Use This Ultius Review 2020 to Make an Informed Decision

Selecting an online writing service that is dependable and that which always delivers high-quality custom task is not easy. To ensure students don’t fall in the hands of fraudulent services and to help you make an informed decision, we compiled this comprehensive Ultius review. By the end of this post, you should be able to learn more about this writing platform, services, how they work, and whether they are a good choice.

Students from all academic levels want to master effective writing skills that come in handy not only in school but also in their professional life. With practical writing skills, it becomes easier to compose resumes, speeches, cover letters, minutes, proposals, and any other form of writing project.

Furthermore, homework or assignments teaches a student to work master excellent research skills and acquire efficient habits like time management. However, lack of adequate time and writing skills often cause students to seek online writing services such as

Such writing services are formed to meet the high demand of high school, college, and university students as well those in doctorate levels who need to hire experts in their field of study. Since academic life comes with numerous writing tasks, some of which are hard to complete in a few hours, students opt to request for writing help from an online service that provides custom papers.

What else can cause students to seek writing services from

  • To get papers that an individual can use to improve their writing skills
  • Get content that helps you to understand the subject or topic better
  • Use the well-structured task provided by an expert as a template to compose top-notch papers
  • Gain more free time to partake in other fun activities without jeopardizing their school life
  • To ensure they submit tasks that result in the highest grade and those which improve academic performance
  • To manage an assignment within a specific period, especially when you have a tight schedule that makes it impossible to set ample time aside and complete the task.

Although these are good reasons to seek online writing services, when you hire a scammer such as Ultius, then the chances of getting a paper that helps you to understand the course, improve performance and meet deadlines become impossible. It is because reviews posted by numerous students show that this writing service lacks experts in every field of study. Hence, they tend to assign orders to any writer despite their discipline. It results in a low-quality task that will fail to meet your academic goals.

Scholars encountering this service for the first time may want to know what is and how does it work. It is an online writing service that claims to offer top-notch writing and editing services to students from all academic levels and even to professionals.

The company uses eye-catching words such as having writers from the United States to capture the attention of students and professionals who only want to hire native English speakers. This online service claims to be a Delaware corporation that is owned and operated by United States citizens. To lure in more clients, they further state that their legal home and where they register their trademarks is in Wilmington, Delaware.

Don’t be fooled by such information as these strategies are what has lured in unsuspecting students who have ended up getting conned and their personal data left exposed to third parties. Other false yet fascinating information that Ultius uses to capture the attention of students include:

  • They offer advanced writer selection options, but clients have to pay a lot of money to hire a specialist who is a top performer
  • They claim to provide a superior internal quality process carried out by expert writers and editors
  • Have over 600 reviews from various platforms as well as an A+ BBB rating, which upon further investigation turned out to be another lie created by this company
  • They claim to offer world-class and professional customer support, yet the various negative Ultius reviews speak of an opposite experience
  • They have over 50 employees and over 2000 writers, yet they often advertise that they need more writers.

Such flowery language only looks good on paper yet fails to deliver results. Therefore, if you want a company that delivers on its promise, this writing service is not it, and you are better off hiring a highly reputable and trustworthy service that will give you your money’s worth.

I first encountered this writing service after a friend complained that she had been given a highly plagiarized paper after paying a very high amount. Since I always used this company in my college level to get writing help, I wondered what happened to them.

To prove what my friend was saying, I decided to look deeper into how they operate. But first, I read various Ultius reviews from several trustworthy platforms, and I was shocked to learn that 90% of students who got writing assistance from this company ended up with plagiarized tasks.

The next step was to check their website and what services they offer. More reviews show that customers often go to this platform because they cater to all academic levels and provide a wide range of services such as:

  • Custom writing services
  • Business writing service
  • Editing services
  • Admission writing service.

Under the admission service, they offer the following writing help:

  • CV
  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Admission essay for business, med, law, and grad school
  • Personal statement
  • Study abroad application essay.

