Writemyessay Review 2020: Don’t Engage With These Scammers

You can tell a lot about a writing service based on the testimonials, ratings, and reviews given by customers. When it comes to writemyessay.services, there are so many bad reviews all from different people. The bad reviews are astonishing, considering I had used this writing service a few years back and had no complaints. But it’s hard to ignore bad reviews, especially if they are coming from students of all academic levels and different parts of the world. To understand more about where this writing service went wrong, it’s crucial to know what they offer and whether or not they have competent writers.

Writemyessay is an online writing company that lures students by promising to not only work on their academic tasks but also offer editing and proofreading service. Before writing this comprehensive review, I did extensive research on the company and based on the information collected on their about us page; they claim to be first-class academic assistance. They also promise to offer high-quality academic essays at a reasonable price and meet deadlines, all to provide full customer satisfaction. Some of the academic tasks that they cover and those that customers ordered include:

  • Case study
  • Capstone project
  • Scholarship essay
  • Paraphrasing
  • Research essay
  • Proposal
  • Term paper
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Movie or book review.

More reviews show that what might attract people to opt for this online service is that apart from academic papers, they also offer help in writing several other contents such as:

  • Formatting
  • Article review
  • Proofread and editing
  • Presentation or speech
  • Biographies
  • Business plan
  • Movie review
  • Multiple choice question
  • Movie review.

The order form and homepage have a comprehensive list of the kinds of services this writing company offers. For each paper, they promise to maintain high-quality, meet all set expectations, and help customers achieve writing goals, yet a recent review shows that they fail to keep their promises.

Based on various online reviews, students are quick to point out that while writemyessay claims to offer a wide range of services, they lack enough writers who specialize in specific topics. Instead, as long as the writer has general knowledge on the subject, they can be assigned to work on the order even if it’s not their area of specialization. Such a working environment is detrimental to clients and writers.

If writers fail to meet the student’s expectations, the service loses a customer who might have become loyal and ordered more papers as well as referrals who are motivated to order from the service because of word of mouth. Besides, customers who don’t get value for their money are more likely to leave bad reviews as a warning to other students not to trust this company.

When conducting a review of this company, I was surprised to find that the “about us” section has only a few sentences. They didn’t put a lot of thought into informing customers when the company started, who are the writers or even owners. Writers have no bio profile or ratings. There is also no information on the number of orders completed or available writers. It makes it hard to give a positive writemyessay review. This company has also not outlined how they hire their writers because, for me, I need to know whether my task will be worked on by an expert in that subject matter before I can order. It is because students often turn to online services when they barely have adequate background knowledge on the subject.

Others lack ample time to sit down and complete a flawless paper. A significant portion of students also seeks writing help because they don’t understand the requested citation style and are afraid if they write the essay themselves, it will have plagiarism issues. It’s the demand for online writing services that have also resulted in many companies, some of which are scammers. The long list often overwhelms students such that they are unable to differentiate legit from fraudulent ones. However, reading various reviews from trusted sites enables students not to choose scammers.

While writemyessay started as a legit company to help students to solve their academic problems, when clients became so many, they failed to adapt and instead began offering substandard work. Furthermore, instead of focusing on helping students, even those with a tight budget, the company decided to take advantage of the urgent need for them to make as much profit as possible. To reap tremendous benefits, they paid writers low amounts, even for complex work. As a result, most of their writers, especially those with masters and Ph.D. qualifications, decided to seek employment elsewhere.

To further fill the gap and cut costs, reviews show that this company opted to hire cheap non-native writers who ended up missing deadlines and delivering poor quality papers. It’s such a lousy business strategy that made the reviews for this writing service to grow from bad to worse. Some of the latest writemyessay.services reviews that I read stated that the company paid writers low wages yet charged the client high prices even for a simple essay. Other reviews explained that they deliver substandard and highly plagiarized academic papers, yet the service failed to offer a full refund.

Don’t be fooled by their various guarantees and benefits, which include:

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Full confidentiality
  • 100% originality
  • Timely delivery.

When they fail to meet your expectations, you might be tempted to reach out to their support agents. However, the support team takes days to answer a simple question; often, they are rude and tend to ask for personal details.

