An In-Depth Ukessay Review 2020

As a student, have you ever encountered a circumstance whereby you have to submit your paper within the stipulated time framework versus doing a part-time job that is equally crucial? How did you solve the situation? It is undeniably true that you have no way out in such a circumstance, and the only natural solution is surfing the web for expert online writing assistance.

However, the internet is flooded with numerous quack writing companies that don’t focus on quality delivery but the value of your payment. Here’s a broad review of to give you an insight into the services they claim to provide vs. what you would really get.

What You Should Know About Ukessay.Com

Students face a lot of challenges that compel them to seek online assistance as the only reliable solution. Websites such as ukessay, however, have been in the market for quite some time now as one of the aids to such students eyeing better performance but face lots of hindrances. It is not logical for a single paper to deny you an elevation to the next academic level while you are busy working as a part-time employee. That’s where online writing sites become crucial as a means and a ladder to help the learners to cross from an academic level to the other with polished papers worth enhanced academic performance.

However, a fraction of students who seek the intervention of external assistance from expert homework helper faces the time factor challenge. Not every student gets financial aid from parents. Even if they get, they have personal needs that a parent or guardian cannot fulfill; hence, they have to seek a supplementary means through part-time employment. While doing a part-time job, there comes a circumstance where turning in paper collides with the payable job leaving the student in a dilemma, not knowing what to do.

Other tutees lack sufficient skills to complete specific projects successfully. Thus, they seek the intervention of experts who assure them of quality papers at the end of the day. Some tasks are crucial, and determinant of student’s academic features as such failing such assignment is not an option. Why try something you know very well that you have no idea how to go about it and fail, whereas other media can assist you overwhelmingly? Such a circumstance push students to seek the help of experts more so in the academic field of their assignment with the capability of delivering an exceptional paper.

Some students are natural procrastinators. Thus, they wait until it’s too late to write their homework as effectively as required. However, for quality performance, turning in an assignment on time contributes a significant point, and delivering a quality task makes the results even better. Therefore, the fear of failing to beat the deadline of the assignment as instructed compels them to seek external help from professionals.

Moreover, some students are not conversant with English writing, and the language itself thus seek assistance from native English writers with a history of writing quality papers. They fear to harm their academic reputation. Consequently, they resort to hiring an experienced writer with a polished grammar and an overwhelming familiarity with English writing element as collateral for saving their grades from dwindling.

In such a crucial circumstance, if the delivered task is of low quality, a student can feel the pain of entrusting and delegating their assignment to an unreliable company. If you haven’t felt the pain of receiving low standard paper a few minutes before your assignment submission deadline, this review should help you avoid falling a victim of such frustration. is an academic writing assistance site that has been in use for quite some time now. Surprisingly, it has been operational despite its nature accompanied by the production of low-quality papers to its clients. It claims to offer a wide range of services more so in discipline, subjects, and topics that students are prone to encounter difficulty in writing personally. Besides drafting these assignments, they also pledge help for potential clients in formatting, editing, and also proofreading services.

The write-up presents a ukessay review and my encounter while seeking help with assignments in different subjects, respectively. First and foremost, when you click on their site, what will welcome your eye is the limitless number of assistance they offer in all the academic disciplines. What’s more, they have guaranties that will leave a prospective client with a big appetite to enlist with them. However, the moment you decide to try their services, you’ll realize that their assurances are far away from being ideal and the reviews are contrary to how they are presented on the site. For instance:

  • They have a poor customer/support relation
  • They take long to respond to a customer’s problem
  • They are quick into asking for payment other than focusing on the client’s task

My experience with the site was so dramatic. At first, I realized the page was somewhat suspicious since they asked for the length of the paper required, followed by asking for immediate payment for the service in full. Despite the suspicion, I went ahead to do as they requested; moreover, it is a genuine site, and the hefty price they charged assured me of a quality task that would be delivered on time.

With the time ticking and the deadline fast approaching, I went ahead to indulge in other crucial activities at my workplace, knowing that an expert is working on my assignment. The thought of inquiring about the progress of the order came in. What followed is the decision to request the support staff to send me a draft of the content covered so far. I supposedly thought since it’s an official site, they will respond to my request almost immediately; however, that wasn’t the case.

The customer support took long to respond and to disbelieve; they told me to wait for a while and reassured me not to worry since a professional was working on the paper and that I’ll receive the draft shortly, something that never happened.

Some minutes to the submission deadline, after pressuring the customer support to send me the task, they managed to deliver the paper. They went ahead to assure me that in case of any dissatisfaction with the paper, they will be available to make rectifications.

