Essayhave Review 2020: All You Need to Know About the Service

Many universities and colleges provide their students with essay assignments regularly. Essay assignments are to be delivered within a specified period, failure to which the students might be fined, or the paper gets rejected. Well, considering the busy schedule in college, it is quite hard for most of the students to complete the essay assignments on time. As a result, students rely on essay services to ensure that their academic tasks have been completed to a high standard for submission. Reliable essay companies have the necessary resources to ensure that students’ assignments have been delivered on time and in high quality. They also follow all the laid out instructions, as stated by the lecturers.

Nonetheless, as a student, getting reliable writing help can be a stiff hill to climb. It is because many online essay services are flooding the internet with impressive reviews about the quality of their work. You should know, not all companies are genuine, and many students have fallen victim to their tricks. The students pay expensive costs and expect high-quality essay papers only to be given low standard work.

Well, now that you are here, you are possibly searching for a trustworthy expert to handle your academic assignments. Essay services are a reliable and efficient way to complete tasks, especially for a student who has a lot to handle daily. However, there are many factors you should consider before settling for a service to write your essay papers.

Probably, you may be considering hiring for the assignments. So, you are checking out their reviews to find out if they can deliver on their promises. Fortunately, you are on the right side of luck. In this review, you will learn more about their essay services and how they handle customers from my firsthand experience. You will need the information to help you make a sound decision for your own good.

First, the essayhave service offers fake help to college students by delivering low-quality essay orders. On their website, they have given a myriad of guarantees on their offers. However, many customers have complained of receiving plagiarized work that does not offer value for money. Many students have suffered in their hands by getting rejections and deductions because of the quality of essay papers they received from them. There have also been outcries by college students who were lured into purchasing the essay services only to get a resell of other clients’ previous work. All this was because of making decisions by reading the positive reviews in the testimonial section of their website.   

The company has an impressive website with attractive colors and a well-arranged layout. However, the quality of their essay is far from what you would expect. The customers, who have had a chance to experience the quality of their essay services can testify to their rude and unsympathetic responses. Despite the many reviews and testimonials which speak highly of them, most of the essay deliveries are full of grammar errors and spelling mistakes. That is not all; the essayhave solutions are expensive and charge customers beyond average as compared to other similar online writing companies.

They offer writing help on a variety of academic papers. You can also get your essay assignments done on any level, from high school, undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. Clients can choose the essay services based on three packages. These are the standard package, premium, and platinum. They charge differently, with the platinum being the most expensive package. The fee goes as high as $25 per page. It is one of the costliest websites if compared to other affordable companies. Why then, should you pay expensively only to get low standard essay services?

They have inflated the charges for their essay papers, and these also vary according to the package you need. The amount can also increase or reduce depending on the number of pages your order has. Also, you can request for urgent essay orders. However, for them, it is just a formality. The orders will not be given the urgency it demands, and you may end up getting it later than expected. On other trustworthy writing websites, such essay orders are given priority and will be completed within the time agreed upon.

Despite the high rates for essay orders, there are other additional charges you might incur. Such extras as choosing a writer to work on your order, editorial, and plagiarism reports come at an additional cost. Although there are such benefits as discounts and regular bonuses, it does not reflect on the bill. The 15% discount, as stated on their website, is only used for luring clients into buying the company’s essay help. Therefore, in reality, there are no discounts on orders. Also, the bonuses cannot be redeemed as payment for subsequent requests, as it is the case with other companies.

Any trustworthy essay company always displays its customers’ reviews, both positive and negative testimonials. However, we cannot say the same for They have an excellent website with a comprehensive layout, but it is hard to see their reviews section. At the bottom of the design, there is several outdated and cooked clients’ feedback. All the feedback is positive. So, the fact that there are only positive reviews on their site when I compare them with what I experienced while using their essay services, it paints a raw picture of how fake they are. Many companies leave out their customers’ reviews and comments for the public to earn trust and maintain credibility. Even so, a simple search for reviews through the internet about, you get a lot of negative feedback on low-quality services.

