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If you have ever gone through a semester which has been tough on all fronts, i.e., emotional, psychological, mentally and grueling too, then you know how a writing agency might come in handy. Most people assume that every student who orders a paper from an online writing agency is lazy or an underperformer. While that may be true in some instances, a good number of those who buy copies from these writing companies have genuine reasons to be seeking this online assistance. Some may be laden with after-school work while others may be going through a tough emotional phase. It may be that others are chasing their passions and side hustles. Who knows the reason?

Either way any company that provides (or purports) to provide online writing assistance should always have customers’ needs in mind. There are scammers and other exploiters on the vast web space. This is a situation that shouldn’t exist in the first place. Therefore, we at strive to provide detailed reviews that help customers discern about whether to purchase from a service or not. We do this by conducting our own investigation on the service, and by scouring for and finding those hidden reviews which see very little light of day. As they say, the devil is always in the detail.Essaypenguins.Com review

What to Look for in a Writing Service

Before we give you the low down on, let’s talk a bit about what you should seek for in writing company before settling on them. The priority is always superiority. This means that the paper produced lives up to the expectation of the academic level that was matched at procurement. Thus, an undergraduate essay should look and feel like it.

Similarly, the coherence, meticulousness, and logic expected of a masters’ level paper should be what you get if that’s what you ordered. There are also other tenets such as the language or expression used and proofreading issues. The company also has to prove originality. Why pay a handsome amount for a paper that has been plagiarized either wholly or in part. You should be able to access original samples from the company, although most companies charge a fee for this.

Customer service seems like a trivial issue if you’ve never ordered a paper. However, you can spend hours doing follow-ups with unfriendly and unresponsive individuals, and this is never a fun process. You might be taken round in circles trying to clear a simple issue, say non citation of sources. Or your assigned writer may decide to vamoose off the radar with a deadline drawing dangerously close. There are a million other things that might happen, but the company that you choose should be adequately prepared for such technicalities.

Other qualities to look for include speed, adherence to the instructions provided, and the availability of independent reviews. With that, we’ll tell you why we feel essaypenguins ranks so lowly in 2018 among writing companies. We also hope they take note and improve on their service delivery.