Believing that it was well-written, it took me about ten minutes to wind up my day job at my work station then clock out to start reviewing the paper. With only 20 minutes to the submission deadline, I started reviewing the delivered task.

To my shock, the paper was poorly written and in haste in a bid to beat the deadline I had instructed them. It featured lots of mistakes ranging from poor grammar to sentence structure, improper collocations, incorrect spellings, among others. Worse of the worst, even the theme of the paper written was far away from relating to the context I was expecting.

What a disappointment, I regretted enlisting with ukessay site. Who on earth has the guts of managing to write a quality dissertation in 20 minutes?  I had no option but to restart the paper from scratch. However, with limited time, composing the thesis research paper was not going to happen. I realized I had lost not only my money hiring for assistance but also time and the chance for a valuable performance.

However, that wasn’t all. After delivering a paper that was never going to improve my grades but make them as miserable as possible, giving in to a refund request was a task itself. Immediately after reviewing the paper and identifying the nonsense content, I contacted the support requesting for a refund. They retook a little while to reply to my request, seemingly that‘s their culture when it comes to a client asking for his/her rights.

Instead of focusing on the refund request, the support staff vehemently defended their writing, citing that it was written professionally, and it had no mistakes. After presenting to them the evidence of the errors, they agreed, and instead of making the refund, they pledged to rewrite the paper afresh. With only 20 minutes left to the submission deadline, it was not going to happen. I stood on my request for a refund that I have been asking till today when I’m writing this ukessay review.

I believed that there were legitimate academic writing sites online until I encountered the ukessay service. They changed my trust on online sites and equipped me with the skills to identify a reliable site before taking a further step in enlisting with their services. However, the fact that is a scam doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no genuine online writing agencies. Even though they attract customers into enlisting with their services, they hardly deliver what they promise. Therefore, lucky are the prospective customers who go through external reviews from victims of their tricks before falling for their deceit.

The Ukessay Website Design – the Message It Conveys

Without going through ukessay reviews outside the site, the design of their website will attract you to their services. The web page features well-selected content, neat and very peculiar to the services every potential customer may wish to explore. You don’t need an extra explanation to learn what you need to do next while surfing their page.

From the far left on top of the page, they have placed their contacts very visible and a live chat button. Any time you click on either of their contacts to order, they won’t hesitate to reply to your request with a friendly and assuring tone. What’s more, their website is free from heavy network traffic that may make a visitor experience some instance of lagging. Just a click to any button and you are in the next section of the page, for example, ordering section.

If you scroll down the site, you’ll come across convincing guarantees that will undeniably lure you into enlisting with their assistance. Some of the guarantees will range from unique papers, timely delivery, reliable support service to refund guarantee. What’s more, their order button is vivid, and any site visitor will encounter it without straining.

However, all these lucrative appearance and content of their site is just like a flower to lure you into making quick payment for a poor quality service. In my case, the site attracted me into paying for the assignment quickly since it looked professional. However, after releasing the funds, responding to my requirements started slowing down, and, in the end, I received a poor paper beyond what I can submit for assessment.

Such an experience made me conclude that their site focuses on extorting money from clients and not the production of quality services.

How to Place an Order for an Assignment

The process of ordering for assistance from the ukessay website is brief and appears not to be complex. After clicking the order button, you’ll be taken directly to the next page requiring you to do the following simple steps:

  • Provide assignment particulars
  • Select a writer
  • Make payment
  • Wait as an expert work on your task
  • Download the final draft

However, to your surprise, that will hardly be the case. The order process appears professional to attract a prospective client into paying for the assignment. However, after making a payment is when you’ll start experiencing the nightmare of enlisting with the Company.

The services will dramatically become slower. If you ask them anything regarding the underlying task, it will take them longer to respond to your questions. What’s more, whenever they reply to your queries, they will reassure you of quality tasks since an expert is already working on the draft, which will never be the case.

What’s more, unlike other sites that I have used before, you’ll have to go through the hassle of creating an account yourself when ordering their services. Their account creation procedure is very complicated; thus, you take a lot of time approximately 30-45 mins trying to sign in before you can request for their assistance.

Non-Professional Writers Who Are Not Natives

Every student desires to delegate his/her paper to a professional with promising results. Since some students are well-equipped with skills to both write and research, however, lack sufficient time, wish to receive top-class assignments.

However, that’s contrary to what this site produces. Therefore, you are lucky to have a glimpse of this review to help you get cautious not only of this Company but also of others that offer similar services.