Many customers have complained about the standard of their services and how baldy it has affected their overall performance. The essays they received had most of its content plagiarized from different internet sources. Also, there are complaints about wrong spellings and grammar issues, which affect the entire quality of the essay. Well, with the low standard of papers, it does not take time to doubt the credibility and qualification of their entire team of essay writers. Moreover, the shoddy work delivered by them is only characterized by an unskilled or an underpaid writer. The experts cannot even differentiate between an APA and MLA format on research essays. 

Nonetheless, some customers do not seem to be bothered by the low grades they get from the delivered essays. Most of these students are only interested in the completion of an essay paper and not its quality. Also, there is the aspect of fake discounts and bonuses that attracts some clients who do not realize that it does not reflect on the total bill. All the same, you must know that such students do not care about the grades they get. What they want is to see the essay has been delivered to them. They have no concern for the negative reviews, which sheds some light on them.

There is nothing as dull as an expert that does not make efforts to deliver good quality essays to students., have an impressive site that draws a considerable number of students who are looking for writers to handle their essay orders. However, everything else they have put on it is a total scam. They have a biased pricing formula on essay orders. Therefore, it is a waste to expect cheap but high-quality essays from them. The few essays they have done which lack issues such as grammar errors, spelling mistakes, or sentence structure mishaps are by chance.

In addition to the low-quality essay papers they deliver to customers, the company does not revise orders. When you try to get in touch with the company for changes in your essay, they may take longer to reply or not respond altogether. Although they have a revision policy stated in their guarantees section, the company does not commit to it. Other reliable companies offer unlimited revisions, which you have to request within the first fourteen days after having received the essay order. They do not charge extra fees for changes. On, you will be forced to seek revision services elsewhere.

Most of what the company sells to customers is comprised of resells of what was offered to other clients. Therefore, the chances of having plagiarized content in your essays are high. Even so, how would you know the kind of essay help they will offer with the many fake positive reviews on their site? It is hard to tell. But with honest reviews like this, you have a chance to look for a reliable company elsewhere before you lose your hard-earned cash.

All the same, you must always be careful with who you hire for your orders. Take your time to check the background history of a company before hiring for essays. Get to see what other customers have to say about them. If you do not find a fair share of both negative and positive testimonials on a company’s reviews section, it should ring a bell. Take precautions against such an essay service that care less about their customers. Just like other clients, you must be vigilant with  

About Reviews Website Layout and Design

The essayhave has an impressive website layout. It is colorful, and its sections are well-arranged.  Its website turquoise tone supersedes their essay service delivery. The menu is comprised of blocks of segments that include the “About Us section,” and “Services,” among others. The last part is the FAQ, where you can learn more about common questions inquired by customers and responses.  

The homepage displays what they offer, from the essays, dissertations, thesis, among other disciplines. Each section can easily be accessed independently by clients. There is also a contact section, which is the most active, based on the time they take to respond to first-time essay customers’ messages.

Unfortunately, the impressive interface should not win your favor. All these are to attract customers, but it does not reflect on the standard of essay help they offer. Many clients have suffered from being too quick to hire them because of the impression they set for you to see. Also, the site is fast in loading, and you will not experience any downtimes. What you cannot be sure of is the privacy of your information once you have filled in your details in the order section. There is no guarantee for customers’ privacy.

How to Order Essayhave Reviews Service and Its Process

They have a smooth process of ordering essay help. Most customers enjoy placing the orders because it is quick and takes a few minutes to complete the ordering process. You can also know the amount you are expected to pay by using the price calculator. Nevertheless, this is to ensure that clients have less stress when paying for essay orders. The problem is that they will not deliver the expected standard of essays once you complete the process. Therefore, you may be lucky and get your paper or end up counting losses. Also, the deadline you set is just a formality to them. Here is how the process goes:

  • The first step is you click on the order section to open.
  • Then you read the order form before filling other sections.
  • Fill in all the details to profile your essay order.
  • Once done, select the level of essay paper and type you need—for instance, thesis, dissertation, or term papers.
  • Select your writer of choice, although there are no profile pictures or level of education on them.
  • Set your deadline for the order.
  • Choose your subject level.
  • After that, process the payment as calculated by the pricing system.