While they offer a vast list of academic writing services such as a thesis, essay, term paper, dissertation, they also market themselves as a company that provides miscellaneous services such as a book report, case study, and capstone project. Customers have the option to select a service based on the citation style they desire it to be CMS, Turabian, Chicago, APA, MLA, or any other preferred formatting requirement.

They give clients the option to order a paper based on subject type, whether its astronomy, nursing, psychology, mathematics, or history. For a company that boasts of having the capability to cater to all academic papers, I expected them to not only meet all expectations but surpass it. Unfortunately, they failed to meet my criteria of what a good writing service should be, resulting in me giving them a negative review.

For starters, while they post various samples from which I used to gauge the expertise and skills of their experts, reviews explain that most of these samples are not from their writers. Instead, they buy and post high-quality papers from trustworthy services and pass it off as their own.

It is to ensure that when a client uses the samples to determine the skills of the writer, they are convinced that the content is top-notch. With the hopes of getting a similar quality, they pay to hire a writer to work on the assignment only to be disappointed. Besides, most customer reviews are negative, which points to why students should avoid this service.

However, I overlooked the reviews and decided to order a three-page research paper that was to be delivered in three days. What I realized about this company is that they have a simple order process to ensure clients never hesitate to make payment. As a first time client, I was given a considerable discount and various free features that worked to lower the price considerably.

While I was happy with the quick yet detailed order form, I was suspicious of the low price because a professional writer will not accept to write a technical paper that requires extensive research at a meager cost. I would rather pay a fair rate and get high-quality custom content.

Based on the low quotation and various negative Ultius reviews, I should have opted for another writing service and saved both my time and money because the paper I got shocked me. For starters, whenever I contacted the writer during the writing process, they said they would send a draft or progress of the paper yet failed to do so. Inability to engage the customer beats the intention of allowing them to stay in charge of the writing process. 

A few hours to the deadline, I contacted the support team to inquire about the paper, but I did not receive any response. I kept reaching out to the writer, who ended up responding after the deadline by saying the essay was ready. However, when I downloaded it, the first sentence had obvious grammar errors, and the rest of the paper was off-topic. I decided to check the content against a plagiarism checker, and I was shocked to find that it is 98% plagiarized.

The fact that I paid a low price doesn’t mean that I should receive a plagiarized task that cannot be submitted to my professor. Besides, the essay was delivered way after the specified timeframe, which meant that I missed the deadline, yet I had no excellent work to show for it.

So any students that would go to great lengths to hire an online writer with the hopes of excelling in their academics should avoid this writing service. They are scammers that don’t offer value for money.

Simple Website Functionality to Enhance Fraudulent Activities

How a website function plays a crucial role in whether or not clients can access the services offered and Ultius ensures that their website is enticing enough to lure in clients. Since the website is easy to navigate, I was able to carry out in-depth research on the company’s profile, policies, culture, vision, core values, and contact information.

The website is filled with a lot of unnecessary details that can easily confuse and drain the reader. However, they provide various social media platforms where clients can reach them. The order now button is strategically placed at the top of the page to make it easy to access the help needed and for convenience purposes.

Other relevant information, such as accepted payment methods, contacts, and legal details about policies, trademark, and privacy, are positioned at the bottom section of the homepage. Apart from the easy appearance, the process of finding all the services offered is cumbersome as they are not listed in an organized manner. Even after you find the service you are looking for, there is no adequate information concerning that paper.

With a simple list where I can see all papers offered, I could have saved a lot of time instead of having to spend several minutes trying to figure out where a specific service is.

Thumbs Down for the Order Process

Ultius has five long steps for completing the order process. To hire a writer, a customer has to click the order now button and submit all requirements. The order form contains several requests that need to be completed; otherwise, you’ll not be allowed to proceed to the next step. As a new client, I had to use my personal details to register for a new account.

What’s puzzling about this writing service is that even after submitting all instructions pertain to the paper required, they use technology to gauge the most qualified writer who will complete the order. Does this writing service not trust their team to choose a writer with both experience, knowledge, and skills? The truth is that relying on a machine to select the most suitable writer is a recipe for disaster as the probability of matching the details to a writer who is not an expert in that topic or discipline is high.