Their writers are non-professional, and that’s why you’ll hardly receive a rough draft showcasing the progress made until the final paper is completed. The article will feature lots of paper writing errors. For example, the paper I ordered from them had a lot of grammatically wrong sentences that made the article cumbersome to read and understand.

Besides grammar, you’ll encounter incorrect spelling, poor colocation, and improper sentence structure and, above all, vocabularies that don’t even connect with the theme of the writing. What’s more, the research conducted on the paper is mere; hence, it doesn’t add up or contribute to bringing the central theme of the draft.

Therefore, from their website, you’ll realize they advertise the presence of native English writers. The advertisement is just for luring you to their website. In the end, you receive a poorly written article that doesn’t conform to English writing elements that makes an article excellent.

Making Rectification to a Completed Task Is a Nightmare

After receiving a paper with seemingly minor errors, the next step a student takes is requesting corrections in the affected areas. However, ukessay finds such challenging, or it is a platform to mint more money from the client.

Immediately, you contact them seeking assistance in rectifying some parts of the assignment they have completed; they will take a little longer to reply. If they respond, they will ask the areas needed for rectification and agree to work on the corrections.

A few moments later, after asking for the article, they will not send the corrections and instead ask for more time to work on the revision. If at all you pressurize them further to send you the progress of the work, they may ask for money to curter for the revision.

You’ll end up wasting a lot of time waiting that you would otherwise utilize in re-doing the assignment in requesting the website to correct your article. After waiting for such a long time, they will hardly deliver your correction and instead cease to reply to your inquiries.

Therefore, before enlisting with the site, you need to at least go through external reviews to figure out whether they are genuine enough to write your homework. The website is well-pampered and showcases professionalism; however, that’s contrary to the services they offer.

Plagiarism-Free Content Doesn’t Exist With the Company

Plagiarism is highly punishable in any institution; thus, every tutee desires to end up with a unique paper for assessment. Therefore, we’ve written this review to help other potential customers evade the chance of being a victim of this site.

In the section of what they guarantee, what will attract your eyes are the unique drafts they deliver. They reassure their customers that before the delivery of the final draft, the assignment passes through a series of scrutiny checks.

What’s more, they further assure the customer of the availability of a quality control department that is very strict on plagiarism. Writers who violate plagiarism policy face the consequences of their actions; however, those are just words and not reality. My paper had 18% of plagiarized content from other online sources.

They affirm that they have reliable plagiarism checking tools that will ensure that only unique articles are delivered to the clients; however, what you receive may shock you. Due to haste to make more money in a short while, they deliver plagiarized papers that may make you face the consequences.

Annoying Customer Support Communication

It is quite reassuring to order an assignment from a website that is fast, reliable, and convenient in terms of communicating with the customer. However, that’s not the case with the They will be swift and professional when you are placing the order; however, once you are done, they switch back to slow communication patterns.

In my case, it took me a few minutes to connect to their support member when making payment for the order; then, I was assigned an individual writer. Afterward, the communication started dwindling, and I couldn’t get whatever I was requesting on time. For example, I asked for a rough draft of the progress of my assignment. It took about three hours to get a reply. Even though it took longer for them to reply, the response was not even promising. Their response was requesting me to be patient as an expert is already working on my task, which I found a joke.

What’s more, the assigned writer chose to ignore most of the questions I asked concerning the instructions of the paper and instead told me to exercise some patience. I didn’t know of the progress of my order until it was delivered, and it was contrary to what I expected.

If at all, the writer would have delivered a rough draft of the progress, it would have been easier to make amendments on time. However, their poor communication either on the live chat or the chatbox, couldn’t offer support to make the written piece successful.

Fake and Edited Testimonials

What lures customers into trying a service is the testimonies from clients who have enlisted with such companies. The Company, with lucrative testimonies with the message of hope and positivity, thus lures clients the most.

The ukessay website is not contrary. It is pampered with proofs that will, without a doubt, convey to you a message of hope on the writing services they offer. However, they are edited, and the positive reviews from their websites are not from actual clients.

They are edited to attract customers into purchasing services from them, hiding their ideal service that is accompanied by low-quality production and even deceit. Therefore, before entrusting them with your assignment, it is crucial to go through ukessay reviews from external sources to get an ideal picture of the services they provide.

The Site Is Not Confidential, and You Can Get a Penalty From the University

A writing company that keeps its client’s identity confidential is more prone to secure a large number of customers. Therefore, on the guarantee section of this Company’s website, you’ll identify that confidentiality is prioritized.

