Why I Have Written JustBuyEssay Review 2020

These days, many websites offer academic assistance to students of all academic grades. Unfortunately, a new user of a site doesn’t know whether it’s good or not. That’s where the reviews of past customers prove useful. I review the academic help sites that I use for the clients.

I recommend them the ones that I like and advise them against using the websites that I don’t find satisfying. If you are considering using the justbuyessay site, you must read this review first. I have not been contented with the website on many levels. Read this detailed review to find out why.

Let Me Tell You About JustBuyEssay First

Before discussing my experience with this website, it’s logical to share with you some details of the company. This will help you learn what this website does and how it functions. It’s an academic help site for students of all academic levels. The writers they hire draft papers for students of high schools, colleges, and universities. The website claims that it has a team of native writers from Canada and the US.

The product of the website is academic papers. They write all sorts of papers ranging from simple essays to complex dissertations. Many students approach this website for help with their articles, poems, reports, case analyses, and dissertations. The website says that it has a big team of writers who can write efficiently and can write a paper on any topic. The purpose of this website is to offer quick assistance to its clients. Students use this service so that they can get instant help with their difficult questions and complex paper prompts.

It is one of the hundreds of websites that are offering online assistance with academic works. Most of these websites have sprouted in recent years. Students reach these help platforms because they cannot do their papers. Sometimes, the questions are so difficult that students can’t find answers to them. At other times, students may be stuck in a situation, and despite a lot of hard work and effort, they can’t get through successfully. This is where such websites come to help students.

This website claims to have a big team of writers who are specialized in a variety of academic disciplines. That is why they say that they can help out students with papers related to all sorts of subjects and topics. Now let’s have a look at what happens when a customer places an order on this website.

I’ll tell you more about the writers who work with this company later in this justbuyessay.com review. But let me start by telling you that it’s the writers who do the main work. They read the questions stated by the students in the order form and answer them in papers. A team of administrators who work with this website communicates with both the writers and the customers. They take orders from the clients, assign them to the writers, and remain available online to answer the questions raised by either of the two parties.

The writers read the instructions and contact the clients if they need any clarification on the instructions. All correspondence between the user of this website and the writer happens on the message board. Customers can’t see or meet the writers. Likewise, the writers do not know anything about the clients. The website maintains complete anonymity for both parties.

All information transferred from one party to the other is monitored by a team of administrators. If a client discusses sensitive topics like the price of an order or such other things, the administrators may delete the message. Likewise, if they notice anything objectionable in the question of a writer to a client, they may take the necessary action there.

So when the writers get complete instructions, they start writing the papers. They try to finish the papers within the deadline, but as I have read in the justbuyessay.com reviews, many clients didn’t get their papers on time. The papers were either delivered later than the deadline, or they got unfinished or incomplete work within the deadline.

Since I wanted to write a comprehensive review of this website, I decided to place an order on this website myself. I asked the website to write me a simple 4-page essay on a topic of my choice. I shared the topic of the essay with the administrators in an order form. To write my paper, I placed the order with a deadline of 6 hours. The topic was so simple that I could write a good essay in only 2 hours myself, but since I was very busy in other works, I decided to take their help.

At the time of placing the order, I thought that the website would find me a writer within a few minutes, and he/she will start working on my essay right away. However, it was not until 2 hours after placing the order that I got a writer. The website assigned my order to multiple writers in the first 2-hour span but all of them kept rejecting the order for one reason or another. Someone said that he is too busy while another writer said that he didn’t know the subject that the essay was about.

Even though the instructions of my order were very basic, but the website took 2 hours to find me a writer. The writer, once found, sent me a message saying that he has started working on the order. He was left with 4 hours to write the 4 pages of my essay. I contacted the writer 3 hours later to enquire about the progress of my work. The writer didn’t reply and the deadline had drawn too close. When 5 minutes were left to the deadline, I contacted the administrators and asked them to check with the writer. They said that they would take care of it.

An hour passed after that, and I still didn’t get any response. I contacted the administrators on live chat to talk about the problem. The agent said that they had just called the writer and that he had started doing my work. Soon after that, I got a reply from my writer, “Sorry, I fell asleep. I have just started the essay and will write it like a flashman.”

That was very weird, to say the least. Professional companies don’t keep such writers, nor do they have the deadlines of the orders missed like that. Here’s a customer who paid the money for a certain deadline and he gets a message from the writer an hour after the deadline that the work had just been started!

If you think I had a very bad experience because of the missed deadline – I have more to share with you about justbuyessay! I got the essay 3 hours after the deadline. The paper I received did not comply with the instructions I had placed. At the time of placing the order, I had uploaded an outline that I wanted the writer to follow. It had every detail in it, ranging from the thesis statement to the topic sentences, and the example points that I wanted the writer to expand on.

Contrary to what I had expected, the writer came up with a new thesis statement and topic sentences that were completely different from the ones I wanted him to follow. It is upsetting how naïve that writer was – he had every single detail right in front of him in the form of the outline I had given him.