The Reviews on Writing Experts: Natives or Not

Most online writing companies that deliver high-level essays have professional essay experts. They invest in the experts who they hire for their customers’ essay orders and check the credibility of their academic certificates. Even so, in each recruitment procedure of the writers, they verify if they are native English speakers and experienced in handling essay work, among other assignments. The company also tests the writers on writing skills to ensure that your tasks are handled by proficient experts.

On the other hand, this is not the case with, which has a different recruitment process considering its type of essay writers. Also, if you gauge their level of essays, you can tell the kind of experts they have. In Essayhave, any person can be a writer as long as they have a degree under their college academic achievements. The incompetence experienced in the way they hire their essay experts is what reflects on the standard of their papers.

Besides, the essay company is supposed to display the profile information of its writers. Also, despite them giving you the chance to choose your online essay writer, you cannot keep direct contact with them. Therefore, it is hard to get updates on the progress of your essay orders.

The Review Revision Policy on Customer Orders

Most writing companies are committed to offering the best essay help to their clients. They also make sure that customers are given a guarantee for unlimited revisions on any essay paper that has some issues. People make mistakes, and essay writers can also overlook certain things. A reliable company will ensure that your essay is revised thoroughly for errors to achieve the desired quality.

However, essayhave offers no guarantee for revisions. Therefore, there is no assurance that when you have corrections for your paper, their essay writers will handle it. It means that you will have to incur an extra cost to ensure that your assignment has been revised by another company to get the caliber you need.

Essayhave Review: The Plagiarism and Originality Policy for Quality Essay Orders                                                      

All customers have a right to high-quality essays that are free from plagiarized content. Unfortunately, most clients have complained of cases of plagiarism on essay papers delivered by essayhave. They continue to get rejections from lecturers immediately after the submission. It then follows with deduction of marks, which affects the overall performance in school. Therefore, it shows that the company does not research for content before writing your essays. 

Almost every lecturer in college is keen on checking the originality of the content used in essays. The moment you get an essay from this service, the average percentage for its uniqueness is about 50%. Sincerely, you do not want to spend more money on an assignment because you want to work with this company. You will have wasted a lot of time and cash on low-quality essay help. Consequently, find a better expert that will commit to research and deliver original essays for you. Reviews: Customer Support System and Response

The most crucial factor about online essay help is always the customer care staff and how they handle their clients. The support teams are the most influential people who ensure that customers have received what they desire. Well, for this company, things are quite strange. At first, when you are a new client and seeking an expert to hire for the essay assignments, you will be handled with care and politeness. They will respond instantly to any further message from a first time client. Also, they will show you how to order and offer any other assistance you may need. However, this is to lure you into buying from them.

I have experienced firsthand how they treat their clients after you place an order. Once that is done, and you completed the payment process, they become rude and arrogant. I used to send messages inquiring updates on my orders, but they did not respond. You can never tell whether their support staff is active or not. It is like they do not have time for clients who have already paid for essay orders and were only interested in the money and not your satisfaction. Whether you want revisions or updates, it is none of their concern. Review on Testimonials From Customers

Most essay customers depend solely on testimonials and reviews from other companies when looking for reliable essay help. Although this is one of the best ways to search for better assistance and avoid con services, a lot has changed. Most fake essay companies are taking advantage of this by hiring writers to compose false testimonies to lure students into buying their services.

Many students have found themselves victims of such essay assistance services and lost their hard-earned money. Essayhave company is one of the companies that operate with the same style. They have recruited experts who craft appealing reviews in their testimonial section. So, you need to be careful. Review: Confidentiality and Privacy of Clients’ Details

Your privacy and personal information as a customer are essential, considering that there are a lot of issues concerning cybersecurity and fraud online. Your details like email address, identity, receipts, and personal contact should remain private at all times. College and university lecturers can also be ruthless if they find out you are using online help to complete your essay assignments. Some college students have found themselves on the wrong side of lecturers and got quite a rough experience. You would not want that for yourself.