They affirm that their collaboration is very secretive, and no one will ever find out that a client has acquired their paper from the Company. However, that’s not the case; their privacy policy is weak. When creating an account, you’ll find options requiring you to key in your real names.

Signing in with your real names may pose a risk that may render you a victim of blackmail or fraudsters. For example, once someone identifies your involvement with the site, they may start blackmailing you into complying with their request or expose you to the university authority.

Moreover, the site affirms that it is built on a secure firewall with HTTPs that encrypts every message communicated on the page to avoid leaking. However, that’s not true. You can easily gain access to their page and identify some of the clients that have enlisted with their services.

Therefore, before getting involved with a less confidential site such as this one, going through this ukessay review may help. The act of acquiring assistance with homework from a third party is considered cheating, and the victim faces harsh consequences.

However, in some circumstances seeking the intervention of homework helpers becomes crucial and an only natural way out. However, you should go for companies that uphold the highest privacy standard to their client’s sensitive data, and this website is not one of them.

How the Company’s Bonus System Works

A regular client deserves a motivation to keep on coming back, and through the bonus system, he/she gets the rare chance to explore an opportunity. For instance, every time a client makes a writing service purchase, there is a specific bonus that accompanies the action.

A company specifies the target of bonuses, and the individual customer must attain for him/her to obtain a free service from the website. Therefore, after buying from the Company regularly, your bonuses accumulate to hit the set target, and you are good to make an assignment order without paying a dime.

However, after exhausting the bonuses, you need to start counting the bonuses afresh until you hit the next target to warrant you a free service once again in that sequence.

Unreliable and Unsafe Payment Methods

The most frustrating part of their involvement is their payment methods. They offer payment methods that are not common; hence, you may not be sure about the safety of your finances. After authorizing the payment, you won’t get any notification, something that is very worrisome.

The site mostly serves students, and since they have no much money to gamble with, they need a secure website that collaborates only with trustworthy and reliable companies that assure them the security of their cash.

Students have limited funds, and with such payment companies as the only option, they can’t be sure whether their finances are secure when enlisting with this writing company.

Money Refund Is VERY Hard

Despite displaying a money-back guarantee in their assurance list, that’s not the case. They hardly refund customers even if the completed task is vividly what they never paid for when ordering.

For instance, after I had realized the paper I received was oblate and irrelevant to my topic, I requested for a refund. The management tried to convince me to wait as the article was being rectified. However, because of time, I insisted on the compensation instead.

It became a habit of reminding the company authorities daily of the refund since they had agreed to complete the refund. After a series of requests with no response, I threatened to expose them and the payment company they had collaborated with if at all they didn’t compensate me. However, the threat was a mere thing to it, and they turned a deaf ear. However, a reliable company is one that makes it to the client and compensates them if at all, they fail to deliver an excellent task in par with the quality standard they expected.

Avoid Ordering Papers Here If You Don’t Want Poorly-Written Work

It is arguably true that there are circumstances that will compel you to seek assistance with an academic paper. However, go for the best service that offers quality assistance and not this website. You’ll realize the mistake of delegating your assignment to them more so if the tasks contribute a substantial point to the degree program.

Moreover, the design of the site mimics the professional look with a genuine appearance only to lure a customer into falling in their trap. However, the papers they deliver don’t even comply with the context you instruct them to write.

Therefore, to prevent you from falling a victim, this one and other ukessay reviews should raise a red flag letting you know the kind of services they provide. Thus, they won’t help enhance your academic performance and instead waste your valuable time and resources.

Avoid This Service and Evade Penalties From Your University

Several unavoidable reasons compel students to enlist with companies offering academic writing assistance. However, there are also limitless reasons that warn potential customers from getting involved with this Company. From this ideal review, you can vividly affirm that this Company is in business not for the value of papers they deliver but for their own selfish gain. Below is a recap of some of the things you’ll encounter from the site as a potential customer.

Slow communication is part of their daily activities. They will be very swift and almost professional when you are making payment. However, after that, contact will dwindle, and you may, at times, get no response from them at all if you are requesting some rectifications or progress of your order.

The poorly written assignment is part of what they deliver. They advertise and even deliver samples of quality written papers that convince prospective clients of the standard of tasks to expect. However, you only learn that that was deceit after receiving a final copy of your order.

They deliver papers with a high similarity index ratio. From their site, they promise the production of assignment with zero similarity index; however, after the delivery, you’ll realize your order has plagiarism instances that surpass what is expected of a standard text.

Therefore, why order high profile assignments from such a company with the potential of failing you overwhelmingly while there are better options out there? Choose academic writing platforms carefully and enhance your academic performance.

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