He just needed to connect the dots and fabricate a convincing argument by arranging the ideas in the right sentence structure and form. However, he overlooked the outline and wrote a paper that was just not acceptable to me.

I could not accept that paper, so I asked for a revision. Since I was already running out of time, I wanted the revision comments to be addressed in 20 minutes. However, to my utter disappointment, the writer refused to revise the paper. He insisted that he had fully followed the instructions, ignoring the fact that he had completely missed out on the points I had mentioned in the outline.

When I couldn’t get the writer to revise the paper, I contacted the administrators for help. They said that they would assign my order to another writer, but that would cost me an additional $20. They tried to reason with me saying that those were editing charges, whereas I maintained that the revision should be free as per the company’s policy.

My bad experience with the website got me started with reading reviews of other customers about this website. I wanted to find out if only I had a bad experience with it or similar things had been witnessed by other users of the service as well. So I went on different online platforms. Some of the places I looked for clients’ opinions on social media included discussion threads and blogs about this website.

I found that many other clients had been equally disappointed with the services of this company. That was when I decided to write a detailed review of the website that would discuss everything about the website. I decided to share my experience with other people and also sum up the key points and common themes that I had noticed in a variety of reviews that I had read about this website.

This review covers everything I experienced and read about it. So read this review until the end as I discuss all the important aspects of this service. You can decide if you want to use it after reading this review or not.

My Review of the Design of Website

If we talk about the design of justbuyessay.com, it’s professional. The website has written easy-to-understand text, and all sections are well-organized. They display all aspects of their service that may be meaningful for a customer, including other customers’ reviews about the service, information about their writers, and the process to place an order. You will also find excellent guarantees on the website.

The information is structured well, and the design makes all sections visible and distinguishable from each other. But don’t fall for the justbuyessay reviews they have shown on the website. You never know if they are genuine or not. It is very easy for a website to edit, change, and modify the comments left by its customers.

I also left a justbuyessay review after I had used that service. It was not a positive review because, as you can tell from the experience I have shared with the website above, I was not one bit satisfied with their performance. However, now when I take a look at the website, I do not find my review in the testimonials. They don’t display the reviews of customers that talk negatively about them.

How to Place an Order on JustBuyEssay

The process of placing an order on this website is very simple. All you have to do is fill out a simple form. The form has many fields with drop-down options for answers. They have made the system very efficient and effective so that a client experiences no problem placing the order. And why would they – that’s how the money pours into the bank account of the website!

If you want to place an order on justbuyessay.com, you just need to get your instructions ready. You will tell the website how many pages you want the writer to draft for you, which style you want for the writing, and specify how many references you would like the writer to use in the paper. Likewise, you will tell them about your paper’s topic and upload any relevant materials like questions or guidelines. Some customers upload outlines for their papers too, so it gets very easy for the writer to understand what a client wants.

After filling out the form, you will have to pay. I read in a justbuyessay review that a client didn’t get the discount he was told about. If you use the website, double-check with the administrators if you will get a discount.

They Hire Non-Professional Writers from Russia and Belarus

One of the biggest claims of justbuyessay.com is that all its writers are native English speakers. They say that they hire writers from the US and Canada. However, the sort of English writers use in the papers suggests otherwise. People have complained in many justbuyessay reviews that their papers had mistakes of grammar, punctuation, and sentence construction.

In one review that I came across, the customer had shared that he had asked for the essay to be written in the UK standard of English, but the writer had written it in the US standard. In other words, the writers do not know the differences between different standards of English. Even though justbuyessay claims that its team constitutes native English writers, I think that many students who have said that the writers it keeps are non-native writers are right.

One customer who had used the service in the past had shared a funny story about a writer. The customer had asked the writer where he was from as a way of checking if he was really from the US or Canada, as the website claimed. The writer said that he was from Belarus. The customer read the message and within 2 minutes, that message had been deleted.

Expect to Have a Hard Time If You Need Any Changes

One of the things that I have repeatedly found across multiple justbuyessay reviews was that people couldn’t get revisions on their papers easily. Some clients have reported that the writers were unwilling to change the papers even though the revision instructions were in line with the original requirements of the essays. Other customers have reported that the writers were demanding compensation for the desired changes. The website says that it grants free revisions on the papers but the writers at justbuyessay.com are often not willing to cooperate with the customers.

Their Papers Are Not 100% Plagiarism-Free

Every customer who uses an academic help site wants an outclass service from the writer. To have his/her paper plagiarized is not what a user pays for. But I came across a justbuyessay.com review in which a customer had shared his bad experience with the readers. He said that he ordered two papers on justbuyessay. The question and prompt for both the papers were the same. It so happened that one writer took both orders, wrote a paper, and copy-pasted it in the other one as well.

It is common sense that when a client is paying for two papers, he/she wants them to be completely different from each other. But the writer was so naïve that he wrote just one paper and produced its copy in place of another paper. When the customer enquired about the matter from the administrators, they said that the writer was new and that they would impose a fine on him. But how would that benefit the customer whose deadline had passed?