A recent writemyessay.services review shows that the telephone number provided is rarely picked, and even when a support agent answers the call based on how they talk, it’s clear to see that they are not professionally trained neither are they native English speakers. The fact that they don’t employ professional people or screenwriters; to me, it proves that the writing service is not trustworthy. For me, as a student, it’s hard to give a positive review when the company does so little to reassure its clients.

Besides, a review that I read illustrated that this writing service claims to offer full confidentiality, yet their website is not secure and has not put strict measures in place to ensure that a third party does not access a customer’s personal details. Furthermore, if the website is unsecured, then it means unwanted parties can also access private research that students give to writers during the writing process.

What is more puzzling is that this company only accepts two payment methods: Visa and MasterCard. For a company that claims to serve students from across the world, the few payment methods put a restriction on the students that cannot access their service. Besides, writing service with a positive review often accepts payment to be made via any secure yet convenient method such as PayPal.

Those with multiple payment systems show that they go above and beyond to keep their customers happy and make life easier. But with this service, it is the opposite since they have a restriction on the payment methods. Writemyessay reviews further show that students who don’t have Visa or MasterCard are not allowed to access their services.

Other reviews are complaints made by customers who are quick to point out that the company asks for full payment before they can assign your task to a writer. You also don’t get to choose the expert you want. Since there is no bio profile or platform to see the writers before making the payment, it’s hard to know whether or not your task is assigned to an expert in that subject. To me, the uncertainty that comes with hiring their premium writers is what makes me give them negative reviews.

My stand would have changed if the writer had delivered high-quality paper customized according to my instructions. Unfortunately, the content I received was off-topic, referenced incorrectly, and they did not use one citation style consistently. Even after I asked for amendments, the writer took their time and only made a few changes. Since I wasn’t satisfied with the paper, I contacted the support team and told them I needed a different writer. They took their sweet time to answer, and when they did, I was shocked to learn that I had to pay the new writer. As a result, I ended up wasting both time and money, yet I was on a tight budget. Missing the deadline meant that I receive a low score on the task.

By hiring a writer from writemyessay.services I expected high-quality content and for my task to be completed within the agreed deadline. With the unlimited revisions, I also expected the writer to make amendments until I was delighted. I was also guaranteed the liberty of swapping writers if the assigned expert failed to meet my expectations. Additionally, the company also guaranteed that if, after several revisions, the writer was still unable to produce top-notch work, I was eligible for a full refund. Unfortunately, the writers and support team are unprofessional hence failed to give me my money’s worth and more free time. Such bad qualities have resulted in this service gaining negative reviews.

The Design Is Too Simple and Boring

Students who visit an online writing platform for the first time want to be impressed such that they are motivated to make an order right away. However, writemyessay review displays that it is not the case with this writing service. For starters, the homepage lacks the essential information concerning the company like when it was formed, how many orders have been completed, and the total number of writers available.

While the website is designed such that anyone, even those with no advanced computer knowledge, can navigate the various pages with ease, relevant information such as the available payment methods is pushed at the bottom of the page. There is also a live chat button where customers can communicate with the support agents.

The sign in, testimonial, FAQ, contacts, and order page are located at the top. On the homepage, the starting price for a single-page high school paper with a two-week deadline is around $10. The steps for ordering any academic task benefits to expect from the company, and the about us section is also placed on the homepage. Since writemyessay.services fail to use a simple design to provide more information about the writers they hire, their profiles, expertise, education level, and the number of competed papers; I give the website design a negative review.

Be Wary of the Simple Order Process

Writemyessay claims they don’t want to waste student’s time; that is why they have made the order process quick and straightforward. However, reviews posted by various customers show that the company has made the order steps smooth so that the client doesn’t have a problem making payments. Transactions are processed quickly, yet the company takes time to assign an expert. Besides, the order button is placed near the top of the website and only requires the customer to take these steps:

  • Use the order form to give the writer all instructions. Indicate the deadline, type of essay, and preferred reference style. The personal details requested on the order form will enable the team to create a personal account.
  • Track the writing progress by login into the personal page.
  • Once the order is complete, the company sends a notification via the email you gave them.