What’s even more outrageous is that a recently posted Ultius review shows that customers are only allowed to ask for a draft and give feedback if the order covers over 20 pages. What’s the use of letting a client to monitor the order process if they can’t comment on it? The whole order process takes more than seven minutes to complete, which is disadvantageous for students with limited free time.

Nonnative Writers Incapable of Handling Any Academic Papers

When students opt to hire an online writing service, they want a native English speaker who understands the current academic standards and a writer that will produce content devoid of grammar errors.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case with this online company. For starters, they claim to be based in the United States and only hire great American professionals, yet they often employ Russian writers. Such nonnative writers are paid a very low amount, which means and the management pockets the rest of the profits.

A recent Ultius review posted online was about a client complaining that they received a paper that had obvious grammar mistakes and typos that a native English speaking writer would never have made. The fact that the service uses technology to match a writer with assignment is another reason that results in substandard papers. I was also a client that received poor quality papers, and even after contacting the support team, I had to pay an extra amount to get a handpicked writer who can either be a graduate or preferred writer.

For a graduate writer, I had to pay an extra 20% while a preferred writer costs 15% more than the standard writer. Even after paying an additional amount to have the freedom to handpick an expert, my essay was still plagiarized and had various grammatical mistakes.

Reluctant to Make Revisions

It’s hard to ignore reviews where clients complain of receiving low-quality task, yet the writer wastes so much time to revise that the student is unable to submit the paper on time. Besides, the free revisions are only done within seven days after completing the task. The writer takes three days to do the amendments, and if you want the changes to be made within a shorter time, then you have to pay an extra charge.

Another latest review was from a customer complaining that the company stated that they were clear on the revision policy that, in most cases, they won’t be able to complete revision requests. It caused me valuable marks that would have improved my performance had the writer done an excellent job or made the revisions on time.

Papers are Highly Plagiarized

As aforementioned earlier, this company buys high-quality papers on specific topics and post them on their homepage as samples. Thus when a student sees the great content, they are motivated to purchase as they believe they will get similar quality. However, a review that I came across recently and based on my own experience with this service, the task I had ordered was delivered minutes before the deadline, and upon passing it through a plagiarism checker, I found that it was 50% unique.

After requesting a revision, the writer made a few changes that left me unsatisfied with the work, so I opted to pay an extra charge to get a graduate expert. However, I still received plagiarized content, which, if I had submitted to a professor, my credibility would have been affected, and worse, I could have gotten kicked out of the course. review will continue to remain negative as long as they deliver plagiarized papers.

Unresponsive and Unprofessional Customer support

You can tell a lot about a writing service based on how customer support treats you. In my case, the Ultius support team is highly unprofessional as they took time to respond to my questions. The slow communication between a client and their support team, as well as the writers, makes it challenging to trust the whole team and get solutions to urgent questions. Even if they receive numerous emails or calls, they should be able to reply at least within 24 hours.

Although the service has multiple communication channels such as support desk, telephone number, email, social media, and live chat, they waste so much time in answering a single simple question that I was left frustrated. And when a support agent finally communicated back, the answer was vague and not satisfactory.

It was as if a robot and not a person provided the answer. The vague answers show that the agents lack genuine interest in the services that this company offers. They care less about giving complete customer satisfaction. Hence if you prefer to order a task from a company that genuinely cares about keeping you happy, then look somewhere else because Ultius is known to disappoint their clients.

Fake Testimonials

My overall experience with was horrible, which means it’s hard to give a positive review. Furthermore, numerous reviews show that customers had dreadful experiences. Such examples and many more testimonials should convince any new buyers not to order from their writers.

You should think twice before accepting the reviews posted on their website as they are fake and created to entice new customers. These testimonials contradict what customers are saying on other platforms, which shows that tend to exaggerate their reviews. They edit and remove bad testimonials from customers who are shining light on their bad traits like unresponsiveness, incompetent writers, and plagiarized papers.