Communication and Customer Support Is Frustrating

Having a good system of communication is a defining feature of a good website. But communication at this website can’t be any more pathetic than it is. Take my case, for example, when I wanted to ask the writer about the progress of work on my paper, he didn’t reply to me until much time had passed after the deadline. Many other customers have complained of a poor communication channel at this website in their justbuyessay.com reviews.

Good communication is the key to the successful completion of a task. Many times, clients need to ask questions from the writers and take a look at the drafts to ensure that the work is headed in the right direction. But if a writer doesn’t read the message and accordingly doesn’t reply it on time, it can mean a complete wastage of time for the customer. The website says that it has contact information of all its writers. But in my case, the writer had just gone to sleep. You want to place an order on a website where both the writer and the administrators are approachable to you all the time, right? Then don’t place your order on this website.

Don’t Fall for Their Testimonials – They Can Be Fake

Did you get impressed by reading a justbuyessay review published on its website? Well, don’t be! Because that can be fake. A writing help website can easily change anything about the reviews left by customers on its website. Now when I take a look at the website, I find the testimonials praising the service for all kinds of things ranging from timely completion of tasks to a professional service. However, I wonder where has my review gone! I can’t see it on the website. And it makes sense – they only show what they want the customers to see.

They Claim to Preserve Your Confidentiality but Not Really

Many students use this website because they need help at the last minute. They have passed all the time until the deadline, and they need a guru to instantly assist them. The website says that it maintains confidentiality of the information and that a client’s data is not shared with anyone else. However, the justbuyessay.com reviews I came across suggest that that is not 100% true.

In one review, the client said that he got a paper that had been written for another customer before. He found that out because the paper he received from the writer had the name of one of his class-fellows in the top left section. It was a coincidence that the customer happened to be from the same class and that he recognized the paper of his class-fellow because of his name. The writer had probably passed on the same paper to this client that he had previously written for his class-fellow.

Situations like this can put a student in serious trouble. If a college or a university finds out that the paper is plagiarized, it can not only cost a student marks and grade, but also reputation and self-esteem. Some schools are so strict that they impose serious penalties if they discover that a student has plagiarized.

Here’s How Their Bonus System Works

The website gives bonuses to its customers. They are stored in the clients’ profiles so that they can pay for future orders with it. In other words, it’s just a way of making the users come back for placing more orders on the website. When you use this service, you might just need help one time. So the bonus amount stored in your account on this website goes wasted. In one justbuyessay.com review that I read, the client shared that she requested the administrators to give her a discount in place of a bonus, but they didn’t entertain her request.

Some Clients Have Had Problems with Payments

The reliability of the method of money transfer is critically important to a client. Nobody wants his/her money wasted because of glitches in the system. I read a review in which the client had shared his bad experience of lost money. He said that he had paid for the order, but he didn’t get the notification on his cellphone that the money had been paid. When he contacted his bank, the concerned manager said that money had been transacted but the administrator maintained that he had not received it. Things like this can be frustrating for a client.

Money Refund Is Very Hard on JustBuyEssay

Many customers want a refund for their money when the writers fail to meet their requirements. It only makes sense to ask a writing service to reimburse your money when you don’t get the work you had paid for. However, many students have reported in different reviews that getting your money back from this website is the hardest thing ever.

To begin with, a user has to go through a tough time trying to explain the reason for the reimbursement of money. The staff gets into a blame-game and tries to tell the customer that the claim raised against the service is not genuine or powerful enough for a reimbursement to be justified. If a customer puts too much pressure on the administrators, they release the payment but in episodes. Many people don’t have the time and energy to get into lengthy arguments with the staff, so they give up.

Don’t Order Your Papers Here If You Care for Quality

The quality of work is the most important element that a customer looks for when he pays for academic help. You want the best quality in your paper. The parameters of quality in academic writing include having the exact number of words and references in the paper as required by a customer, getting a plagiarism-free paper, and having convincing points and arguments in the paper. Many of the reviews that I have read about this website suggest that the writers at this website do not produce work of a high standard.

Multiple Reasons to Choose Other Writing Services

Keeping all points that I have discussed in this review under consideration, it would be best for you to choose some other website rather than placing your order on justbuyessay.com. You should select another service because:

  • You don’t want your order to be late.
  • You want a plagiarism-free paper.
  • You want a professional service from the writer.
  • You don’t want to pay a high price for the order.
  • If you need a revision, you shouldn’t be pushed to pay for it.

If you agree with the conditions I have stated above, you should not fall for the claims of justbuyessay.com. There are many other good websites on the Internet, many of which I have personally tried. They offer the best assistance on rates that are much lower than those charged by this company. I just ordered a paper on this service once and I have never used the website again.

Many other students have also similar things to say about this website. You should benefit from others’ experiences rather than giving the website a shot only to repent later. I’ll wind up the review now. My final words – do not use justbuyessay.com!

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