While the steps look easy when filling the order form, I had to complete many more details, such as the topic, discipline, and fill many other fields. Reviews show that some students were not happy with the long order form. What puzzled me is that the order form has a price calculation section, which explains that no particular level of writing quality is guaranteed. If competent writers in that subject are busy, then the paper is automatically assigned to the next available writer. Based on all these bizarre qualities, I give a negative writemyessay review.

Non-Natives Who Are Not Experts in Their Field of Study

The main reason why I opt for online writing service is that I know they have experts in that subject matter who will produce content that improves not only my overall performance but also helps me to understand the subject better. I also expect the paper I pay for to be free of any grammar errors and have coherence as well as logic.

Only a native English speaker delivers flawless essays free of any grammar mistakes. However, when I ordered a short paper on writemyessay, it had several apparent errors, which pointed out that the writers were either non-native English speakers or did the paper in a hurry and failed to proofread. Besides, even if the writer was unable to correct, shouldn’t the editor or quality assurance team have checked the work before submitting it?

I was baffled by the low quality, so I checked online whether I was the only one that received such treatment, and I was shocked to learn that all reviews from 99% of their customers are complaining of substandard work. After several reviews, many students consistently pointed out that the writemyessay writers are basically from Belarus and Russia. Furthermore, the paper was not customized based on my instructions; it was off-topic and had several grammar errors and typos that lowered the quality considerably.

Revisions Lower the Quality

Making amendments takes a lot of time, such that clients end up missing the deadline. Reviews also show that writers from writemyessay.services are hesitant to do revisions and believe the content they delivered is top-notch. Even after I pointed out the corrections, the writer did not make the needed changes and instead ended up adding irrelevant information that lowered the quality of the paper.

For a company that promises to deliver content until the customer is fully satisfied, they failed to match their words with action, that is why they always get many negative reviews. Lack of expertise and inability to raise the quality even after numerous revisions is some of the reasons why we give them a negative review.

Mediocre Content That Is Highly Plagiarized Guaranteed

Students want to avoid submitting plagiarized papers at all costs because they understand that copying someone else’s work without giving due credit translates to a poor score, destroying your credibility in the academic world and worse – getting kicked out of that institution. Education institutions often go the extra length to use modern plagiarism checkers to determine whether or not the student has copied content.

That is why most students turn to an online writing expert to receive 100% unique content. Unfortunately, this platform gets bad reviews from many customers because they give highly plagiarized content. And the worst part is that you have to pay extra to get a plagiarism report, yet you paid the writer to deliver original content.

That is why most writemyessay.services reviews warn scholars to avoid placing an order on the platform and recommend seeking other online companies. Since the company failed to produce 100% unique papers and charge for a plagiarism report, my review for this company is also negative.

Rude and Unprofessional Customer Support

Trustworthy online writing services tend to have reliable support agents who give prompt responses until the customer is fully satisfied. Unfortunately, that is not the case with writemyessay.services. The support is very slow in responding to questions sent via live chat or email. Frustrated customers have left various reviews about the incompetency of the support agents, but the company has refused to make drastic changes.

Because they want to cut costs, they avoid hiring professional support agents. Reviews show that so many customers have been let down by the support agents who did not know the ins and outs of the company when the order is going to be completed and by whom. In various cases, I even assumed I had used the wrong emails and checked again only to confirm that it was accurate, and it’s not only the support agents who are unresponsive.

Other reviews are from customers who have used the contact number provided on the website, and they show that most times, calls are not picked. On several occasions, I tried calling different times of the day and night, and no one picked up. Therefore, if you are looking for support agents who are good at their job, then you won’t find them in writemyessay.services.

Testimonials Are Exaggerated

Before writing this writemyessay.services review, I read various online threads to find out more about what other students had to say about this company. A large portion of the testimonials shows that customers had an awful experience with writers who deliver substandard papers.

Most of the reviews revolved around low-quality papers despite paying a huge amount, unresponsive customer support, and late delivery of orders. It is contradictory to the reviews posted on their website, which are all good. It goes to show that they have edited the bad testimonials and added exaggerated reviews to lure in unsuspecting students.

