Freeessaywriter Review 2020 | What You Need to Know About This Agency

A neatly designed essay writing website that can immediately catch the attention of the heavy-laden student just looking for some reprieve after a long day’s work. That’s what you get with, which, if we dare say, is one of the most attractive essay writing websites that we have come across in a long time.

The company knows how to take advantage of great copy and marketing schemes. For example, throw a couple of positive reviews on the Internet, and even get reviewed by other sites. It gets the attention of desperate students who have to do backbreaking work in a typical semester and never even have time for a little rest.

We always carry along a checklist for our reviews. The items that were of specific interest to us as we ordered a test paper were:

  • The prices of the various categories of papers such as essays, dissertations, research papers, etc.
  • Before and after-sales services such as bonuses and discounts
  • The quality of their work, with regards to good grammar, structure, inclusion of sources, originality, and general adherence to customer instructions
  • The response time of their writers and customer service staff
  • Reliability and trustworthiness.

A lot of it checks out, and you might be tempted just to skip the formalities and go straight to ordering. You’ll love the overall presentation of Freeessaywriter, and here is where the temptation to use the service starts.

You’ve probably read a couple of great reviews on the Internet, and each one of them tells how great the company is. They claim to be the best essay writing service on the Internet that you will ever use. You may even get a great customer service person to talk to you in that flowery British English that every student who needs essay writing help is looking for.

However, a lot of that is part of the great deception that is Under the sheik covers of the website’s grand design lies a myriad of broken promises. You have to look very carefully to uncover what is going on behind the scenes. The company has a nice façade. It makes the entire operation seem very legitimate, and we don’t dispute that it is a full legal entity.

There are no known faces behind this website, not even an ‘about’ page, so we can’t know how long they have been operating for. However, they have a single telephone contact that has been assigned to them (we wonder how they handle all the traffic coming in per minute). No address has been provided in case a customer wants to contact them.

The site claims that their writers are graduate experts from the most prestigious universities in the world, such as Stanford, Yale, UCLA, Northwestern University, etc. They also claim that their writers are subject matter experts in such disciplines as English Literature, Accounting, Medicine, Business, Social Sciences, Law, and Nursing.

They assure you that their forte is in technical reports, essays, term papers, graduate thesis, and research papers. They are also able to write your papers following the major style manuals such as MLA, APA, Harvard, and CMA. They claim that all their writers are native experts, which means you can expect the best quality in your essay. For all orders that you purchase from them, they also claim to provide full copyright on your work. has a neat design, and generally, you can make your way around quite easily. The site claims to accept all the major credit cards and e-wallets, such as PayPal. There are major guarantees which they claim to offer, such as personalized and original writing, zero-plagiarism, superb research, writers with the appropriate training, and all the other good stuff that a website selling snake oil would provide.

It’s interesting to note that there are only positive reviews of the Freeessaywriter that you will find on the first pages of the Internet unless you dig deeper. We can’t help but think that these are sister sites that share the domain server with this site. The problem with these, though, is the fact that sensitive information harvested from one site can be shared on another and used for targeting ads or for spamming accounts.

For 300 words on a single page, you will have to part with $15. It becomes more expensive as you move up the academic level and technical difficulty of the paper. The website claims to offer discounts on all first orders, including free papers for the first order placed. We wonder if a trained Ivy League professor would be willing to write a free essay for an undergrad essay at that sultry price.

The benefits that they claim to offer once you have paid for service include free proofreading, unlimited revisions, the fulfillment of deadlines, zero-plagiarism, free bibliographies, free Title Pages, all-round contact with your writer, and qualified writers from the US. As you’ll later discover upon reading our review, they barely fulfill these promises once you have confirmed your order, and they have debited your card completely.

One of the things that stand out on the website is the fact that they claim to offer the first order free. That is a deal-maker for any frustrated student who is looking for a reliable agency that can also produce quality work. The truth is you can’t purchase without a deduction being made from your card first, and that will be the whole amount. If by some bad luck, you try to get a refund, they always come up with excuses or offer a refund of a lower amount.

If you check out their reviews on sites such as you’ll notice that their testimonials sound quite generic. Check this review out:

“I got a free essay, and they also gave me a pretty neat discount. I’ll order again.”

Henna Johnson

Never fall for this kind of thing. We know they aren’t Stanford-educated former professors who are trying to write essays for kids in university. And their writing is not that of a Northwestern Literary graduate. These kinds of reviews are probably written by their writers. Look at the avatars on such reviews, and you’ll know for sure somebody is selling you some bad joke.

This website promotes itself too much, and you see it all over the Internet with its ‘perfect’ reviews. “Indeed, it was so marvelous, my writer treated me like a princess. I’ll order again with a side dish of something.” Don’t let anyone pull your leg in such Shakespearean fashion.

The most eye-catching thing about the website is the widget at the bottom left powered by ‘Proof’, which surmises to be showing how many site visits they are receiving per minute. But strangely, on the website of, Freeessaywriter is heavily promoted, which seems like an odd conflict of interest. Could it be that the owners of the two websites are the same? Things aren’t always as they seem.

From the avatars that have been mentioned, the only question we’d ask is this. Why would a professor emeritus or a practicing California attorney shakedown to help someone write an essay for $15 a page? If they are confident enough to upload their faces onto the big web, which could come with all kinds of legal implications, they might as well upload the rest of their credentials.

That’s the thing with great marketing. They play on your needs and create the façade so nice upfront. But if you’re wise enough, or do plenty of research, you’ll see that there is more to it than meets the eye. If it were a perfect service, they would surely end up on the most trusted sites and review lists. But they are not.

One has to know that scratching deeper than the surface always reveals the truth. This website has a great aesthetic design, and we can’t take that away from them. However, this doesn’t mean that the entire front-end is built like this.

Eventually, your cybersecurity starts to matter. Even if the presentation is good and can rope you in without delay, you have to consider everything carefully. Remember that you are ideally paying a tidy sum for their services. If you choose the wrong company, then you might as well be flushing that 50 or 70 dollars drown the drain.

Ultimately, it is your choice as a customer who you choose to write your essay for you. There are hundreds of thousands, possibly millions who are well-trained and could do an amazing job on your paper in this gig economy. If you’re in a position to do it yourself, do it. Though, if you’re not, for example, due to a tough semester or exams, you should get real value for your money.

That’s what this Freeessaywriter review is all about today. For all the major talking points, we’ll also be sharing what other reviews say, and our thoughts on the pros and cons of this company.