So, how about you rethink your decision to hire them for your college essay paper? This company has entirely no concern for the privacy of your information. Although there are lecturers who understand when it comes to hiring online writers for the essays, you still need to be careful. It is not just your grade that is at risk when the details get exposed to the public but your identity too.

This essay help service is reckless about how it handles its clients’ information. If you go through the independent reviews, you will get to see how some customers regret sharing their details with them. They have received calls from unknown people, among other unpleasant experiences that narrow down to the privacy of their personal information.

Essayhave Reviews: Check How the Bonus System Works

The company has displayed several guarantees on its site, and one includes giving its clients discounts and redeemable bonus points. Well, the unfortunate thing about it is that this specific guarantee does not reflect on the clients’ final bill. Therefore, the mention of hefty discounts and the bonus points should not convince you to make a decision that you will regret.

While for other companies, the bonus points and discounts are a way to appreciate its clients, this essay website uses it to get to your pocket. As for me, I tried to follow up on the bonus points and discount, which did not reflect on my bill, but I got shut out.

Essayhave Review: Quick and Secure Payment Methods

If there is something impressive with this essay help apart from its colorful website, it is its payment system. The company uses the best payment methods known around the world. You can quickly pay and be confident of the payment safety. They have collaborated with some of the best online payment methods such as PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa Card, among others.  

However, the saddest truth about this is that they have a smooth process to make the transaction faster. The website is using the advantage of swift transactions to steal from their clients. Therefore, as a client who has experience with their essay help, I advise you not to be too quick to pay yet. 

Essayhave Reviews: They Have No Guarantee of Payment Refund for Clients

One of the most critical factors you should consider before paying for essays is the refund guarantee. It is because sometimes essay writers make mistakes and deliver papers that do not meet your standards. As a result, you will request a refund to look for better essay services elsewhere. However, with the lack of a refund guarantee, that would not be possible. So, considering how shoddy the papers of this essay service are, you need to make sure they have a refund guarantee in place.

However, the fact that they have displayed it in the benefits section should not raise your hopes. You will be disappointed as I was when the time comes and you need a refund. Despite the guarantee, you will not get a refund or a single response from them. So, the best way to avoid such bad experiences and not to lose your money is to drop them off entirely. Now that you know, you should be cautious.

Essayhave Review: Choose Another Company for Quality Essay Services

When hiring an essay help, you expect to get a high-level essay that meets your desired standards. However, based on what I have shared with you and the experience of other clients, it is not possible to get top-level help from this essay service. Fortunately, you know what to expect from them, and you can decide to avoid them. It is painful to lose your money without getting value for the essay service you paid for.

How about you look for better essay services elsewhere? Other committed companies will provide you with the standard of service you need. This essay service will only frustrate you with poor quality papers.

My Verdict: Hire a Reliable and Trustworthy Essay Writing Company

In general, I am always impressed by a dedicated essay service because there is an assurance that you will get top standard college papers. Most of the essay companies I have interacted with, after doing my homework on their background history, have been professional. So, always consider checking what they offer, and reviews from a variety of other essay customers.

You have read what I went through and the experience you will have to bear if you settle on buying essay services from this company. The truth is, some students still hire them for essay assignments. However, if you genuinely care about your grades, money, and the quality of essay papers you want, I hope this review helps you make a sound decision.  

My sincere sentiments are; you deserve more than a scam essay help company that will only bring you suffering. Have patience and go back to the drawing board and search for better essay services. Many essay companies can be trusted with urgent orders to deliver as expected. However, this is not the company to expect such high-level commitment. You still have some extra work to do. The fact that you now understand what they offer to essay clients, it is easy to decide now. Good luck!

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