Unsecure Website That Puts Personal Data at Risk

Students who opt for paper writing services with positive reviews trust them enough to give them private information because they know unwanted parties will not access their details. To ensure privacy and security, most online services with positive reviews have a secure website and put up other advanced measures. That way, a professor can never trace the assignment to the platform or know that the student asked for writing help from an expert. However, that is not the case with this company since several writemyessay.services reviews show that students from all academic levels have been penalized because the teacher found out the individuals did not write the paper themselves.

Reviews explain that there have been numerous cases where a customer’s data leaked online. Another recent review was from a student who got a stern warning from a professor who was able to find out that the paper did not match their previous writing style.

All these cases and many bad reviews prove that the writing service did not go above and beyond to secure personal information. Since most customers` trust was broken, it’s safe to say that they indeed deserve a negative review. Besides, unwanted individuals can get their hands on the unprotected personal data resulting in identity theft or other fraudulent activities.

Bonus Payments Were Not Forthcoming

While this company rarely gives bonuses, even when they do, the customer doesn’t benefit from them. For starters, clients have to make so many orders before they can qualify for a bonus. With the low-quality paper delivered, it’s hard to keep purchasing more papers just to be eligible for the bonus system. The latest reviews posted on various forums are all about customers complaining that they never got to use the bonuses to order even a simple short paper. It is because writemyessay.services has no plans to allow the individual to use the bonus to pay for an essay. Instead, they tell customers that they will get a bonus to keep them coming back again and again.

Few Payment Methods

Based on the websites, this company only accepts two payment methods: Visa and MasterCard. Reviews also show that customers are not allowed to use any other payment methods, which quite perplexing considering that students have so many different payment systems. Does it mean that those who don’t have either of these two payment methods should not get writing help from an expert? Of course not. Besides, the service takes a lot of time to verify the transaction, which limits those with urgent deadlines. So if you want timely delivery of a paper, then let this review be a warning that the company takes a lot of time to verify the transaction.

It’s Impossible to Get a Refund

It’s comforting to know that you can rely on a money-back guarantee in case the writer fails to give a superb essay, and that’s one of the main reasons why I trust online paper writing service. However, writemyessay.services review for this company illustrates that the refund is only on the website, but when it comes to doing it, they give clients excuses and often fail to return the money. Based on information from their money-back guarantee policy and reviews from customers, this service will not provide a refund when the score given by a professor is too low.

An essay written by an expert often translates to an improvement in performance. However, mediocre work results in a poor score. By ordering various papers from this site, what I noticed is that their revision policy is short and only lasts for ten days. They also have so many conditions and excuses that they will use when you ask for a refund.

Don’t Place an Order Because They Are Scammers

Based on this review and other testimonials given by students, it’s clear that you should not place an order for quality check because you won’t get your money’s worth. Besides, several writemyessay reviews show that the people in that company are scammers who are taking advantage of the massive demand for academic paper writing service. Many students have posted on various forums about this fraudulent company, yet they have not made any changes to keep their customers happy. Therefore, by opting to request for writing help from any of their premium writers, you will end up wasting both time and money. Keep off and protect yourself from scammers.

Choose Other Trustworthy Academic Paper Writing Service

Writemyessay does not offer on-time delivery, top-notch quality, and full confidentiality. Instead, they deliver plagiarized papers after the deadline, and even if you contact the support or quality assurance team, they will not give you a refund. Several reviews have pointed out all these issues. Furthermore, in case you have asked the writer to do several revisions, and they have failed to adhere to your specifications, you don’t get to swap writers. One customer gave a review and stated that you would have to pay extra charges to get a plagiarism report or to hire a new writer.

Therefore, avoid trusting their writers with your research material or to complete a flawless academic paper as they will let you down. Writemyessay reviews show that the company does not put the needs of students first. Instead, they only want to make quick money. They use guarantees to entice customers. But as soon as you have made an order even at a discounted price, clients still don’t get value for money.

Lack of native English speaking writers shows that the paper shall have grammar issues and will not adhere to the current academic standards. Hence, an essay written by their writers will not improve overall performance or help you to understand the topic or subject matter better. So if you value your time and money, then use this review to make an informative decision to stay away from such fraudulent writing services.

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