Confidentiality Not Guaranteed

By ordering from an online writing service that doesn’t guarantee complete confidentiality puts your personal information at risk as unwanted parties might access it. Besides, has not put up advance measures to ensure their website is not only highly encrypted but also private.

As a result, by requesting a writer to work on the assignment, the content can be traced back to the website, and a professor will find out that you failed to carry out independent research. Furthermore, various reviews have been posted online where students state that they have been penalized because the teacher found out that the student did not work on the task. But instead delegated it to another person.

Such reviews act as a warning to other students to avoid the website and prove that the team cannot be trusted to protect and keep personal data private. While writing this review, I found out that the information I submitted when requesting for an order was not confidential as promised. It shows a breach of privacy, confidentiality agreement, and trust that customers have in the service.

The careless handling of personal information, especially from transaction details, puts the individual at risk of an online fraudster or identity theft.

Don’t Fall for Fake Bonuses

You only have to read any latest review to get a glimpse of how this writing service is duping customers. For starters, they give some of the highest discount codes to lure in unsuspecting new buyers and take their money. Even when they tempt students with appealing bonuses, they are not worth signing up for, as it’s impossible to use the accumulated points to purchase an essay.

Before I requested their writer to work on my task, I did extensive research. I realized that there are no bonuses offered that are worth giving away my money and valuable personal data to the website.

Payment Methods That Fail to Cater to a Wide Range of Customers

The payment methods presented come with terms and conditions that make it hard to get the funds back once the purchase has been completed. To ensure the client does not have a hard time paying for a task no matter where they are from, the writing service offers various payment methods such as PayPal, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

From these third party payment methods, Ultius can access sensitive personal data. Since they have also linked several online payment methods to their unprotected website, it becomes easy for data to be accessed by third parties. Furthermore, because the support team is highly unresponsive, in case a client can’t pay using the listed currencies, the whole process becomes inconvenient.

No Refunds for Substandard Papers

The assurance that I can get my money back in case the writer submits a low-quality paper is what motivates me to trust an online writing service. However, these fraudulent services promise to offer a refund in case the content is of poor quality yet fail to deliver on this promise. Furthermore, customers are required to pay all the money upfront before a writer can be assigned to work on the task, which puts the customer at risk of losing their money.

Refunds should be given when there is a delayed submission or poor writing quality. Based on the refund policy of this company, they offer a refund if the client cancels the order within one hour and requests for a refund less than 14 days after the order has been completed. The requests are investigated on a case by case basis. They also do not refund in case the paper fails to achieve a good grade.

Place your Order Elsewhere

Unless you want to lose money and waste time, its best to avoid and order from another site where you have a high chance of receiving a superb paper on time. With this service as your first choice, your academic needs will not be met, and you’ll end up wasting more time requesting revisions that won’t upgrade the quality of the paper or, worse paying more only to get an incompetent writer.

Despite promising to deliver a custom paper, the writer will produce plagiarized essays, and the support team will not offer a solution. Don’t expect a refund for a substandard paper or timely delivery of all orders.

Avoid Getting Penalized by Your University and Order From Another Service

Every student deserves to get their money’s worth whenever they hire an online writer. The quality of each paper has to be top-notch and delivered before the deadline. Revisions have to be done quickly, and the quality assurance team must ensure all the requirements of a client have been met. However, reviews point out that the service fails to take the necessary measures to ensure a professor never detects that the student obtained writing help from an online writer.

Since the papers are highly plagiarized, the teacher will find out that you didn’t research or start the task from scratch. It translates to a poor grade that can force the student to retake the course. Based on this review and many other testimonials that I read online students should not trust this writing service because of the following reasons:

  • Originality of academic papers is not guaranteed because the writers submit plagiarized content.
  • Lack of complete confidentiality and privacy means the service cannot be trusted to protect personal data.
  • Since the service lacks native English writers, most of their papers have grammar errors and various mistakes. Also, they fail to adhere to the current academic standards.

All these challenges will have a negative impact on your academic performance, and worse, you will fail to meet the deadline and not get your money worth.

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