Posted by Mary Daniels 26 February

Need help to paraphrase an essay? Most students find it challenging to formulate another person’s ideas into their own words. Tutors often assign students research papers, and they require proper research and analysis complete with quotes from various sources. Such assignments need students to rewrite passages without changing the message of the source.

Paraphrasing is more than altering words since you must also understand what the writer is trying to communicate. Thus, the first step in becoming a pro is to read the passage you want to paraphrase.

Here are some steps and techniques you may use:

  • Ensure you understand the message and then rewrite using your own words without referring to the original content.
  • Use synonyms to convey a similar message, but in different words.
  • Don’t forget to alter the sentence structure since it gives you a new sentence within the essay context.
  • If you feel stuck, use an online paraphrase tool to help you compose a stellar document.
  • Compare your text with the source to see whether you indeed managed to achieve full originality.

You can achieve a top-notch paper with the tool because it helps you jumpstart the writing process with ease. However, you also need to learn how to paraphrase an essay with a few tips and tricks.

This article aims to help struggling students paraphrase academic papers using a practical approach.

The Meaning of Paraphrase

Let’s start with the paraphrase definition. It is a process of rewriting another person’s work by altering the words but maintaining the original message. You must read the entire passage or document and understand it to compose it in your own words.

As a student, it allows your tutor to evaluate your view on a particular subject discipline. Paraphrasing demonstrates your capabilities to tackle a particular idea and make it relevant to your academic paper. You can rewrite a particular sentence or a whole passage, depending on the content you want to include in your paper.

College tutors often assign research papers that require paraphrasing. Thus, you must use different words but retain the meaning to avoid plagiarizing your work. You may stumble upon a paragraph that you need to paraphrase, meaning you have to throw in a few quotes without copying each word. It shows your tutor that you have a unique scholarly voice that portrays intelligence and respect to other research works.

The Use of Synonyms

One essential aspect of how to paraphrase an essay is the use of synonyms to communicate effectively. Synonyms are words or phrases that contain a similar meaning. They are different words that convey the same message.

If you are not sure about synonyms, use your dictionary to help you during writing. However, do not complicate your sentences with jargon. Use only relevant synonyms that will convey the meaning simply. If you rely on your dictionary 100%, you might waste more time and end up with confusing words.

Therefore, incorporate synonyms in your text to alter the words as long as the meaning remains the same. Though it can be time-consuming and complicated, you can also use various tools to paraphrase essay online to achieve satisfactory results.

Change the Structure of the Sentences

Another way to attain effectiveness during paraphrasing is to alter the sentence structure. Even though you can use synonyms, it will not make a massive difference if the sentence remains the same. Thus, you must change the original sentence either by splitting or adding content between the sentences. Moreover, if the writer used active voice in the passage, you could alter it to passive voice.

If you don’t know where to start, you can type on search engines, “paraphrase for me,” and you will get automatic paraphrase tools online. Use the tools to get an idea of how you want to paraphrase your document. However, you must find a genuine and reliable portal to help you achieve the best results.

Most students improve their writing by typing “paraphrase my essay” online. These sites help you to change sentence structures with ease and convenience. You will not only save time but also submit top-quality academic papers.

Avoid Plagiarism

Most students can plagiarize texts without knowing due to rewriting identical phrases and sentences. Plagiarism is a severe offense that entails copying content and submitting it as your original paper. Essay paraphrase requires one to exercise caution by incorporating proper citations.

Moreover, when you paraphrase college writing, make sure you pass the paper through a trusted plagiarism checker tool. You can try Scibbr or Turnitin, depending on your preference. The tools compare your content to numerous sources online and highlight any copied sources.

If you want to rewrite any text, originality is paramount since you need to submit the paper in your own words. Sometimes, changing sentence structures and using synonyms may not achieve 100% originality. That is why you need to compose the paper with entirely different words without altering the message.

Therefore, avoiding plagiarism is crucial during paraphrasing since it allows you to submit authentic content with a unique writing style and voice.

Follow These Easy Steps and Learn to Paraphrase Properly

College tutors often assign students similar research papers that they might have done in the previous semester. Thus, students prefer to paraphrase some of the essays or term papers to save time and effort.

However, paraphrasing is also cumbersome and time-consuming, depending on the student’s schedule and writing speed. That is why a paraphrasing tool might come in handy to save you from long hours of rewriting papers.

If you are still finding it challenging to paraphrase your academic papers? Get an efficient paraphrase essay tool online and improve your essay content without wasting time and effort. You can access these tools at your convenience as long as you have a PC or laptop with a stable Internet connection.

If you are stuck with a research paper, don’t panic. Using paraphrase software online will help you attain 100% originality with relevant synonyms and proper sentence structures. The tools are automatic with advanced algorithms that alter documents and produce fresh, authentic content. Thus, you don’t have to worry about turning in plagiarized papers to your professor.

You might feel skeptical about using an online tool, thinking that the final results may be vague and nonsensical. Conversely, the paraphrasing tool automatically removes irrelevant words and sentences to enhance clarity and readability.

Therefore, paraphrase an essay by following the above steps, and if it proves challenging, seek professional help from the best paraphrasing tools online.