Smart Custom Writing Review 2020: A Service to Get a Mediocre Work

The fact that I had never used writing services did not mean that I had to get a D for my paper. Smart custom writing wrecked my excellent scores with their atrocious writing. Red flags were all over when I visited their site, but I decided against my gut since I desperately needed help. I ignored the fact that all the information on their website was written in horrible English.

Moreover, I overlooked their unbelievable and poorly written customer reviews. And it did not stop there – I also decided to ignore the terrible English of their representative when messaging them in the chatbox on their website. Now I can say that you should never make an important decision when you are desperate, but if you have to, then try to be steadfast. Do not let your problems blind you.

Anyway, back to the matter. Now, writing companies such as Smart custom writing ought to be where students can get help with their assignments. This reason might have been why they ventured into the academic writing field in the first place. But as of now, this is definitely not why they are running their service. They are now blinded by money, and it seems that they wish to continue making more and more profit at the expense of their customers’ grades.

Nonetheless, if you were to ask any customer what they prefer between quality work and cheap service, many would undoubtedly pick the former. Yes, that’s right. So, if you are going to charge me higher than the industry average, at least be decent enough to offer me papers, and not to forget services, that correspond to the fee I pay. No one wants to part with their cash and not get what has been promised to them. Any serious business, this company included, should know this.

To give you a clearer picture, here is a breakdown of the downright awful aspects of this company:Smart Custom Writing Review