after that. In any other case, you will not receive the money you paid for the service even if you haven’t actually used Essay Bot after buying the membership.


If you explored the EssayBot website and decided that it’s exactly what you need to get better grades, even despite the numerous negative reviews and warnings, you will need to pay for a membership. There is an available choice between a monthly and yearly membership, and we covered both membership types in the earlier parts of our Essay Bot review.

The only two payment options available to the customers are PayPal and Stripe. Even if you are not a PayPal user, you will still need to create an account if you want to pay with your credit or debit card. This may be an inconvenience if you haven’t signed up for PayPal during all these years, but, at the end of the day, PayPal is one of the safest payment methods available today. Still, we would love to see Essay Bot introducing more payment methods in the future, since not every potential customer is either a PayPal or Stripe user.


To research the average opinion about the service in the essay writing market, we checked hundreds of Essay Bot reviews and testimonials. We found that the customer’s opinion largely depends on their expectations from the service. If a customer was looking for a comprehensive essay writing solution, they eventually became disappointed in Essay Bot because here you have to do much of the work yourself and a positive result is not guaranteed.

On the other hand, there was a handful of customers who were rather satisfied by the EssayBot service. These are the people who don’t mind spending hours editing the paper created for them by the AI technology. Nevertheless, the consensus on the internet is that Essay Bot cannot be seriously used for crafting custom academic paper. The only two possible ways to use it in your studies is either for fun or to give you a general idea about the topic. A common question in the reviews is “Is Essay Bot cheating?”, but it can hardly be considered cheating if you heavily modify the result.


What is EssayBot?

EssayBot is a service that uses artificial intelligence to write your papers. It is best suited for essays, but you can also try creating other written assignments with its help.

Is EssayBot legit?

We wouldn’t call an essay writing service with no human involvement legit. You can use it to break from the writer’s block and get some ideas for your project, but using the paper you get from EssayBot.com is probably not the best idea.

How much does EssayBot cost?

On EssayBot, you don’t need to pay for each individual paper you create. Instead you need to pay for a monthly or yearly membership that will cost you $9.95 and $4.95 per month respectively.

Is EssayBot reliable?

EssayBot does have some nice features that can help you in your writing, such as a plagiarism checker and rewriting tool. However, its level of service is not good enough to seriously consider it to be helpful.

Is EssayBot a scam?

No, we wouldn’t call EssayBot a scam simply because the service does not claim to write papers from scratch or improve your grades. It promotes itself as a writing help tool, and that’s exactly what it is.

Is EssayBot safe?

You need to sign up for EssayBot if you want to download your papers and buy a paid membership, but the service requires a bare minimum of your personal data and you can stay as private as you want.

Is EssayBot plagiarism-free?

By its nature, EssayBot is not a completely plagiarism-free service because it grabs fragments from different online sources. However, it’s rewriting tool is pretty good for increasing the originality of the papers.

Are there EssayBot discounts?

No, EssayBot does not offer any discounts, but that’s expected given how cheap the service is and how you can only use it as an inspiration tool, not a genuine writing service.


Essay Bot is a fresh idea, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Even though we are convinced this technology will evolve and become more usable in the future, right now you cannot expect EssayBot to write your essay from start to finish. It could be used as a way to get you out of writer’s block if it wasn’t only available on a paid subscription basis. Currently, we do not recommend Essay Bot for your academic writing needs.